The Best VPN with Torrenting (Tested and Approved for Torrenting)

Not everyone is into torrent downloading, but those who need to be aware of the importance that needs to be placed on a best of breed VPN with torrenting. They also need to understand the potential risks torrenting involves and how to ensure they do not fall foul of snoopers, copyright laws or hackers. This is why we are writing you this vpn torrent download article.

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What is required for the best torrent VPN package?

You will see my list of the best VPN with torrenting below and using any of these top-notch providers will give torrent users the service they are looking for. In this list you’ll find some of the cheapest VPN for torrenting, as well as some of the fastest VPN for torrenting also.

Let’s go through the check-list of things that are a must in order for you to subscribe to the best VPN for torrenting service:

  • Full torrenting and P2P file sharing
  • Strong encryption protocols
  • High-speed connectivity and download
  • Strict no-logging policy
  • DNS no-leak assurances
  • Automatic Kill-switch function

And here are the providers that you can choose from:

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There are VPNs and then there are solid torrent VPN services

As with many components of our online world, things are not made equal. Understanding and committing this premise to memory will ensure you fully appreciate what is required from a VPN with torrenting features.

This is because it is a stated fact that some of the best VPN services out there are not torrent VPN friendly and this means they are NOT recommended for those who wish to torrent download. This is you need to have got a VPN torrent download.

I will repeat again, please do not fall for the numerous ads and unsolicited offers that promise the best VPN with torrenting services. By the nature of such offers these companies cannot and will not provide total anonymity and protection of your personal data.

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What exactly is a torrent VPN?

As the name would suggest, this is a VPN that allows you, me, everybody, to safely and securely download torrent files. In essence, a VPN is a tool designed around privacy and security.

When a VPN connection is created you are creating a tunnel that encrypts data between whichever device you are using and one of the VPN servers. It is not you making the connection to the internet, the VPN does this on your behalf. When you have VPN and torrenting, you get a torrent VPN!

The best VPN for Torrenting services secures your identity

To avoid coming under surveillance for your online activity by authorities, security agents, snoopers and hackers the use of a tried and trusted torrent VPN is the way to go. The connection process briefly described above works to hide your identity by replacing your real IP address.

This procedure means you can browse anonymously and be undetected. Anyone trying to establish your individual identity will only get as far as identifying the IP address of the server you are connected to, but there is more, the best VPN torrent software goes even further.

It adds an additional layer of personal protection thanks to its encryption and the protocols employed. Put simply yet forcibly, this VPN protects your data because even if those trying to track you succeed in getting access to the footprint of your internet traffic all they will see is a lengthy code string. The reality of this code is that it is as much use as a chocolate fireguard!

I have yet to see and also find it highly unlikely that such protection and anonymity from those proclaiming to offer the best VPN with torrenting services is out there.

Opting for such services will mean these companies want something in return. At the very least this will be the right to sell your personal data and/or that they are unable to confirm they enforce a strict ‘no-logging’ policy.

A VPN with Torrenting must offer more

Having established that personal privacy and strong security are accepted benefits of good VPN software. The fastest VPN for torrenting may not be the most secure, so we will now look at the ‘extras’ required for those wishing to use a VPN with torrenting features.

Once again it is important to be aware that this will not be a service offered by those ‘promising’: the best VPN torrent services.

Torrenting and file-sharing MUST be allowed

Yes, I know this will appear obvious, but it is obviously something you must check and then check again before committing to the best torrent VPN service.

It is important to establish that anonymous torrent downloading and file sharing are 100% in place and that it is the provider’s network server IP, not yours which is up for recognition.

Receiving assurances in this respect will mean that copyright trolls can pinpoint only the VPN server IP address. That being the case it then follows that these trolls can only contact the VPN supplier by way of copyright infringement notices.

If you choose a provider who does not operate a strict no-logging policy then these notices will be passed on to you.

Although it is the VPN provider who is ultimately responsible for allowing copyright content to be downloaded it is strongly recommended that you do not assume or attempt to download torrents using a service that is hostile to this established file-sharing protocol.

By doing so you are asking for trouble and in all likelihood, this downloading will impact your privacy and security. Those tempted to use services from providers that tout: best VPN with torrenting must first establish that such providers really are 100% torrent-friendly.

