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Achieve Anonymous Torrenting with qBittorrent

Attention all you Torrent Troopers! Here is the lowdown on an open source torrent client that is being taken up by legions of torrent users in the know. Its name? qBittorrent.

Offering the ability to download via an encrypted connection this client is clean, lightweight to install but heavy on results.

It is an excellent piece of software that refreshingly adverts and malware-free and also has the added advantage of forcing all of that torrent proxy data through your VPN connection, helping you to torrent anonymously as you use qBittorrent VPN.

Starting off on the right foot – Choose and use an appropriate VPN:

Anyone serious about torrent downloading needs to achieve this through one preferred connection only. That connection should be via a VPN, but not just any VPN.

You need to go for a torrent-friendly subscription that provides efficient qBittorrent download and gives an instant, secure connection. The provider in question should clearly state and enforce a strict no-logging policy and be one that allows bittorrent download to your torrent client with complete anonymity. You can pick one from my recommendations below:

It is extremely important that you always secure your connection before surfing the net and entering the torrenting world, where you want to torrent anonymously.

Failure to do so will leave you at risk of being tracked or monitored by authorities and hackers alike. These groups certainly do not have your interests at heart!

Downloading and installation of qBittorrent:

One of the beauties of this open-source software is that its development is carried out by volunteers and is rapidly progressing towards its aim of becoming a highly effective alternative to µTorrent.

Your first step is to visit their website using your secure VPN connection, so that we can torrent anonymously with qBittorrent VPN.

Rest assured that the software runs on major platforms such as:

  • Linux
  • Mac OS X,
  • Windows
  • OS/2
  • FreeBSD

Go to Menu, Download, and click to begin the qBittorrent download. Where possible it will pay you to install qBittorrent to the same drive you intend to use for downloading your torrent files.

Decide on a torrent tracker:

A simple search on ‘torrent tracker’ will reveal hundreds of sites to choose from and that allow torrent proxy use, but please be aware that all are not equal, nor are they all safe to use. This makes checking each file before playing an absolute must.

Many active torrent users have their own preferences on which torrent proxy and tracker to use, or they take advice from torrent user groups. While the latter option is a sensible one to take it is also recommended that you keep a close eye on the latest news relating to these sites.

This is because it has long been an accepted part of their existence that they are hounded and closed down by authorities thanks to immense pressure placed on them by influential entertainment industries and anti-piracy groups.

‘Word of mouth’ – Way to go!

Serious torrent proxy users, and I include myself here, network effectively with peers and pro-bittorrent download supporters to keep their finger on the pulse. Make no mistake, what is a sound qBittorent download location today may not be tomorrow.

Torrent proxy server providers are plagued by a whole load of pressure that stems from a wide variety of sources, not least authorities, copyright companies, and hackers.

My recommendation for you to keep on top of the ever-changing situation is to sign-up for alerts as well as regularly viewing ‘latest/flash news’ on the very fluid activities of this volatile, ever-changing bittorrent download world.

Also, bear in mind that our online world is 24/7/365 and with the wide-range of time-difference across the globe what was a valid bittorrent download location when you went to bed could not be by the time you wake up!

qBittorrent anonymous download configuration:

While we are concentrating on configuration and qBittorrent download issues it needs to be reiterated just how important choosing a VPN provider that majors on services designed to suit torrent downloaders is, and in this case qBittorrent download patrons in particular.

When researching which are the most effective torrent-friendly VPN providers to suit your needs make sure they offer the ability to configure such things as ‘Kill switch’ and ‘DNS leak protection’.

Once the qBittorrent download software is complete it is time to tweak settings that will ensure full software optimization in terms of personal privacy protection. Failure to do this could lead to a DNS leak issue which means that your real IP address is not hidden.

  1. Go to the client by clicking on Tools then Options
  2. A pop-up window displaying 7 changeable tabs will be displayed
  3. Note: Not all of these tabs are relevant to anonymous download configuration, (or in our case bittorrent download), so I will concentrate on the three that are.

