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5 Best FREE VPN for Windows PC and Laptop in 2019

Windows is Microsoft’s flagship product. And it’s the most popular Operating System (OS) for desktops and laptops; a position it has maintained for over 30 years, despite ups and downs in the quality of their versions. The latest addition to the family, Windows 10, is great. And it was a pleasure for most users, like me, to switch from Windows 7 or 8.1 at the time.

However, users’ privacy is not Microsoft’s main concern, as you can read from their privacy policy, unlike users’ experience. And your privacy may be at risk with all the new features that synchronize automatically with the company’s servers.

Therefore you need to set up your OS correctly and enable new features carefully, whenever possible. But there are some features you don’t have any control over. And you need to install additional software to protect your privacy.

A VPN for Windows is one of them, of course. And it should be right at the top of your list when you get a new device. Because there’s no service enabled by default and no VPN pre-installed. And your online activity is in the clear.

But what’s the best Windows VPN client? There are so many to choose from. And they all claim to be the best VPN for Windows 7, 8 and 10. Let me help you with that: I’ve compiled the results of all our top VPN reviews in this article.

Getting a Free VPN in One Simple Trick

Since you’ve come here looking for the best free VPN Windows & PC, might as well get straight to how you can avail of this.

If you’ve noticed, there’s a lot of VPNs offering 30-day money back guarantees. But the thing about this is they always try to hide it and make it hard to actually get a refund. However, the best VPN on the market doesn’t do this. ExpressVPN takes your concerns seriously. It always refunds your money straight away with no questions asked.

The trick works by using this link to get the software. You then have 30 days to avail of all their premium features and use it to your heart’s content. Then to get a refund, you simply just have to contact their customer service by the end of the 30 day period.

I myself have used this trick and I was very happy with the service!

What is the best VPN for Windows?

A Virtual Private Network (VPN) is a security tool to protect your online privacy. It encrypts the data between your device and its server, in a secure tunnel. And it anonymizes your online activity. It offers other benefits too, such as protecting your device on public WiFi and enabling you to bypass censorship or access restricted content. For a more detailed presentation, check what is VPN.

Now, let’s get back to the task at hand: Finding a free VPN for Windows 10. I took several criteria into consideration to determine what is the best VPN Windows 10. And here are the main ones:

  • Quality of the VPN app for Windows
  • Performances of the servers and network
  • Strong encryption
  • Zero logs
  • Privacy features
  • Geo-restrictions bypass

Of course, the app has to be user-friendly, both during the setup and on a daily basis. And it has to be intuitive – no need to read the manual or visit the help page. Because it’s a software like any other software. And if you need to change your server regularly, it has to be easy and quick.

In terms of performances, you must understand that the VPN client manages your internet connection: all the data you send and receive. So if it’s slower than your ISP’s connection, you’ll feel it. And you won’t like it one bit. Therefore, the best free VPN for Windows 10 has to offer a high speed on most servers, for the best experience.

The next three criteria are related to the protection of your privacy.

A strong encryption is critical: It guarantees that your encrypted data is traveling safely on the network. Otherwise, snoopers could easily break it and access your online activity and sensitive data, like your login credentials or your messages for example.

Logging is a concern for all VPN users. Indeed, your provider could technically log all your activity, like your ISP. But no-one would use a service that does. And I would never recommend such a provider. Your VPN Windows 10 provider must offer a strict no-logging policy. And be transparent about what’s being logged and why. While zero logs may be too good to be true, you can expect the minimum of logs. And absolutely no log that could identify you.

As I said above, Windows 10 is great. But there are known vulnerabilities on the OS. Therefore your VPN should provide features that fix these vulnerabilities. The first one is the kill switch: It blocks your internet traffic if your VPN connection drops. And it makes sure that your OS can’t reconnect without the VPN protection. The second one is the DNS leak protection: It forces all the requests to go through the VPN connection. because if requests were made out of the tunnel, they’d carry your real IP address.

