Best Disney Plus VPN to Watch Disney+ Abroad 2021


Disney Plus is an American online streaming service owned by the Walt Disney Company. It is a platform filled with tons of Disney’s content. But unfortunately, only people within the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Netherlands, Italy, Germany, Spain, India, and Australia are allowed to access the platform. However, with a Disney Plus VPN, all those worries are gone, for good.

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A Brief About Disney Plus

The introduction of Disney Plus has made a lot of Disney fans subscribe to this online service. At some point, it was a threat to Netflix.

Users have streamed some blockbuster shows from Disney including Mulan and The Lion King, to name two. However, the service is not free as it requires a paid subscription to access the shows and movies available on the platform.

Since Disney Plus is not made available to viewers in all geographical locations, we have found a way to work around the restrictions keeping you from enjoying your favorite shows.

There are several VPN for Disney Plus but only a handful can provide the secure connection that you need to access the Disney Plus unblocked with high anonymity. The best Disney Plus VPN would serve as your one-way ticket to Disneyland right from where you are, regardless of geolocation. With that said, the best Disney VPN are ranked below.

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The Best VPN for Disney Plus

With several Disney VPN out there, sieving through the best can be a pretty difficult task. But not to worry, we have ranked the best VPN for Disney Plus for you to choose from. From the top, being our most recommended Disney Plus VPN, to the bottom, you can rest assured that your safety is guaranteed as you unblock Disney Plus.

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As mentioned earlier, there is a lot of other VPN for Disney Plus. Though, it is important that one researches properly before subscribing to a Disney Plus VPN.

During our research, we focused on several criteria to ensure that we are making the best choices for readers. These criteria are must-have features for every Disney Plus VPN. And although some other VPN may have it, the level at which these ranked Disney+ VPN providers hold these criteria makes them excellent picks.

Selection Criteria for Disney VPN

When selecting a VPN for Disney Plus, ensure to take note of the following in whichever Disney Plus VPN you are considering.


Most VPN providers may only provide browser extensions and PC applications. This limits the freedom of streaming your favorite shows on the go on your mobile devices. The best VPN for Disney Plus have applications for mobile devices, including iOS and Android, as well as software for your personal computers, including macOS, Windows, and even Linux and Ubuntu.

So, with our ranked Disney Plus VPN, you can be sure to catch up with your virtual Disneyland from anywhere and with any device.


More like your doorman or personal bodyguard protecting you from being attacked or others coming too close to you without permission, the best VPN for Disney Plus, protect you from direct cyberattacks and ensure that you enter your desired location without restrictions (the digital doorman).

In an age so digital, we cherish our online privacy more than we detest the thought of our public region being exposed to the public. And the sad story is that businesses are trading anything for your privacy. That’s how valuable it is. Using a Disney Plus VPN to access the online platform, your privacy is completely protected from advertisers and privacy-hungry organizations.

This means that while using a VPN Disney Plus is unable to collect your personal information like actual location and browser history. This is the best anyone that’s concerned about their privacy could ask for. Enjoy your favorite shows and your identity remains intact.

Number of Servers:

Many VPN for Disney Plus may be available but only a few pass this criterion and made it to our ranking. Our ranking of the best Disney VPN has hundreds of servers located in many regions of the world.

Why is the number of servers in a Disney Plus VPN important?

Simple! The more server options available, the faster a VPN connection would be. The importance of speed and how the server affects it is discussed in the next criterion.

Speed and Bandwidth:

The best VPN for Disney Plus are fast and can securely accommodate as many connections as possible. With ExpressVPN as our best Disney VPN, its bandwidth is unlimited and the speed is unimaginable.

The speed of a Disney Plus VPN is dependent on the bandwidth and the proximity of the connected server to your actual location. With unlimited bandwidth, ExpressVPN can securely hold countless connections while relaying requests to the Disney server. But speed may be slower if you are located far from the server you’re trying to connect to. For example, if a user in South Africa connects to a Miami server, the speed may be slower than another South Africa-based user connected to an Australian server.

Logging Policy:

With every business trying to maximize profit, it’s hard to trust VPN service providers that promise to keep your online activity private. However, our ranked Disney VPN has a favorable logging policy.

Unlike many other Disney VPN providers that log user data, browser history, and other delicate information about the user, store them, and sell them to advertisers for better-targeted ads, our selected Disney Plus VPN does not log users’ data at all. ExpressVPN for one upholds user privacy and data logging stands against their values in all ways.

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Can You Use A Free VPN for Disney+

Free VPNs are not advisable for streaming Disney content online. There are several reasons why you should avoid using a free VPN for Disney Plus.

  1. Data logging
  2. Bridged privacy
  3. Slow connection speed
  4. Limited servers
  5. Tight bandwidth

However, there is an alternative if you have chosen to opt in for a free Disney Plus VPN. You can use a trick to access the streaming site from abroad.

How to Watch Disney Plus Outside US Free

ExpressVPN is the best free VPN for Disney+ and you can use it to stream the service from outside the United States, in regions that are restricted.

How do you go about this?

ExpressVPN offers a 30-day free trial with a 100% money-back guarantee. You can work around these two offers to enjoy free access to your favorite shows for 30 days.

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  1. Sign up for ExpressVPN
  2. Choose a paid plan and make payment. (Don’t panic, you will get your money back).
  3. Install the application on your mobile device if you wish to access Disneyland via mobile. You can also consider using the desktop app if you prefer a wider screen. Furthermore, you can simply secure all the devices around you by simply setting up your router with the ExpressVPN router connection process.
  4. After installation, sign in to your account.
  5. Choose an appropriate server to connect to.
  6. Launch the Disney+ App or visit the website and sign in to your Disney+ account.
  7. Now, you can stream all the shows you want within the next 30 days.

Before the end of your 30-days trial, you can cancel the subscription and request a refund. To do this, simply contact ExpressVPN support and ask them to cancel your plan and give you a full refund. They may ask a few questions to be sure why you’re canceling. Just tell them that “you don’t need the service for now and you will be back when you need it but you will like a full refund at the moment.”

Actually, you don’t owe them any explanation but for courtesy sake, you can offer one.

Once your Disney VPN package is canceled, your refund will be processed and sent to your billing account within 5-7 working days. Bingo!

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How to Subscribe to Disney+ Abroad


Subscribing for Disney+ in restricted regions is near impossible but with a VPN Disney Plus, you can do the impossible.

Simply sign up for a Disney VPN, purchase an iTunes gift card or Google Play card depending on your device type, redeem the card and download the Disney+ App from the App Store or Play Store. Now, you can stream all your favorite shows from Disney.

Is It Legal To Use A Vpn For Disney Plus?

Using a VPN is legal in most countries all over the world, although China, North Korea, Iran, Russia, and Saudi Arabia find it illegal to use a VPN due to their national censorship policies.

Since Disney is a US-based company, using a VPN for Disney Plus legal. Also, Disney Plus does not prohibit the use of VPN in its official Terms and Conditions.

So feel free to make use of any Disney VPN and stream on, nonstop.


Inasmuch as Disney will love everyone around the world to enjoy its shows, copyright laws prohibit them from allowing certain regions from accessing their platform. But users in those regions can access the platform using a Disney Plus VPN like ExpressVPN and this is absolutely legal and interesting.

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