Best VPN For Windows in 2024

The news that the government and other organizations have been spying on our personal information came as a shocker to everyone. Since then, people have been more conscious about their private information and have embraced VPNs. The best VPN for Windows PC and online privacy have opened people’s eyes to the other advantages of a VPN. VPN services have been used to enjoy online streaming services. They are also used to bypass online censorship.

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The number of best VPN software for Windows is surprisingly alarming. People have begun to take their internet privacy more seriously, hence the increased use of the best VPN for PC. But as you would expect from any growing market, people will provide subpar quality because they want to profit.

This makes it hard to choose a good VPN for PC. Free VPNs extract their user’s data and wield it to their selfish advantage. Premium VPNs charge a cost, but some of them do not deliver as expected. Choosing the best VPN for PC doesn’t have to be a tough decision to make. This article is all you need to select the best VPN for PC.

The best VPN for Windows PC

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Best VPN for PC: Why do you need a VPN?

Some people know they need a VPN Windows, but they are confused about which VPN for computers is the best. Some others do not realize why they should have the best VPN for Windows 10 on their computer. Whichever side you fall, we will explain some conditions that can warrant you to have a good VPN for PC.

Data encryption

You have probably used the internet to make a payment at least once in the past. Internet hackers can intercept your banking information while making that payment and use the information however they want. This is just one of the days that your data can be breached while using the internet. This is the reason why you need the best VPN for a PC.

Constant travel

If you are a human bird constantly moving from one country to another, you will often connect to public networks. These networks are not safe and private information can be accessed by strangers on these public networks. A good VPN for PC helps to protect classified data.


Some websites do not allow internet users from specific locations to gain access to their websites. If you need to enter sites like these from blocklisted locations, you will need the best VPN for Windows. You can mask your location with the best VPN for PC. This way, you can enter restricted sites and access whatever information you are searching for.


Certain countries have strict restrictions that hinder people from using applications, websites, and other services. If you have traveled to such a country or you live there, you need a good VPN for PC to use the internet freely.

Advanced search

Sometimes, when using the internet, you want to limit your search results to specific locations. With a good VPN for PC, you can set your location to wherever you want and get the results that you want.

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How I tested and ranked the best VPN for Windows

vpn for windows

If I’ve saved you the stress of testing multiple VPNs, you’d want to know what I considered before coming to such a conclusion. If you’re that curious, please find below the selected criteria for the best VPN for Windows.


Generally, VPNs reduce browsing speed. But if you use the best VPN for Windows, you will hardly notice the reduction.


There are a lot of protocols that VPNs utilize to encrypt your data, and all of these protocols are different. The best VPN for Windows allows you to select your preferred VPN protocol.


A good VPN for PC has to work well on other major OS like Android, Mac, iOS, and so on. The best VPN for Windows or, rather, the best VPN for PC also supports other internet-enabled devices.

Server location:

VPN services have servers installed in different locations. If you want the best VPN for PC, choose a VPN that has servers in various places all over the world.


Many Internet Service Providers put restrictions on the size of bandwidth that you can use. So, the best VPN for PC should provide unlimited bandwidth.

Payment policy:

Payment for VPN services ought to be untraceable if you want to stay anonymous. Also, the best VPN for Windows should have a money-back guarantee in case you lose interest along the line.

Customer support:

Even if you are using the best VPN for Windows, sometimes you might hit a wall, and you’ll need help. The best VPN for Windows should have 24 hours customer support.

User interface:

VPN is technical software, and since not everyone is tech-savvy, VPNs should not be hard to use. The interface for a good VPN for a PC should be user-friendly.


Some VPN service providers keep logs of their user’s browsing information. This is an intrusion of privacy, and a good VPN for PC will not do this.

Is a free Windows VPN worth it?

free vpn for windows

So you are looking for the best VPN for PC, and you want it to come at no cost. Of course, many VPN providers have this offer, and anyone would want to jump on it. I don’t mean to be a killjoy, but the free VPN service you are getting is not free. They need to generate income, and who else can they get that from if not you, their esteemed user.

