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Are you looking for a secure, reliable and fast VPN? Then we recommend you try ExpressVPN , a top-rated virtual private network provider. VPN Express is fast, does not log user activity, allows torrent / P2P file sharing, and also works well with Tor. It is a VPN capable of offering the maximum possible security at an affordable price. Its app is well designed, easy to use, and perfect even for beginners. And that’s not all: ExpressVPN works with all devices. Before buying a VPN, many users ask themselves: can I use it to watch Netflix at maximum speed? Is it worth the asking price? Does the speed it offers compromise security? In this Express VPN review we will answer all questions.

Introducing ExpressVPN

The company of vpnexpress is registered in the British Virgin Islands which means that it is not legally obligated to store users’ online activities. VPN Express is a leading VPN service provider in its market. Today it is in fact considered one of the largest providers of premium VPN services in the world. VPN Express allows its users to browse the web securely and totally anonymously.

ExpressVPN has around 3,000 servers in over 90 countries , but that number is set to grow as the company adds new servers on a weekly basis. VPN Express is user-friendly. Its app and website are simple and intuitive and give even the less experienced the opportunity to take advantage of all the services of this VPN. The applications also work on any device and software ( Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, Routers and Linux ) and protect the user’s privacy at all times.

The service offers extraordinary coverage on every continent and allows you to connect up to 5 devices at the same time. It is therefore ideal to use as a family or if you are a student and live in a shared apartment with other people. Each device will be able to access the private network without problems. Also note that VPN Express offers a 100% money back guarantee for the first 30 days of service.

Express VPN price and subscriptions

express vpn prices

ExpressVPN cost: the provider gives the possibility to choose between three subscriptions, namely: the monthly subscription from 12,07 euros, the 6-month one from 8,47 euros per month and the 15-month one from 5,65 euros per month discounted as much as 49%.

The costs may seem slightly higher than other VPNs on the market but in this case we can certainly say that the game is worth the candle. If for some reason, you decide to cancel one of the subscriptions, just log in to the Express VPN official website and access the “My account page”.

Attention: in this period the company offers new users 3 months FREE in addition to the 12-month subscription. An offer not to be missed!

Another factor that justifies the cost of this premium VPN is its support service. The latter is active via chat 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and is characterized by being a service managed by competent and technically trained personnel, capable of responding as a real technical support to any problem that arises.


ExpressVPN data sheet

Funzione Caratteristica
Non registra le tue attività? Si, non registra le tue attività
Funziona per Torrent? Si, funziona per scaricare Torrent
Funziona con che Netflix? US, UK, CA, AU, DE, FR,
Multi-login 5 connessioni contemporanee
Paesi Coperti 94+
Funziona con che Sistema Operativo? Windows, Android, iOS, macOS, Chrome, Firefox, Router, Console, Apple TV, PlayStation, Xbox, Amazon Fire TV, Roku, Kindle
Garanzia di rimborso? 30 giorni dall'inizio del suo utilizzo
Protocolli disponibili Lightway, OpenVPN (UDP/TCP), L2TP-IPsec, SSTP, PPTP
Traffico dati Infinito
Tipo di Crittografia Militare AES 256 bits
Indirizzi IP Segreti
Numero di Server 3.000+

ExpressVPN Netflix

One of the main reasons why a user decides to activate a VPN service certainly concerns streaming. If you have a Netflix account and want to watch content from all over the world without any kind of geographical limitation, VPN Express could certainly be for you. In recent years, the streaming giant has evolved by implementing strategies to block VPNs. An example is that the famous US company continuously updates its systems to deal with access via VPN servers.

With VPNExpress, the risk of being blocked does not exist. Netflix, with this provider, can be unblocked without problems. The same goes for other platforms such as Amazon Prime, Google, Wikipedia and YouTube .

express vpn netflix

To make the most of this service on Netflix, just log into your Netflix account and connect to one of the VPNexpress servers. If you want to find the best VPN server location for streaming Netflix, we recommend running the Speed ​​Test and choosing the server location in the US with the highest speed rating.

