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This ExpressVPN review shows that VPN Express has the capabilities of a top-shelf VPN service provider; it’s fast, it does not keep your logs, it allows torrenting / P2P file-sharing, it works well with Tor to provide you with the maximum security possible. Additionally, the app is beautifully designed and very easy-to-use. What’s even better is it works well with just about any device you’re using. Before you jump into the complete details of this ExpressVPN review, you can enjoy unlimited browsing with maximum security for a huge discount and 30-day money-back guarantee.

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Looking for a premium VPN service? Express VPN is what you need.

This fast and secure VPN provider doesn't log any information. It unblocks geo-blocked sites like Netflix. And it's safe for P2P file sharing.

Last Update Made On: 13 May 2022

Is ExpressVPN Safe?

It uses the top-tier, military-grade encryption OpenVPN tunneling and AES-256 bit. However, for the more advanced users, you have the option to manually adjust the settings for your personal preference. Moreover, as our ExpressVPN reviews team has uncovered, their network consists of thousands of servers in almost 100 different locations around the world.

  • Are you wondering whether is ExpressVPN good? Do they keep your logs or are they monitoring your online activities?
  • Does VPN Express work in China?
  • When I subscribe to Express VPN how many devices can I connect simultaneously?
  • How much is ExpressVPN?
  • How can I avail discounts and coupons?

Are you having the same questions?

If you’re a first-time VPN user and you’re wondering what’s the best VPN to use, what’s the guarantee that you’ll remain anonymous, etc. Then you’re not the only one having all these questions in mind. For that reason, we created our own Express VPN review.

This is to make sure you get the best value for your money.

Here’s more, currently, discounts and coupons are out and they are giving up to 49% off the cost.

ExpressVPN prices and plans

expressvpn prices

Meanwhile, we all know that price is one important factor in everything that we do. The same things apply when choosing the best VPN service for our money. With VPN Express, it’s important to realize that they’re a premium VPN. You have to expect that they’re a little bit expensive but on the other hand, you’re paying more for the superior security they can provide.

As we researched this ExpressVPN review, we learned that they have 3 subscription plans you can choose from. As you can see, their prices are cheaper with long-term subscriptions. Additionally, we are not saying that they are a low-cost VPN service, but you also have to consider that they have established a good reputation in online security and their extensive server networks in 94 countries.

Payment Options

With payment options, you can do it using one of these options: major credit cards like Visa, American Express, Visa Electron, Discover, JCB, Mastercard and Diners Club International. They also accept PayPal and Bitcoin (BitPay.)

Our ExpressVPN team also found that you can use other payment methods if it’s convenient for you, including Alipay, Union Pay, IDEAL, Klarna, WebMoney, Giropay, Yandex, Interac Online, One Card, Mint, Maestro, FanaPay, Carte Bleue, among others. Simply choose your plan, provide your email address, and choose your payment method.

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Express VPN Free Trial and ExpressVPN Coupon

Our team at ExpressVPN review has noticed that instead of free trial, they are offering a 30-day money-back guarantee. It means they are giving you the highest quality service that’s almost risk-free. They also offer the VPN Express coupon which gives you 3 months free for one year.

If you’re lucky enough, you might avail yourself of a discount of up to 49% off.

This VPN in more details

Feature Value
No logs? Yes, this provider has a no-log policy
Can use it for Torrenting? Yes, it works fine with torrents
What kind of Netflix does it work with? US, UK, CA, AU, DE, FR,
Simultaneous connections 5 connections at the same time
What countries does it cover? Over 94
What Operating Systems does it support? Windows, Android, iOS, macOS, Chrome, Firefox, Router, Console, Apple TV, PlayStation, Xbox, Amazon Fire TV, Roku, Kindle
Money-back guarantee policy 30 days
What protocols does it offer? Lightway, OpenVPN (UDP/TCP), L2TP-IPsec, SSTP, PPTP
Does it offer unlimited traffic data? Yes, it does
Cipher Most secure encryption: Military AES 256 bits
Number of IP Addresses Not provided
Number of Servers? Over 3,000

Video review

Using VPN Express

When you use a VPN service for streaming Netflix, it’s important to note that Netflix has one of the tightest firewalls of all streaming services on the planet. However, a good VPN service provider can solve this problem. And as our ExpressVPN review team has found, this VPN Express is an excellent match for the Netflix firewalls.

