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Expressvpn review

ExpressVPN is one of the most popular VPN options on the market and also one of the oldest. It is also my personal favorite and one I have been using for many years now. Not only have I found it the most reliable, but I have also had the best speeds from this VPN which is the most important thing for me. Available in over 90 countries worldwide, Express VPN should be your number 1 choice when looking for a VPN that offers excellent reliability! Also known as VPN Express, the service offers great apps for most platforms including Windows, Android and Apple devices. So let’s delve further into this ExpressVPN review.

ExpressVPN Video Review

Fast, Reliable and Great Servers


Privacy is the key when it comes to VPN’s and ExpressVPN does not disappoint. Their private network on multiple servers ensures that privacy is their No.1 goal. As I mentioned previously, speed is what I look for most in a VPN, but privacy is just as important. Express offers a truly fast VPN and safe internet browsing experience that will meet the needs of everyone.

With ExpressVPN being one of the largest providers, you can use their service on multiple devices in over 90 countries and 145 cities! So wherever you are in the world, this is likely the best VPN for privacy, period. In addition to the standard Desktop, Android and Apple apps, you can also connect via Mac OS and Linux. And if you don’t like connecting to a VPN via an app, you can also connect manually. However, you can’t use OpenVPN that way.

So to sum this up – you can get excellent data encryption, super high-speed internet browsing, non-buffering video streaming and fast torrent downloads! This is what makes ExpressVPN one of the best VPN’s available on the market today. Definitely worth a subscription in my opinion, even without a ExpressVPN discount or an ExpressVPN coupon.

Another thing that makes this service great is that it maintains a strict no logs policy. They make it very clear to the user what data it does and doesn’t collect. VPN Express does not log any of your browsing history or IP addresses used to connect to their service. In addition, DNS queries are not logged and neither is the destination or contents of your traffic. Sounds pretty good so far right? Time to start your Express VPN free trial soon, I think.

Express VPN Plans and Pricing


There are a total of three plans that are offered with 1-month, 6-months, or 12-month options. The yearly plan is the most popular as it works out the cheapest and also offers you 3 months free giving you a total of 15 months, if you utilise the Express VPN free trial. Of course, you can also find ExpressVPN discount and a ExpressVPN coupon if you think the pricing is a little high.

As with most providers, you can try the service free for 30 days (Express VPN free trial) with no obligation to continue if you are not happy with the service. The 30-day guarantee is standard across the industry and is expected by most buyers. If you are not completely satisfied, simply cancel your subscription at the end of the 30 day period, or you can try your luck online for an ExpressVPN coupon or an ExpressVPN discount.

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Logs No logs at all
Torrents Torrents allowed
Netflix US, UK, Canada, Australia
Multi-login5 simultaneous connections
Covered countries94+
Supported devicesWindows, Mac, Linux, iOS, Android, Firefox, Chrome, routers
Money back guarantee?30 Days
ProtocolsOpenVPN (UDP/TCP), L2TP-IPsec, SSTP, PPTP
Traffic dataUnlimited
EncryptionMilitary 256 bit
IP AddressesUndisclosed

ExpressVPN Review – The Main Details

The service provides a native app for nearly every popular platform. This includes Desktop (Windows, Mac & Linux), Smartphones (iPhone and Android) and Tablets (iPad and Android). All of these apps on these devices are very simple to use and all you need to do is run the app, click to connect to the VPN server of your choice and off you go to a safe and secure browsing session.

One of the common features that I regularly use is the “smart location” which allows you to connect to the fastest server straight away. However, if you wish to choose what server or country you connect to then that is simple too. Express VPN also offers a speed test which shows the speed index, download speed and latency for each of the servers. This can help you choose the best server location manually.

There are a number of settings that you can modify if you wish. For example, a user can change the VPN protocol to better suit their needs. I use this a lot but please note it is an advanced setting so you would need to be familiar with how protocols work.

When you use the service you will be provided with your own DNS server by default. This is great for accessing the internet in countries with restricted internet access.

ExpressVPN and Netflix

This wouldn’t be a very good ExpressVPN review if I didn’t unblock Netflix with it!

I have had trouble before with other providers where Netflix doesn’t stream very well, but I can say with all honesty that with this VPN, Express Netflix viewing is possible with no buffering at all! Not only is the speed great to ensure perfect viewing, but the VPN also allows you to watch content from any country you connect to.