When asked: Could this VPN slow down my connection? We answer no. ExpressVPN is among the fastest on the market so, even considering the thousands of Express VPN reviews on the web, users rarely notice any differences. In fact, VPNExpress can improve your connection a lot if your ISP is trying to throttle Netflix traffic. However, if you experience drops in video quality, make sure you’ve selected the US server closest to your actual location.

If you’re using a streaming device like an Apple TV , you might want to try Netflix using MediaStreamer, which you’ll find included with every ExpressVPN subscription.

ExpressVPN Torrents

Torrenting is one of the most popular ways to download content online. However, even though the use of torrents is not illegal in itself, it can expose the user to various threats such as trolls and hacker attacks. To avoid falling into these traps, a VPN is therefore essential. However, not all of them are up to this arduous task. This is because many VPNs (especially free ones) have bandwidth caps that allow you to use the service for only one month.

In these cases, to get access to more bandwidth from the free VPN, you end up paying (handsomely). But this is not a problem for Express VPN users, as there are no bandwidth limits with this provider. With Express VPN you can download whatever you want, whenever you want. So you don’t have to worry about hitting a bandwidth limit.

Another feature that makes VPNExpress perfect for torrenting is security. Many torrent users are often caught torrenting by their ISPs and receive letters threatening to be kicked out of the ISP’s network, or worse, they are contacted by trolls.

With ExpressVPN this will never happen thanks to its advanced security features. Among these we find military-grade encryption at 256 which keeps all data and user activity safe. With ExpressVPN your IP address is always hidden from other torrent users and anyone else on the internet.

Therefore, there is no connection whatsoever between your current IP address and torrenting activity. Express VPN also includes IPV6 leak protection and the option to use Express VPN’s DNS servers to prevent any information about your connection from leaking out.


ExpressVPN LightWay protocol

VPN Express also offers its users Lightway , a next generation protocol that will make your connection faster, more reliable and more secure . Unlike the standard protocols used by most other VPN providers, Lightway was created by ExpressVPN to best suit your needs. But what is Lightway? You should know that most VPN services are based on standard protocols, through which your device connects to a VPN server.

VPNExpress has decided to create a completely new protocol to guarantee you maximum connection speed and security. LightWay is available to all ExpressVPN subscribers on Android, Windows, Mac, Linux and router apps (iOS is coming soon).

Reviews of LightWay – ExpressVPN

So far, those who have tried Lightway on  the Android app have given it a very positive rating.   Here are some reviews:

I love Lightway. Thanks to this protocol I am able to connect instantly and never have to wait. Also, since I’ve been using LightWay, I’ve been consuming less battery!

The new protocol is incredibly fast but also very stable.

The instant connection is exceptional. Definitely the best protocol I’ve ever tried!

Lightway is extremely fast and efficient compared to the OpenVPN protocol! Good job!

Advantages of LightWay – ExpressVPN

  • Better performance

Lightway is not burdened by the legacy features or technical debt of other major standard protocols. Thanks to this feature, the connection of the VPN to the server takes place in a fraction of a second. Lightway, in a nutshell, allows you to connect to the VPN faster than before.

  • No loss of connection 

LightWay was designed to handle movement and unexpected network disconnections.   Standard VPN protocols were not created with these scenarios in mind. Lightway, on the other hand, stays connected even when your device suddenly switches networks.

  • Safety

Lightway uses wolfSSL, whose well-established cipher library has been extensively vetted by third parties, including against the FIPS 140-2 standard. Lightway also uses dynamic encryption keys that are regularly deleted and regenerated. Your   online security with this protocol is always guaranteed. 

express vpn review

Features of the VPNExpress

Military encryption

As already mentioned in the previous paragraphs, VPN Express uses military-grade AES-256-bit encryption which allows you to keep your data safe. VPNExpress also uses HMAC SHA-512 authentication, a strong encryption used for data transfers or P2P file sharing.

Advanced protocols

This provider uses several protocols but the most advanced is UDP OpenVPN. VPNExpress also automatically selects the best security protocol for you with the most reliable connection (the more experienced can also do it manually).

Kill Switch

This is an advanced security option of VPNExpress that protects your Internet traffic and address even when the connection drops. The feature is automatically activated in the app, so you don’t have to do anything to activate it. The Kill Switch is only available for Windows, Linux and Mac.

