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  1. Having to pay for a VPN is really unnecessary for me personally. Having to pay for yet another subscription monthly for something that might not even be worth it just doesn’t sit right with me. I really just want to get a free one that still lets me do whatever I need to without it being a hassle. I understand that the free VPNs are basically just marketing ploys to buy their premium packages but I was wondering if there’s a plan that you think stands out amongst the rest of them. Can’t get mad at them for looking for ways to sell their stuff, I understand that. So I guess the best I can do is just put up with whatever free VPN there is. I’m not really a tech guy so I don’t know squat about all the details and terms and conditions of all the VPNs you recommended. So I was hoping if you could possibly help me out by giving me what you think would give me the best experience. Hope this gets to you it would really be a big help to me.

    • We’d be more than happy to help. It’s definitely true that getting a paid VPN service does offer more benefits and reliability. But in your case, you can still the best free VPN service without having to pay a dime. Personally, I would give you two options to choose from: Hotspot Shield and Hide.me. First let’s talk about Hotspot. What makes this the most promising service is the fact that they offer 500mb a day whereas almost all the other providers only allow you to use 500mb a month. That is a huge difference. Personally, I would choose Hotspot because it gives me more data. And nothing sounds better than being to do whatever you want online without having to worry about how much data you’ve consumed. But, if you’re looking to use it for Netflix in the US then I don’t think it’ll be of any use to you at all. Hotspot Shield only allows you to use one server in the US and on top of that, it cannot unblock the geo-restrictions that Netflix placed for you. Although it offers a good range of data consumption, it’s not ideal for use if your only purpose is to use it for watching US Netflix. Now let’s talk about Hide me. The free service they provide is something I would call an all-rounder. In comparison with Hotspot Shield, Hide me has a large data limit of 2GB. This is more than enough data I would say. However, you have to spend it wisely because it still won’t be enough for you to binge watch Netflix all day. Another great thing about them is that they are Malaysian based. This means that your personal information will definitely stay secure as they are sure to follow their “no-log policy” strictly. Because your information and online activity isn’t logged, it is safe from prying eyes. However, you only get access to 3 out of 30 servers that they have if you stick with the free version. At the end of the day, it’s really all up to you to choose which VPN service you think is best-suited for you. I hope this helped you. Enjoy your free VPN experience!

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