No Log Created for Torrents or P2P

I already mentioned numerous times that the speed of ExpressVPN is super-fast. This is because the service has unlimited broadband access. So what does this mean? It means that you are able to enjoy visiting torrent sites and P2P sharing easily through their services and apps.

But the great thing is that they do not log any of your activity when you do so. Therefore, Express does not know any of the type of traffic you exchange when online. This means that even if they are compelled to do so, they are unable to share any of your data with the authorities as they do not have it!

However, as with all VPN services, the terms and conditions state that users are not allowed to engage in any illegal activity.

The Kill Switch

As with most other popular services, you also get a kill switch. You may be wondering what this is so let me explain. An internet kill switch prevents traffic from flowing outside of the VPN if, for instance, your connection was to suddenly drop unexpectedly. In layman terms, this means that your IP will never be exposed if the VPN drops out.

Split Tunneling

This is a recent new feature that has been added to the software. Split tunneling is the process of letting you decide what traffic can use the VPN route. Of course, a VPN is the best way to ensure that your privacy is protected, however, you may encounter situations where your VPN connection will not allow you to do certain things such as:

  • Access LAN devices such as printers.
  • Access foreign and local web services simultaneously

But if you were to enable the Spit tunneling feature, you are able to bypass these restrictions and use all of the services together whilst ensuring you remain protected.


Configuration is the key here. The majority of the time you will be wanting all of your traffic to be tunneled through the VPN, but this means you are creating exceptions. So, ensure that you have set up Split tunneling properly to ensure that you avoid any risk where your data is in the clear. Ensure that all of your downloads and important data is using the VPN connection at all times!

VPN Express Native Apps

You may or may not be aware but all modern smartphone devices allow you to manually configure the connections settings of all VPN services on the market including of course Express VPN. The VPN Express Native Apps makes it much easier to configure these settings by offering a custom proprietary application for all environments. This allows you to use the OpenVPN protocol (mentioned previously) on all devices.

The Express VPN app for the Apple iPad is a good example of the commitment that ExpressVPN puts into offering a simple and intuitive client app for its users. I can sincerely say that the ease of use of the app is exceptional and none others that I have tested have come close. It is one of those apps that you can say “even your mum can use”

Browser Extensions

In addition to the apps available there is also a Chrome and Firefox extension too. Using these is actually a bit like split tunneling whereby all your browser activity and traffic will run through the VPN connection, whilst your computer activity will be using your real IP address.

Both the Firefox and Chrome extensions are very simple to use and provide access to all the VPN Express servers. Furthermore, the extensions also include the cool features of DNS leak protection and the Kill Switch too!



The guys at Express VPN have clearly focused on a friendly and helpful customer support system. Whilst I have not had to use their support often, I have in the past and I can say that I received excellent service. There are many channels available to contact the company support which includes via the apps and of course the main Expressvpn website.

They also have great live-chat support which is manned 24 hours a day. This is the best option to use if you have something urgent that needs attention right away.

All of the queries that I gave to them were answered promptly and clearly.

If you have a non-urgent issue then you can consider using the extensive tutorials that they have on their website along with many troubleshooting guides.

Final Thoughts

Hopefully, this ExpressVPN Review has helped you to come to a decision on purchasing the right service for you. Obviously, everyone has different needs but this service is one I can vouch for whole-heartedly and I’m positive you will find it is the best one for you too. And plus you have nothing to lose with the Express VPN free trial.

I hope that upon using ExpressVPN, that you may want to subscribe, and we hope that you are lucky enough to find yourself a ExpressVPN discount and/or a ExpressVPN coupon.

Please feel free to leave any comments below and I will get back to you.

9.8 Total Score
ExpressVPN review: Excellent!

ExpressVPN is a complete VPN solution that meets diverse needs. It is suitable for all those who need an easy-to-use VPN to watch streaming TV and download torrents on all their devices without limits. You'll get what you pay for!

Privacy and security
Speed and Performance
Value for money
Ease of use
  • High-speed connection
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Wide selection of countries
  • Military grade encryption
  • Zero logs
  • User-friendly setup and use
  • Unlimited streaming and torrenting
  • 24/7 live chat support
  • Money-back guarantee
  • Exclusive deal: 3 months free!
  • Few settings
  • No NAT firewall
  • No IP binding
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