Split Tunneling

This is one of the features that sets VPN Express apart. It gives you the option to encrypt only a part of your traffic and leave the rest intact. It therefore allows you to browse locally or stream at the same time.

No logs policy

One of the most appreciated aspects of this VPN is undoubtedly its no-logs policy. This provider does not have access to your data and does not store it on the server. This is a great guarantee in terms of privacy and security.

DNS leak protection

DNS leaks allow your ISP to see your online activity. VPNexpress protects you from such leaks, keeping you anonymous at all times.

Compatible with Tor

Only some VPN services offer this feature. In addition to being compatible with Tor, this VPN has its own website on the Tor network.

Smart location function

This VPN comes with a Smart Location feature that automatically connects you to a server that is optimized for your location. The server’s latency, speed and distance are shown to ensure the best possible user experience.

Trusted Server Features

Their server network runs in RAM disk mode. Remember that few VPN service providers use RAM instead of a hard drive. VPNexpress stores on RAM disk as all user data in this case is automatically deleted every time the device is turned off.

Collaboration with Cure53

Express VPN has partnered with Cure53, a leading independent cybersecurity firm that conducts regular and frequent audits of the Express VPN Chrome Browser Extension.


The company, as already mentioned in the previous paragraphs, is officially registered in the British Virgin Islands, a territory outside the jurisdiction of the 14 eyes alliance. This provider is also considered the best at bypassing censorship in some countries like China and Russia.


Windows Clients

The Windows client app is very intuitive and easy to use. This aspect has also been confirmed by the thousands of reviews on the net. By clicking on the menu in the upper left corner you can see the setting options. The settings offer: speed test, change of security protocols, access to split tunneling and the toggle switch to activate or deactivate other available features such as the kill switch or the Network lock.

expressvpn windows

The app is also very fast and efficient. If you need support, the latter provides you with tutorials and troubleshooting guides. You can also call their customer support and speak to one of their helpful agents.

Other applications

Browser Extensions

The provider has an extension of the following browsers: Google Chrome, Firefox and Safari. Browser extensions are actually app extensions. This means that to use the browser extension, you must also run the app at the same time. This application works for macOS, Linux and Windows. Thanks to this option it becomes much easier to move the server directly from your browser. Also, the browser app integrates HTTPS, forcing HTTPS connections.

ExpressVPN Other applications

APP dedicated to the ExpressVPN router

Few providers offer this service. The router app only works for a selected router model. Using a VPN with your router is a great way to have an almost unlimited number of simultaneous connections.

ExpressVPN Helpdesk

When dealing with VPN services, it can happen that you have some doubts or encounter some problems. In this regard, Express VPN offers a highly qualified service. The provider provides its customers with guides (available in many languages, including Italian) that are well cared for and full of useful links.

Another very good tool of this VPN are the tutorials. The latter are diversified according to the platforms used and their realization is very professional. If all this is not enough, there is the already mentioned possibility of requesting direct assistance via chat, thanks to a service active 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

According to the opinions collected online, the answers always arrive very quickly and the agents are always ready to solve any type of problem.

Conclusion on ExpressVPN

In conclusion, we can say that Express VPN is an amazing service, without ifs and buts. The focus on privacy and security, the many apps, customer support and high performance make this VPN one of the best on the market. We therefore recommend trying this Premium service and taking advantage of the discounts active in this period. With the 15-month subscription, in addition to a discount of about half the original price, you will also get 3 months totally free !

9.8 Punteggio Totale
ExpressVPN recensione: Top!

ExpressVPN è una soluzione completa che soddisfa diverse esigenze. È adatta a tutti coloro che hanno bisogno di una VPN facile da usare per guardare la TV in streaming e scaricare torrent su tutti i loro dispositivi senza limiti. Avrai quello che paghi!

Privacy e Sicurezza
Velocità e performance
Rapporto qualità prezzo
Facilità d'utilizzo
  • Connessione ad alta velocità
  • Larghezza di banda illimitata
  • Ampia selezione di Paesi
  • Crittografia di livello militare
  • Politica No log
  • Supporto live chat 24/7
  • Soddisfatti o rimborsati
  • Nessun firewall NAT
  • Nessun binding IP

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