There are many problems associated with trusting free VPN services, and here are some of them:

Flawed security:

Ideally, a good VPN for a PC should provide extra security for you. However, reviews from users of free VPN reasonably disagree. Instead of protecting your PC, it infects it with bugs leaving your PC at the risk of viruses and malware.

Online tracking:

This is a very pronounced violation of privacy. However, the majority of these free VPN providers secretly monitor all your online activities and use the data as they wish.

Limited data:

Using free VPN services limits the amount of data that you can use. After exhausting this meager data, you will be persuaded to pay for more data.

Reduced internet speed:

Who enjoys slow internet? If you use a free VPN, then maybe you do. Switch to a good VPN for PC to enjoy a hitch-free internet connection.

Unwanted Ads:

Those little pop-ups that appear on your screen and disturb your browse, do you enjoy them? A good VPN for PC will save you from this pang of inconvenience.

Our Suggestion: Try a VPN Premium free for 30 Days

try free vpn for windows

A lot of people hesitate before getting a good VPN for PC premium because of the price. If you are like this, here is a solution to get the best VPN for PC for free. You can try the ExpressVPN premium without having to pay a dime, and I’ll teach you how.

We will be using the money-back guarantee feature to our advantage. Just follow the steps below.

  1. First, you need to sign up on the ExpressVPN website and download the app.
  2. Proceed to the order page. This should take less than 5 minutes.
  3. On the order page, choose the 12-month offer. It has the cheapest plan. But since you need it for just one month, you can choose a monthly package.
  4. Next, you will have to enter your email address. This is where your login details will be sent to.
  5. The next part requires prudence. This is where you select your preferred payment method. You can choose from credit cards, PayPal, Bitcoin, and other payment options.
  6. Now, proceed to pay. Your account will be debited, but don’t worry; we’ll get it back.
  7. When it is set, you will receive a mail with your login details, and there is one last thing to do before you run off to enjoy the premium service.
  8. Set a reminder to alert you in 25 days that you want to cancel your subscription.
  9. After 25 days, contact ExpressVPN customer support to cancel your subscription, and you will get a full refund.

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FAQs about Windows VPN

What is the best VPN for Windows?

Currently, the best VPN for Windows is ExpressVPN. It is super fast, safe, and secured. It also works well on laptops, desktops and can be connected with other devices.

What can I use a VPN for on my Windows?

VPNs are used to change your location, making you appear like you are in another country. It is also used to access sites that have geo-restrictions. There are a lot of advantages that a good VPN for PC has to offer.

How can I set up a VPN for my Windows?

If you want to set up a good VPN for PC, you must first download a reliable VPN like ExpressVPN. After that, the onboarding and registration process is unbelievably easy whether you are a complete novice or an adept geek.

Is there a built-in VPN on my Windows?

Yes, the Windows 10 software has its built-in VPN service. If you didn’t know, it has just been hiding in plain sight and helping itself to stay anonymous. The built-in VPN requires a lot of technicalities to set up. So, before you change your mind about getting a good VPN for PC, you should compare and contrast the features of the built-in VPN and that of the best VPN for PC.

Is my Windows 10 safe without a VPN?

Yes, your Windows 10 is safe without a VPN. There are even arguments that your Windows 10 is safe if you turn off your antivirus. But it will do you no harm to take extra security measures. After all, we cannot be over secure.


There are a lot of free VPNs out there with sugar-coated promises that will force you to patronize them. They assure you of 110% security until you use the software and find out for yourself that you have been scammed.

A good VPN for PC serves a lot of purposes, so if you are choosing what VPN you want to go with, make sure it is a VPN that satisfies all your needs. You don’t have to be switching from one VPN to another when you can get a one-fits-all solution.

You can save yourself the regret and get a top VPN for Windows like ExpressVPN. If you are searching for a VPN already, you want to get the best VPN for PC. If it is worth doing at all, then it is worth doing well. Try the VPN premium for 30 days to see if you love it. If you do, continue after the free trial. I bet you will surely love it.


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