Finally, the VPN provider’s IPs must not be blacklisted by the main content providers for music and video streaming. And you should be able to watch Netflix USA and other streaming services flawlessly. The protection of your privacy must not be made at the expense of your favorite activities.

That said, here are the top 5 best VPNs for Windows:

For further details about each of these providers, read their corresponding reviews. You can try their free VPN for Windows 10 for 7 to 30 days, thanks to their money-back guarantees. And another trick: You’ll save a lot of money if you subscribe for a year. You could even get some months free!

Free VPN for Windows, really?

Yes, you can use all the VPN Windows 10 of the list above for FREE. First of all, you can enjoy their free trial, for a limited time. And then these providers offer up to 30 days satisfaction guarantees. This should be enough for you to try them on a daily basis. And make up your mind.

With the free VPNs I recommend, you’re on the safe side. But you should be wary of all the free online services. Because there’s a catch most of the time. And these companies need to make money out of it. So if you’re not paying, you’re the product.

One of the most famous examples is Hola, for which we now recommend better alternatives. This provider is selling the bandwidth of free users to paid users. While it may not be such a big deal, at first sight, it is. Because free users are responsible for the activities of paid users using their IP address. Just imagine the implications with torrenting or streaming of copyrighted content. Or even worse. And that’s only one example: There are many others.

In conclusion, it’s fine to look for a VPN free download for Windows 10. And I understand some of you can’t afford to spend a few dollars on the protection of your privacy each month. But you should read our reviews and other users’ reviews before installing a free VPN client Windows 10.

VPN for Windows: Is it necessary?

In one word: Yes. Because you’re always spending more time online. And because Big Brothers are watching and tracking you: Government’s agencies, companies, and hackers. They all have their own reasons to collect your data. And they start spying on you as soon as you go online.

But your privacy is a right. And if you don’t fight for it, you’ll lose it. These are not my words, they’re from Eric Schmidt, a Google Chairman. And he knows what’s happening. He’s aware of all the threats to your privacy:

  • Mass surveillance and censorship from governments
  • Tracking and profiling from companies (ISPs, advertisers, search engines, etc.)
  • Hacking from 12-year-old boys and real hackers

On your PC, you should have an antivirus, a firewall and a VPN for Windows. Period.

And if that’s not enough to convince you, maybe you’ll hear me if I tell you about the other benefits of VPN Windows 10. Security and privacy are important, for sure. But what about streaming and torrenting? Because that’s when a VPN comes in handy.

I’ve mentioned Netflix above, but it works the same with Hulu, Amazon Prime, Dazn and any other provider. Furthermore, you can also watch the Champions League Live. Basically, you can watch all the geo-restricted content anywhere with the best VPN for Windows 10 – anywhere a server is available. And if you watch free streamings on the kind of websites you’re not supposed to visit, a VPN Windows 10 would be a great idea. It hides your IP address and it protects you against malware.

Last but not least, if you’re looking for a free VPN for Windows 10, you may be the kind of reader who likes to share files via P2P and torrent. And this is a dangerous activity which could cost you a lot of money. Because the copyright trolls are always on the lookout to protect their interests. So you should use a VPN to hide your online activity. But not all the free VPN for Windows 10 accept P2P and torrenting on their servers. Check our ranking of free VPN for torrenting to find the right one for you.

That’s it for now!

If your PC is running Microsoft’s OS, you should definitely get a free VPN download for Windows. Because your privacy is at risk on both your computer with invasive features and online with snoopers. And using a VPN Windows 10 is the ultimate solution to lower this risk significantly.

While there are many providers on the market, only a handful of them can pretend to the title of best VPN for Windows. And I’ve listed them all above. These providers are reliable and they offer the best features for your privacy and an optimal experience. Not to mention their free trials and money-back guarantees.

You can try a free VPN for Windows 10. But at your own risk – the main being the loss of your privacy, with your data sold to the highest bidder.


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