Guide to using Netflix

  • Setup your Netflix account.
  • Connect to one of their servers that correspond to the Netflix library you want. For example, use a US server if you want to access Netflix US.
  • It’s time to log in, choose the movie or tv series you want to watch and press play.

According to a trusted ExpressVPN review, the UK and US servers are working smoothly. The same results were seen with the other 20+ US and Australia servers. Notably, the streaming was done in full HD and no buffering issues were recorded.

However, this is not the case for the German server as our ExpressVPN review team uncovered. Only servers in Nuremberg were able to access Netflix. Additionally, what’s surprising is South American servers are also working very well. There were no fuzzy pictures, no lags and no buffering as well.

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Unblock Other Streaming Platforms

expressvpn streaming

Netflix is not the only streaming service that uses geo-blocking. BBC iPlayer, a UK-based streaming platform is also known for its strict geo-blocking capabilities. Luckily, it was able to bypass the geo-block and they were able to download some TV series as well.

Additionally, our ExpressVPN review team found that it can unblock these streaming platforms: Hulu, HBO GO, Amazon Prime, ITV Hub. It can even give you access to other restricted sites like Youtube, Google, and Facebook. (These sites are prohibited in some countries.)

Look for the discount. They are giving away up to 49% off.

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30-day money-back guarantee

VPN Express Torrenting

If you haven’t heard before, it is a popular VPN service for torrenting. For a number of reasons, It provides unlimited bandwidth and data caps which translates to total unrestricted torrenting.

For starters, this VPN allows P2P file sharing and torrenting. They are not keeping logs, but it’s also good to know that their headquarters is located in the British Virgin Islands, the place is known for valuing privacy, as our ExpressVPN review team learned.

You can be assured that your torrenting activity or history will never leak because they have an established good reputation in torrenting and P2P sharing but also with speed and performance.


It’s good for gaming. It’s not just good for torrenting and streaming but gamers would appreciate its capabilities. According to one review, despite being connected to a long-distance server they never experienced any buffer issues. What’s more interesting is the fact that they chose a long-distance server with the expectation of lagging in mid-game but they found none.

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VPN Express Features

Security (encryption)

Security is the top factor why we spend money on VPN Express services. We all know that each one has its own claim of being the best. However, it’s the facts that we should look up to as a part of this ExpressVPN review.

As we already mentioned, it’s using military-grade AES-256 bit encryption. Which means top-notch security features. To keep things in perspective, even the most powerful computer today will not be able to break 0.1% of its data. In fact, it would take them years to do that.

They are using SHA-512 HMAC authentication which is regarded as highly secure encryption for data transfers or P2P file sharing. Another good thing about this is, the send and receiver have a shared secret key that will help them verify the authenticity of the file being shared.


Aside from having various protocols, they are using the more advanced OpenVPN UDP. This means that it will automatically select for you the best security protocol with the most reliable connection. However, you can change the way you want.

Similarly, they are using this protocol as the default which translates to automatically protecting you without you doing anything.

The New Lightway Protocol

Our ExpressVPN review team uncovered that the company has capitalized on its decade of experience in the VPN service industry to develop a futuristic virtual connectivity protocol. This new protocol allows users ultrafast connection to their desired virtual server and to retain their connection sessions during changes in internet connectivity types and strengths.

What this means, according to our ExpressVPN review team, is that your connection to your chosen server happens faster than usual with this Lightway. Not only that. When your connection switches from WiFi to cellular, for example, you don’t get disconnected from the virtual server. Also, the usual disconnections and reconnections that you experience when broadband strengths fluctuate are no more.

Kill Switch

This is an advance security factor that keeps your internet traffic and IP address secure every single time. However, with this VPN, killswitch is known as Network Lock.

How does it work? Basically, it automatically blocks traffic if the connection gets compromised. You’ll see that this feature is automatically enabled in the app which is a really good thing.

Unfortunately, this feature is available only for Windows, Linux, and Mac.