Performance is key

It goes without saying that speed is crucial for torrent VPN downloading. If the maximum speed of the VPN in question is not high enough, downloading those heavy files will be akin to watching paint dry, but that is not all you are looking for.

Unless the VPN provider you choose offers the ability to download unlimited torrents then you will not receive the full benefits of what you thought you had signed up for.

Those tempted to go for offers proclaiming: ‘Get the best torrent VPN today’ ads should check and compare performance statistics against reliable and proven VPN provider services.

Zero-logging policy

Niet, Nein, Non, Nada – Whichever language you wish to say it in there is an absolute must that you use the best torrent VPN which not only offers but also strictly enforces a ‘no log’ policy. Those providers offering and adhering to such a policy mean that no one, including themselves, is monitoring your online activity.

No monitoring = No available information = Your privacy is secure.

Any VPN torrent providers or those companies who will not offer such a policy must be avoided. They are leaving you open and at risk of having your personal information revealed to those copyright trolls who relish the prospect of issuing copyright infringement notices.

From a technical point of view, you may be protected, but it is important to understand that once such a notice is issued the companies behind the trolls rarely let go easily.

The best torrent VPN will protect you against torrent related attacks

While the best torrent VPN services work overtime to hide your identity, they work just as hard to protect you from the threat of being hacked.

P2P sharing sites are a breeding ground for hackers because of the potentially lucrative opportunities it presents them. While using such sites your connected device is simply a node on that network. This gives hackers a variety of ways to break into your system, access private files and data and ultimately steal your personal information.

Remember, VPN and torrenting usually go hand in hand, so a VPN with torrenting helps protect you from such attacks due to its powerful data encryption abilities. A pretty good reason for a VPN torrent download huh?

It works like this:

Think of the VPN server as a bridge connecting your computer and the internet. This bridge has a prohibitively high toll for those unauthorized to use it. The toll comes in the form of a very powerful antivirus tool along with a combination of other security measures that afford protection against potentially damaging attacks from such things as spyware, malware, and ransomware.

In short, it is your constantly alert, consistently aware, and extremely security-conscious guard against malicious attacks.

Downloading torrents

The first two essentials required are:

  • An easy-to-use torrent client
  • A subscription to a VPN provider that takes VPN torrent access seriously

In this article, I will major on what torrent enthusiasts need to understand when it comes to selecting the best torrent VPN services, cheapest VPN for torrenting and the fastest VPN for torrenting.

To make things clear from the start, “Best of breed” will not include those touting services proclaiming: best VPN with torrenting capabilities or similar.
Now let’s get into the details of VPN torrent download.

Privacy is a must if you are to download torrents

The debate relating to P2P file-sharing protocol rages and really needs little introduction. For those whose passion happens to be music, movies, and complete TV series enjoyment, but who are restricted from purchase by the often-prohibitive costs involved when obtained from their origination source see the only way to access this material is via the use of a torrent tracking site. This is why it is often that VPN and torrenting go hand in hand.

By taking advantage of this established method, the potential problems a user faces are many and varied. Millions who have gone down this route have already been tracked and countless numbers have run up against copyright trolls.

Then add to this recipe: Fake torrent files and malicious malware and sprinkle in the possibility of receiving ‘infringement to copyright’ notices, arguing, negotiating and accepting out-of-court settlements, and the ultimate; a potentially costly and damaging lawsuit.

Is it really worth the trouble?

Taking all of this and more into account it makes one wonder whether such downloading is worth it?

My answer: Yes, it is worth it, but only if you take sensible, effective and completely workable steps to protect yourself. Thankfully there is a quick, easily achieved solution. That solution is to invest in one of the best VPN torrent services out there.

Make no mistake, the financial investment you make to secure your identity, receive protection from hackers and stave off the copyright bloodhounds will reap rewards.

On the other hand, those who go with VPN torrent services will not get the protection they expect, even if it may be the cheapest VPN for torrenting. This is the reason I cannot recommend anyone to venture down that route.


That’s it! I hope you found this VPN and torrenting piece informative. And that you will follow my advice in terms of safe downloading through the use of a professional, proven torrent VPN provider like ExpressVPN. Even if it helped a little, whether just assisting you in finding the cheapest VPN for torrenting or the fastest VPN for torrenting, then this article has done it’s job!


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