ThePhotoStick Mobile iOS flash USB drive for iPhone & iPad Review & Guide

Imagine recording a video of a very important milestone of your life using your phone, only to see that it’s unable to continue because your storage is almost full. Sounds familiar? We’ve all gone through moments like this, and the solution to that frustrating problem lies in just three words: The PhotoStick Mobile.

ThePhotoStick Mobile

It’s too much of an inconvenience to lug around a laptop to back up your files, which is why ThePhotoStick Mobile is an extremely easy way to store your media safely. All your travel photos, birthday party videos, and everyday moments will be backed up with just one click and with no additional hardware required. It also saves you from losing your photos due to physical damage.

It has received so many positive reviews from people and was even featured in MarketWatch, Chicago Business Journal, ADVFN, San Francisco Business Times, and Wall Street Select. It’s also dubbed as the best flash drive for iPhone because of its value for money. So we were equally intrigued by it and decided to try it out for ourselves to make sure that it lives up to its nickname as the ‘hassle-free memory vault’.

In this review, we answer some of your most asked questions as well as what we have to say with this handy thumb drive.

What is The PhotoStick Mobile?

It’s a lifesaver, honestly. As an Apple user, I believe it’s the best flash drive for iPhone and iPad. ThePhotoStick Mobile digital organizer is a small USB flash drive that backs up your photos and videos instantly with just one click. Using the free PhotoStick app, you can simply plug it in your phone and backup in just a matter of minutes. If you’re looking for a handy USB flash drive for iPhone and Android where you can store tons of photos, then this tool is perfect for you.

What is ThePhotoStick

Basically, it functions as a USB flash drive for iPhone and Android where you can store photos and videos. It eliminates the need to transfer photos from iPhone to external hard drive. The great thing about The PhotoStick Mobile is that it doesn’t simply store files, but also organizes them so you won’t have to manually sort them out. It automatically finds and removes duplicate files as well, which is one of the most annoying problems I have when backing up photos.

Benefits of using ThePhotoStick Mobile

Here’s what we love about this small but powerful USB stick:

Hit GO and it’s done. ThePhotoStick mobile doesn’t require complicated software for it to work. You only have to download the free app on Google Play or App Store and hit go since it functions as an iOS flash drive for iPhone and for Android. There’s no need to create an account or manually select files – just sit back and sip your coffee while your files are backing up.

The PhotoStick Mobile App

Supports nearly all image formats. Whether your photos are in .jpg, .png, or .tif, it will still be saved in ThePhotoStick Mobile. It doesn’t matter if it’s new or you’ve had it eons ago, it will be backed up and safely stored.

Fast and automatic. No need to wait in front of your computer and waste some of your precious time. It’s fast and easy so you can still be productive even when you’re backing up tons of files.

Easy to use. The PhotoStick Mobile doesn’t require additional hardware or software, just your phone and the Photo Stick Mobile, and you’re good to go. There is no need to plug in a cord or install a software.

No internet required. Backing up your photos and videos shouldn’t require an internet connection. ThePhotoStick Mobile is simply an iOS flash USB drive for iPhone & iPad, as well as for Android phones and tablets. You don’t have to connect to Wi-Fi like the cloud since all you need is the USB stick.

All-around device. The small PhotoStick Mobile fits around the palm of your hand but can safely store 60,000 photos and videos. All your life memories can be saved in a tiny backup tool and accessed at any time and anywhere using any device.

Automatically deletes duplicates. I always have this problem of accidentally duplicating photos while backing up and it gets very confusing when I try to sort it out. Luckily, ThePhotoStick Mobile automatically filters duplicate photos to save up space. Problem solved!

“I can just back up my photos by myself!”

Of course you can, but it would take a lot more time by going through every single file and transferring them to a backup device. It can also become confusing and you could miss an important photo or video because of the massive amount of files that you have to sort through. You could even duplicate some files that would take up some much-needed space. And what if your computer crashes? You’d risk losing all of your progress and go back right where you started. It’s very counterproductive and time-consuming.

ThePhotoStick Mobile hits a flock of birds with just one stone. It’s an iOS flash drive for iPhone and Android, plus it’s compatible with PCs that run on Windows and Mac as well. But there’s no need to use plenty of devices to store your files, just a phone will do.

“Cloud backup is more convenient since I won’t have to use a physical device.”

Well, for one, cloud backup is not free if you want a large storage capacity. You have to pay a monthly or yearly fee and an internet connection is needed whenever you need to back up your files. This could take a lot of time depending on how much files you’re backing up and your bandwidth. Not to mention that using cloud requires manual selection of the files to be uploaded. Since it functions as a USB flash drive for iPhone and Android, the only time you have to shell out any money is when you buy ThePhotoStick Mobile. It’s also hassle-free because you can back up your files in just one click and doesn’t require any logins.

“What’s so special about it? It’s just a USB device.”

You’re probably thinking that you can just get a good old OTG since it looks the same, right?

It might look like a plain USB flash drive for iPhone and Android devices, but it’s actually more than that on the inside. ThePhotoStick Mobile uses a software that allows you to quickly search, store, and organize all of your photos and videos. Most of the iPhone storage drive you can find on the market requires setup prior to backup, but The PhotoStick Mobile doesn’t. It lets you connect it like a flash drive to iPhone, click Go, and seamlessly transfer your files. Because of its affordability and convenience, it’s considered the best flash drive for iPhone and Android.

Interested in ThePhotoStick Mobile? Watch this video to learn more about how it works!

“It must cost a lot if it’s so efficient.”

Absolutely not! This is one of the best parts that I love so much about ThePhotoStick Mobile. Compared to the iPhone OTGs that I find in the market today, it’s way more inexpensive. For only $59, you can get a PhotoStick Mobile with a 32 GB capacity and $89 for 64 GB. There’s also a discount if you purchase more than one through their website.

PhotoStick Mobile

usb flash drive for iphone and android

59.99 99.99

9 Total Score

The solution to that frustrating problem lies in just three words: The PhotoStick Mobile

  • Easy to use
  • Fast
  • App for iphone and Android
  • Offline backup
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