Watch Premier League Online in 2021 Wherever You May Be

The new season of the English Premier League football promises exciting matches and memorable goals from some of the world’s best football clubs. Watching at the stadium is still prohibited, given the current COVID-19 pandemic. So, how do you not miss any football matches when you’re located in another territory? In this article, I list down tips on how you can watch Premier League online from wherever, whenever.

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Can You Watch the English Premier League Live from Abroad?

The answer is yes. To do so, you need cable TV or a VPN (virtual private network). American fans of English football can tune in to select networks and watch as many as 10 games live per weekend. That’s a whopping 380 live matches for the entire season. But how do you watch Premier League live free if you’re without cable?

Watch English Premier League

Unfortunately, if you’re in territories bounded by geographical restrictions, you may be unable to watch EPL online free. For instance, if you find yourself in France for a business trip, you can be barred to watch Premier League online free. Due to geo-restrictions, Premier League online streaming may not be activated depending on the rules set by RMC Sport and Canal+.

If you are to watch Premier League online where restrictions are imposed, you need a safe and secure tool to bypass them. You do that using a VPN. I’ll teach you how below, but first, what is a VPN? And how to watch EPL with it?

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How to Watch Premier League Online Free Abroad

A VPN allows a device to acquire a different geographical location to mask its real IP address. It does so by connecting a network to a particular location’s server. What it does is help online users access consumable content from other countries where restrictions are set, all the while protecting them from hackers and third-party ads.

Here’s how you watch Premier League Online free if you are abroad using a VPN:

  1. Choose a trusted VPN. I suggest ExpressVPN, which I will talk more about later in this post.
  2. Download, install and launch the VPN software on your device.
  3. Select a package and subscribe. Instructions vary per VPN service, so follow the instructions as indicated.
  4. Select a server. Your chosen server location will depend on which country you wish to watch Premier League live free.
  5. Refresh your browser. This will allow the change in IP address to take effect.
  6. Go to the streaming platform where you can watch EPL online free!

The Best VPNs to Watch Premier League Live Free

You can’t expect every VPN to perform equally. To watch EPL online free, you need the best VPNs in the market. Below is a list of the top VPNs I personally vetted, based on three crucial criteria:

  1. Is it easy to use? The software should be uncomplicated to use and intuitive to let you watch EPL online without the hassle.
  2. What about its speed? Of course, blazing-fast speeds will limit buffering and lags when you watch EPL online free.
  3. How often can it unblock content? The more content the VPN can unblock, the better. You can get more entertainment value other than watch EPL online free.
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I suggest you use ExpressVPN to watch EPL online free. It’s a reliable software to watch Premier League free and uninterrupted wherever you may be. Here are its outstanding features that let you watch EPL online free seamlessly.

  • Is available in 94 countries
  • Uses 256-bit AES encryption to ensure you can watch securely
  • Features a kill switch that halts network traffic should your Internet connection drop
  • Has perfect forward secrecy and DNS leak protection
  • Does not keep a log of your online browsing information

VPN: Why use it to Watch Premier League live free and more?

VPNs are popularly used to access blocked content, such as when you want to watch Premier League online free. However, there’s more to VPNs than meets the eye. Aside from unblocking content restrictions, A VPN guarantees your security and privacy when going online.

Watch EPL online

How does it do that? It carves out an encrypted tunnel to connect your device to a server, away from voyeurs large or small (nosy people, hackers, even your government). In case a leak becomes imminent, a top VPN is powered by military-grade 256 AES encryption technology.

What’s even better is that a VPN spoofs your IP address by making it appear as if you’re connected to an IP of one of the VPN servers. This way, you protect your identity for whatever reason by not leaving a trace of your real IP address. Given the many dangers that lurk online at present, getting a VPN is highly recommended.

Why Should You Use a VPN to Watch Premier League Without Cable?

You need a VPN to watch Premier League online free if you live outside the licensed territories. As I said earlier, a VPN unblocks geographical restrictions by using an alternate IP address that is located where EPL live streaming is allowed. It will allow you to watch Premier League online live free and view match replays as they are available online.

Watch Premier League Online Free

You can watch Premier League online free, but it doesn’t mean you should opt for a free VPN service. Free VPNs come with privacy and leaking issues. They take your browsing information and sell them to third party companies that spam you with dubious ads or use your data for profit.

Watch Premier League live

Therefore, it’s better to go with trusted software. Paying a reasonable amount for a VPN will not only give you access to live football matches but will also protect your sensitive information and files.

Where Else Can You Watch EPL Live in the US and Other Countries?


NBC is the official broadcaster of the English Premier League in  the US. You can watch football matches live on its NBC and NBCSN channels, as well as on Peacock. The subscription price starts at 5 USD per month, and free trials are available.

If you’re not in the US and still wish to watch Premier League live free via a US channel, you can. Here’s how:

  1. Subscribe to ExpressVPN and connect to a server in the US.
  2. Choose a subscription plan from one of these online streaming platforms and watch Premier League live free:
    • Hulu – 55 USD per month
    • YouTube TV – 65 USD per month
    • AT&T TV Now – 55 USD per month
    • fuboTV – 60 USD per month
    • Sling TV Blue – 20 USD per month


You can watch Premier League online free but with a subscription fee to ESPN+’s streaming service. The price is 5 USD per month and 50 USD per year. If you don’t feel like paying, there’s a 7-day free trial.

To use the service to watch Premier League live free, follow the above instructions but go to ESPN+ instead.

DAZN Canada

A 30-day free trial on DAZN Canada is available so you can watch Premier League live free. A full subscription, though, charges 20 CAD per month and 150 CAD per year.

If you want to watch Premier League online on DAZN Canada outside the country, do these simple steps:

  1. Subscribe to a top VPN and connect to a server in Canada.
  2. Sign up for an account in DAZN Canada and watch EPL online free!


English Premier League matches can be streamed live in Australia via Optus at 15 AUD per month. Note that it requires a mobile device, and if you’re outside the Land Down Under, you need a VPN to watch Premier League stream on Optus.


If you don’t want to miss a single matchday of the English Premier League, subscribing to a top-shelf VPN is the solution I recommend. Not only do you get to watch Premier League live free, but you’ll feel secure and safe when doing so.

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