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Discover What the Best Free VPN for P2P Is

Whether you are new to peer-to-peer (P2P) file sharing or have been doing it for a while it is becoming more and more important in protecting yourself online. P2P file sharing gives people access to millions of files which they can use without any costly fees. File such as:

  • Movies
  • Books
  • Software
  • Games
  • Music

Governments and Internet Service Providers (ISPs) are trying to restrict the ability to file share and we have seen how large file sharing websites such as Kickass have been shut down. ISPs have also been encouraged to slow down the internet speed of anyone who is doing P2P file sharing. For these reasons, it is extremely important to have a P2P VPN. A Virtual Private Network (VPN) can help keep your online activities private and it is worthwhile researching which are the best VPN for P2P.

Although many P2P VPN have monthly fees, if you are just a casual P2P user then you may want to look into the free peer to peer VPN options.

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Free Peer To Peer VPN

A quick Google search for ‘P2P VPN free’ will show you that there is a large selection which you can choose from, but when searching for a P2P VPN free to use, you will see that the market comes with a wide selection of options. It’s worth considering the advantages and disadvantages of each before deciding which free peer to peer VPN is right for you. A professional P2P VPN will keep you anonymous when P2P sharing which means your ISP or government won’t be able to spy on your activities and tamper with your internet speeds. When deciding the best VPN for P2P, and more specifically a P2P VPN free to use, then you need to consider certain aspects such as:

  • Number of servers
  • Locations
  • Bandwidth
  • Log taking
  • Customer service
  • Limitations of each VPN

If you are interested in the best VPN for P2P file sharing we have created a list of recommended options below.

Top 6 Free Peer To Peer VPN

  1. ProXPN

Like many of the free options, ProXPN’s free option is limited. Although still one of the best VPN for P2P, as a free member your speed will be limited to 300kbps. On top of the slow speeds, you will only have access to 2 US-based servers. With the slower speeds, it is recommended to plan ahead and even download files overnight to ensure your files are ready when you need them.


  • Still have the same customer service access as paid members


  • Servers located in the US
  • 300kbps speed limitations
  1. Betternet

Security and privacy are the main issues when looking for free-to-use software. Betternet is a P2P VPN free to use and offers 256-bit encryption. This is a great option for a P2P VPN but the security measures come at a cost, as the VPN is only free if you’re willing to put up with the many pop-up ads. Watching adverts can be negative but for the free encryption, it can be worth it.


  • 256-bit Encription
  • OpenVPN
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • A platform designed for many apps


  • Many Adverts
  1. Security Kiss

Most paid VPNs offer a free service such as Security Kiss. The benefits of choosing this P2P VPN is because it offers 4 locations and supports Windows and Mac with OpenVPN. Again, this is another free VPN that limits your usage and only gives you 300MB per day. If you are looking for the largest, best quality files such as HD movies then this might not be the best option for you. If you are mainly sharing songs or apk files then it should be plenty.


  • 4 locations around the world
  • Open VPN
  • Works on both Mac and Windows


  • Servers located in the US
  • 300MB a day limit
  1. Windscribe

When searching for a free peer to peer VPN you need to think what you want from it. If you are using P2P file sharing a lot then Windscribe’s 10GB a month is a great bonus. This means you are able to download larger files. Free users also have access to 11 servers. This is a small amount considering how many more the paid service offers, but it is still more than some of the other options available to you. With this in mind, you have to remember that the lower the number of locations, the lower the expected speed. Finally, if you didn’t like the ads on Betternet then you may prefer this option as it comes with its own ad-blocker that works on a number of platforms.


  • 10GB a month
  • Unlimited VPN Connections


  • Still limited to 11 of the many servers available
  1. Hide.me

Known as one of the fastest free VPNs available this would be a first choice for many after fast downloads. Another positive of Hide.me is that it is available on many platforms including Android and iPhone. Security is another positive as it supports IPSec, SSTP, PPTP and L2Tp while allowing all free users up to 2GB per month. One of the main negatives when compared to others on our list is that they do not offer OpenVPN support. Finally, apart from the 2GB limit for data transfers they offer, there are no other restrictions to hinder your file sharing experience.


  • 2 GB of data transfers
  • Fast despite the 3 server limit
  • Can be used on multiple platforms


  • Only 1 connection per account
  • Only 3 servers to connect to
  1. ExpressVPN

Getting down to 1 on our list I feel we first need to mention that this option is not free, though does offer a free 30 day test. If you really are looking for a completely free VPN then check out the 5 options discussed above. We have chosen ExpressVPN as our favourite today because although you can continue to use free VPNs as much as you want, with the limitations on each one, and the low cost of paid alternatives we recommend taking advantage of the 30 day free use of ExpressVPN with the thought of continuing the paid options after. For less than $10 a month you won’t have to worry about speed restrictions, download limits while you will have access to almost 2000 servers across the globe. ExpressVPN is one of the fastest, if not the fastest VPN out there. They also have a no logs policy and you can remain totally anonymous.


  • No limitations
  • Almost 2000 servers
  • No logs or personal data storage
  • Great customer service


  • Limited to 30 free days then you will have to pay a monthly subscription


Thank you for taking the time to read this article. I hope the information provided can help you to decide which VPN is right for you.


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