How to Get a New IP Address – Everything You Need to Know

In this era, Internet Protocole addresses can be easily tracked by almost anyone. Whatever you do, as long as you’re connected to the internet, can be seen by unwanted third-parties. As scary as this sounds, you won’t have anything to worry about by the end of this article. Take it from me, I was able to successfully learn how to hide my IP address location with one simple step. You’ll learn everything you need on how to get a new IP address.

My IP Address Location


As you already know, every device, when connected to the internet has its own unique IP address. This is necessary so that you will receive the data that your computer is requesting.

There are two different types: static and dynamic. From the word static, it means that your ISP (Internet Service Provider) assigns you a static IP address that is permanent or that never changes. While a dynamic IP is changed at will by your ISP. This could happen whenever you restart your router or every hour.

An IP address also functions like your location coordinates. So, a government agency, business, and hacker can find out your physical location anytime! It doesn’t matter if your internet is connected using Wi-Fi, a wire or mobile data. Sounds scary right?

How to hide my IP address location and stay safe? The best solution is to get a VPN.

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Why should I change my IP address?

I don’t think anyone wants to share their location and other personal information with random strangers on the internet. Let’s quickly go through this topic in more depth.

  • Keep your address secret: This numerical label actually contains a lot of crucial information that can track you down to the point! In fact, on this find my IP page, you can see your address from the country, down to the city (you don’t need to ask yourself where am I IP anymore). If you don’t want anyone to find out where you are all the time (and who would?), you should definitely consider how to change your IP.
  • No more restrictions: Have you ever noticed that you can’t access sites in a certain place when you already tried opening it somewhere else before? This is because the government, schools and business companies actually prevent us from accessing them using this numerical label. If my location matches their blacklist, then I’m automatically blocked from the site. This can be kind of frustrating sometimes but I can definitely get around it by changing my IP address location.
  • Shield yourself from getting attacked: This is also very handy for gaming fanatics. When you get new IP address, you prevent your enemies from hacking in and crashing your game. You can finally play in peace without having to worry about DDoS attacks.
  • Anonymity: This is the main reason why you’re here! You need to be able to freely browse online without having to worry about your identity being stolen. To me, this is by far the best reason why everyone should hide IP online.

Will using incognito mode hide my address?

Contrary to what most believe, it actually doesn’t. Neither incognito or private browsing has anything in their arsenal on how to get a new IP address. It simply avoids keeping track of your activity so that it does not show up on your history. They can only shield the local navigation data that’s on your computer. When you visit sites using these windows, your data and IP address are still made public.

How to hide my IP address?

There’s actually a lot of ways to change my IP address location. Down below are some of the ways and their pros and cons.

1. How to change IP address using VPN

Amongst all the ways I’ve tried on how to get a new IP address, this is the BEST by far. This is because they essentially hide your real IP address and replace it with the location of one of their servers. But this isn’t the only thing it can do. In fact, there are so many other benefits you can get from a VPN.

A VPN (Virtual Private Network) basically mediates between you and your internet connection. First, it encrypts your data and lets it pass through a secure tunnel. Then it gets delivered to one of its VPN servers. It’s these servers that send your requests for you. So, you aren’t directly browsing the internet, it’s the VPN. This way, you don’t leave any traces of yourself on the websites you’re accessing. Cool right?

So, when third-parties try to look for you, they’ll only see the address of the VPN server and not your actual computer’s. And because it encrypts your data, nobody can see your online activity. What I’m trying to say is, to the outside world, you’re virtually invisible!

And if you’re scared of spies monitoring the VPN server, you don’t have a thing to worry about! Why? There’s a lot of other users mixed in there so, there’s just no way for anyone to find you.

2. How to hide my IP address location using Tor

Tor, a.k.a. The Onion Router is a free and open source network. Like a VPN, it also lets users connect to the internet anonymously.

If you choose to use a Tor browser, you connect to its network. Your traffic then goes through a bunch of ‘nodes‘ in order to reach the target. A node is basically something that takes your traffic and passes it to the next one. The node at the end of the line is your intermediator which opens the site for you.

It’s called onion because every time your traffic passes through a node, it gets encrypted. So basically, it has layers upon layers of encryption – just like an onion.

But the downside to using this is that it slows down your internet. Your traffic needs to pass at least 3 in order to reach its destination. On top of that, it’s not convenient because you can only use it on your browser. If you want to use an app, you have to set up Tor individually.

3. How to change IP address using a proxy

I’d say that this is one of the risky methods on how to get a new IP address. Although a proxy can still get the job done like a VPN, it doesn’t have any security features whatsoever.

A proxy server basically acts as a mirror of your device. Whatever you do online, it does too. This way, it doesn’t appear as if you’re using the internet, it appears as if it’s only the proxy. It basically sends data back and forth.

A proxy can definitely hide your IP address and get through simple geo-restrictions. But what makes it unsafe is that it doesn’t encrypt your traffic and it logs your history. So basically, your data is still very much accessible to spies and third-parties.

Lastly, almost all proxies can only be used in browsers. So you can’t use this with any of your other apps and software. Meaning, you can’t download torrents because it won’t be able to intercept traffic coming from any other place besides your browser. And if you do try, you’ll download torrents without any protection.

4. How to change IP address location by changing network

This method doesn’t hide your IP address, but it does change it temporarily. The good thing about this process is that it doesn’t link your IP to your device. Instead, it is dependent on the network. If you don’t want your home address to be seen, you can simply connect to another network e.g. coffee shop, mall. Then it seems as if you’re browsing the web with another IP.

You can even do this using a mobile. Whenever you use the personal hotspot on your phone, but it can still be traced back to you. The best thing to do at this point is to connect to any public Wi-Fi. Even though there are risks when connecting to the public internet, it gets the job done and is a way on how to get a new IP address.

To sum it all up…

Now that you know everything there is on how to change IP address, it’s all up to you to pick out which method would be the best for you. As for me personally, I always use and recommend a VPN. It is the most sensible choice as it offers additional layers of security. I can browse anonymously and even access geo-restricted sites & content. And it gets the job done flawlessly when it comes to changing my IP address location.

If you’re considering getting a VPN on how to change IP address, I highly recommend you try out ExpressVPN. I’ve tried a TON of other VPN services over the years, and it is the one that exceeded all my expectations. You can try it out for free if you don’t want to fully commit with their 45-day trial. And if you do want to continue using it, they have a lot of affordable payment plans available.

Hopefully, by now, you know how to get a new IP address and how to change IP address. If you need more information about VPNs, I’ve written other articles that can help in this area.