Password Boss Review and Tutorial

Memorizing tons of password seems like a burden on top of everything else we need to remember. There’s a different password for each of your social media accounts, email, online banks, video streaming sites, and many more. Add that to the fact that we have to constantly change our passwords to avoid the risk of being hacked. In this Password Boss review, we’ll try out if this password manager can truly keep track of all our passwords and make our lives easier. We’ll also assess if it’s secure and if it won’t endanger your sensitive information (hello, massive data breaches).

If you want to know if it’s possible to manage plenty of account passwords in an organized but secure way, continue reading this Password Boss review. And if you’re interested in using it, read our tutorial below to help you install it easily.

What is Password Boss?

If you’re unfamiliar with password managers, it’s a software that stores your passwords in an encrypted vault. Password Boss is a free password manager app that keeps track of all your passwords in every app and website you use. You won’t have to rack your brain by trying to remember what password you used for this website because Password Boss will remember it for you.

Additionally, a password manager will generate new passwords for you. With Password Boss, there’s no need to come up with weirdly creative passwords so they will sound unique as they will do it for you. It’s also supposed to be very secure so that no one can read what you’re typing or track you using a keylogger.

Why do you need a password manager?

You might be thinking, “That’s what browser auto-fill is for.” Auto-fills are easier and no installation is required. Why do you need a password manager, anyway?

Using a browser or operating system to auto-fill your password fields has a greater risk of being hacked. First off, it’s not encrypted so anyone with the know-how can get your data. Fake login forms are an example of tricking your computer into filling up your passwords for you. Furthermore, if your computer, laptop, or phone gets stolen, anyone can log in to your accounts in a snap.

A password manager also requires you to be careful on your part, because anything can possibly be breached. But using Password Boss app on your phone and PC will decrease your chances of getting hacked. It’s fully encrypted and includes various features such as generating complex passwords, as well as searching for and changing duplicate passwords.

Password Boss Download and Setup Tutorial

Downloading and setting up

We tried Password Boss for ourselves to see if it truly lives up to its claims. Password Boss is free to download in their website and is also available for iOS and Android phones. A premium version is also available for this Password Boss review, we’ll opt for the free version.

Password Boss website

Once you click the link we provided above, or click the button that says Get Password Boss for FREE, the download process will start. Wait for it to finish, then click the installer to start setting it up.

The installer will display a prompt asking for permission to make changes to your computer. Click Allow to continue installing. After that, this window will give another prompt for permission. Click the Install button as well.

Click to install Password Boss on your computer

Click the Finish button to complete the setup wizard and proceed to the next step.

Finish installing Password Boss

After that, Password Boss will now appear on your desktop. Double click the owl icon to open the software. This will take you to the Get Started page. You will then be asked to create your login information.

Password Boss get started

Creating a Password Boss account

To create a Password Boss login account, fill in the necessary fields. The Master Password is the only password you have to remember so you can access all your other passwords. Don’t forget your Master Password or it will be difficult for you to log in to your other accounts!

After your account is created successfully, you will be asked to fill in another form. This will include basic information such as your first and last name, address, city or state, and zip code. This information will help Password Boss in filling out forms for you.


Personalize Password Boss

Saving a password for a website/app

Password Boss will show you a checklist on the things you need to do to set up your account. Clicking on the Save a password option will allow you to add apps and websites that you want to save your passwords in.

Set up accounts

For example, the VPN Veteran website is shown here at the Dashboard. It means that for this website, I have an active account. However, the password is not set up yet. To do this, click the burger menu (the icon with three horizontal lines) next to the website name.

Save a password for a website

A drop-down menu will show up. Click the Edit button, as encircled in the photo below.

Edit password for website

Fill in the details of your account in this website, such as your username and the password you use here. On the bottom of this window, there’s an indication whether your password is weak or strong. You can add notes for this website below that. You can also edit the name of the site and the icon. After that, click Save.


Edit password for website

To add more passwords for websites or apps, just click the red (+) button on the topmost toolbar. Aside from websites and apps, you can also add passwords for Wi-Fi, database, servers, email accounts, instant messenger, SSH keys, and other systems.


Adding a digital wallet

To save your passwords in your online bank accounts and credit cards, click the Digital Wallet button on the left menu. Click the Add wallet item button, then select whether you want to add a bank account or a credit card. Fill in the details of your account then click Save. The Digital Wallet will help you conduct faster checkouts when buying online by filling out your credit card or bank acccount details for you.

Add a digital wallet


Other Password Boss Features

Secure Notes. And while we’re at the topic of hiding your sensitive information for you, Password Boss doesn’t just manage your passwords alone. It also stores member IDs, insurance, travel documents, alarm codes, software license, social security number, and real estate plans.

Identities. If there are two of you sharing the same Password Boss account, you can add another identity with different personal information. This can be used to automatically fill out forms, which helps you save a lot of time. We all know how tedious filling out forms can be so this feature is extremely helpful.

Shared Items. If you want to share an item with a family member or a friend, you can also add them on the Shared Items menu. Choose which item you want to share, then configure who the recipients will be, the type of permission you’re granting, and until when you want it to be shared.

Emergency. In case something happens to you, setting up the emergency access will allow your selected family member or friend to open your account. You can also place a waiting period before they are able to access it. And of course, you can choose which items they can see.

Secure browser. Password Boss also comes with a built-in browser within the app if you want to surf the internet safely. The strong encryption will not compromise your security.

Security score. Like a ‘security report card’, your security score is an assessment of how strong your security is. It lists various factors such as old, weak, compromised, and duplicate passwords. The ratings will help you determine which areas you need to take action in.


For forgetful people like me, Password Boss is truly a helpful app when it comes to managing my passwords. Unlike those with an eidetic memory, we’re not blessed with an excellent recall of our passwords across all websites and apps. It’s also secure so we were sure that our information is safe from prying eyes, and we wouldn’t want to recommend anything unsafe for our readers.

We also love the Secure Notes feature since it’s a lifesaver. It’s such a hassle to sort and keep important documents in different folders, with all the folders on my computer. Password Boss did a satisfactory job in keeping my documents safe and accessible, all in one place.

The only downside is that it doesn’t support Password Boss Mac as of writing this. But it’s available for iOS, Android, and Windows.

Overall, we highly recommend Password Boss. It will really organize your passwords and give you some semblance that you got your act together. Kidding aside, it’s a powerful app that can manage not just passwords but other important information as well.

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