Split Tunneling

This is one of the features that stands out with Express VPN. It gives you the option to encrypt only part of the traffic and leave the rest untouched. It allows you to browse locally or stream at the same time. You can also choose which apps to use.

Leak Protection

DNS leaks allow your ISP to see your online activity. However, a great VPN service protects you against such leaks, therefore, keeping you anonymous. Its leak test results show that there were no data leaks and the IP address is kept secure.

Tor compatible

Only a few VPN services offer this feature. Which makes Express VPN free trial a level higher when it comes to security. You’ll be impressed that it’s not only compatible with Tor but they have their own Tor onion website in the Tor network.

Smart Location feature

VPN Express comes with a Smart Location feature that allows automatic connection to a server that is optimized for your location. What’s more interesting is it’s measured with latency, speed, and distance to make sure you have the best user experience possible.

Running on Trusted Server Feature

Their server network runs in RAM-disk mode. This means that they belong to a few VPN service providers that use RAM memory on all their servers instead of a hard disk. This network setup is called the TrustedServer Network. In other words, this a security feature on a higher level.

Since hard drives have the capabilities to store data and they have to erase them purposefully, with RAM, all data are automatically deleted every time the device is turned off. This makes RAM-disk mode networks more secure against data logs and leaks.

Windows client


The Windows client app is very user-friendly therefore you won’t have any problem navigating. It almost looked like it got everything you need from a VPN when you’re using the Windows OS. This is confirmed by a lot of VPN Express users and reviews stating that it has the best combination of speed and security.

expressvpn windows interface


Just click on the hamburger menu on the upper left-hand corner and you can see the settings options. The settings offer speed tests, you can change your security protocols, gives you access to split tunneling, or even use the toggle switch to turn on or turn off other available features like the kill switch or Network Lock.

As with the app, all we can say is it’s pretty simple, it’s fast and efficient. If you have questions or need any support just look for the tutorials and troubleshooting guides. You can even call their customer support and you can talk to one of their helpful agents.

Other Applications

Browser Extension

expressvpn extension

It has a browser extension for Google Chrome, Firefox, and Safari. The browser extensions are in fact extension of the app. This means that to use the browser extension, you must also be running the app at the same time. This application works for macOS, Linux, and Windows.

Perhaps, it’s convenience that makes for the biggest advantage with the browser extension. This is because you can easily shift the server directly from your browser. Additionally, the browser app integrates HTTPS Everywhere. (It forces HTTPS connections.)

Dedicated VPN Router APP

This VPN service is one of the handfuls of providers that offer this feature. However, the router app only works for only a selected model of routers. The idea of using a VPN with your router is a great way to have an almost unlimited number of simultaneous connections.

It’s because the router counts as a single connection but it will provide every device connected to it with the same benefits.

ExpressVPN review: Customer service

It comes as no surprise that this VPN service is a premium grade VPN service. To say the least, one of the areas where they excel is with their customer support. They have a live-chat that is customer-friendly, very helpful, and they are available 24/7.

Also, it’s important to note that the Express VPN free trial is not available, however, you can’t almost make a mistake with their 30-day money-back guarantee.


This VPN is worth every penny you pay. They’re a premium VPN company for a reason. There’s no question about security and privacy because they have an established reputation in those areas. With streaming geo-block sites like Netflix and BBC iPlayer, they work seamlessly. We definitely encourage you to use this VPN service.

Although the free trial is unavailable, their 30-day money-back guarantee is a much better option. You’ll also get a 49% discount and a coupon.

9.8 Total Score
ExpressVPN review: Excellent!

ExpressVPN is a complete VPN solution that meets diverse needs. It is suitable for all those who need an easy-to-use VPN to watch streaming TV and download torrents on all their devices without limits. You'll get what you pay for!

Privacy and security
Speed and Performance
Value for money
Ease of use
  • High-speed connection
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Wide selection of countries
  • Military grade encryption
  • Zero logs
  • User-friendly setup and use
  • Unlimited streaming and torrenting
  • 24/7 live chat support
  • Money-back guarantee
  • Exclusive deal: 3 months free!
  • Few settings
  • No NAT firewall
  • No IP binding

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