Connection Tab:

To keep in step with the torrent proxy you are connecting to a two-part configuration operation is needed. You need to carry this out in two different sections in the Connection Tab:

1st part:

  • Listening Port: This is the listening port qBittorrent uses for peer connection
  • Port number = By default, this is 8999. You can choose ‘any’ or click on ‘random’
  • Use uPnp/NAT PMP = If this is checked it automatically forwards the port via your router, however, with the use of a VPN this is not required so uncheck this box
  • Use different port on each startup = By default this should be unchecked. Make sure it is and leave it unchecked

2nd part:

  • Connections Limit: These settings relate to the peer numbers in terms of upload and download
  • Global maximum number of connections = My recommendation is to set this value to 1250
  • Maximum number of connections per torrent = My recommendation is to set the value to 250

BitTorrent Tab:

  • Torrent Queuing = Uncheck this. By doing so you are removing limits on torrent download and upload numbers
  • Encryption Mode – OPTIONAL = You can change Encryption Mode to Require Encryption. This will result in qBittorrent only connecting to encrypted peers; meaning you will achieve 100% encryption for all of your torrent activity. The restriction by doing so is that you will have access to a smaller number of peers because most other users do not enable encryption

Advanced Tab:

This tab gives you the option to ensure that the torrent client uses a given network connection. As recommended, this should be your VPN connection.

An excellent option within qBittorrent allows you to select a single Network Interface. This means that when you are installing your VPN software it generally and automatically creates a corresponding network interface.

However, to complete this you will need to define which network adapter you wish to select. In all likelihood, you will have adapter name options such as Local Area Network Connection or Ethernet 2, Ethernet 3 etc. etc. You will need to open Network Connections in Windows and highlight/check the adapter relevant to your VPN.

It is a sensible move to rename this adapter. For ease, I recommend you rename this to correspond with your chosen VPN provider’s name.

You then return to the qBittorrent Advanced Tab, select the appropriate Network Interface and restart the client.

Extra layer of security advantage:

By following this last option, you are automatically adding an important, extra layer of security in the event your VPN does not employ a kill switch option.

This will mean that if your VPN connection drops all of your torrents stop because the only network adapter being utilised is no longer connected.

Ensure NO IP leakage:

While you are now ready to go there is a ‘belt and braces’ procedure which is strongly recommended. This will ensure that you really can download torrents anonymously via the combined use of the qBittorrent client and your VPN connection, resulting in a qBittorrent VPN where you can torrent anonymously.

Here are a couple of tests to prove this is the case:

Visit https://ipleak.net  if you see your real IP address displayed or that of your ISP this means you have a DNS leak. You therefore need to check your VPN client for DNS leak protection.

While this is the first test it needs to be understood that removing a DNS leak on HTTP web browsing protocol is not enough.

To complete the test scroll down the IPLeak page to Torrent Address Detection. By following the instructions this will tell you if your real IP address is being leaked by your torrent client.

Once again, if you see either your real IP address or that of your ISP you still have a DNS leak.

To resolve this, go back and check your VPN is setup correctly. If you are sure it is, or you can’t seem to resolve the issue contact your VPN provider because there is a possibility the problem is with their network.

This last point highlights the importance of choosing a VPN for torrent provider that offers efficient customer service.

If you do contact customer service don’t be shy to ask any quick questions on any qBittorrent download matters you are unsure of.

Torrent download procedure using qBittorrent:

You are now ready to go and begin your journey of anonymous torrenting. Decide which type of content you want to download. The choice is yours because everything works the same in terms of your bittorrent download.

  1. Right click on the torrent link click Copy link address (or, dependent upon your browser, use the ‘copy’ function command) – Note: This works the same with Magnet Links.
  2. Go back to the client and add the torrent link – qBittorrent is an intuitive torrent proxy connector and makes this process very easy to perform. By clicking the first icon at the top left side of the client (under File) a pop-up with your copied link already pasted should appear.
  3. Click Download and select the folder that you wish to save the file to. This final click starts the torrent download automatically and whilst the download is in progress you have a clear view of comprehensive statistics relating to that download. This really helps in terms of progress and also offers a final indicator that constantly updates the ETA of your download.

Patience required – Patience rewarded:

For those new to qBittorrent download procedures the above may seem quite involved, but the truth is that by selecting a VPN provider who majors on torrent downloads and combining this with the extremely well developed, (and regularly being added to) qBittorrent client you will be amazed at how quickly torrent downloads and torrent proxy use become part and parcel of your daily online life.

Such an effective duo simply needs the addition of a popular torrent tracking site to complete the process.

I hope you enjoyed reading this Anonymous Torrenting with qBittorrent vpn article and it helps your torrent experience. Keep an eye out for further related articles as there are many more to follow!


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