Torrenting with ExpressVPN: Guide in 2024

Torrenting is sometimes not a safe activity. It could put your security and privacy at risk of different online threats. ExpressVPN torrent will help you mask your IP address and protect you from the threat you may encounter while torrenting. This guide contains all you need to know about torrenting with ExpressVPN.

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The article was last updated on May 24, 2024

Does ExpressVPN work with Torrents?

To keep yourself safe while torrenting, you need a reliable VPN service to work with. ExpressVPN torrent is a reliable VPN service that can work efficiently. Unlike some other VPN services where not all servers have P2P servers, and you have to look for P2P servers, the ExpressVPN P2P is on all of its servers, and you can connect automatically connect to any of them while ensuring that your security and privacy are safeguarded while downloading torrent with ExpressVPN. You can use the Express VPN P2P without any restriction.

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Is ExpressVPN safe for Torrenting?

With its different safety features, you are guaranteed that ExpressVPN torrenting is completely safe. The VPN has military-grade encryption to protect your data, and the kill-switch ensures your IP address remains hidden when you switch to another server or an unstable connection. Most importantly, no logs of your personal information are kept while you’re torrenting with ExpressVPN.

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Why ExpressVPN is Great for Torrenting

When searching for a VPN that can help you safely, you will discover that not all of them can make torrenting possible because they lack certain features. ExpressVPN torrenting, on the other hand, has several features that make it an excellent VPN service for torrenting.

Unlimited Bandwidth

Internet service providers are typically known to limit your download bandwidth, but when you use ExpressVPN torrenting, you remove all limitations your internet service providers place. ExpressVPN prevents them from seeing your downloads, which makes them limit your bandwidth, granting you the unlimited bandwidth you deserve when you torrent with ExpressVPN.

No Server Restrictions

You will notice an error or restriction when you try to access some platforms. This is because many of these platforms often place geo-blocks to prevent users from gaining access to their content. Meaning you are not eligible to view their content because of your current location.

When torrenting with ExpressVPN, you get the chance to torrent from any part of the world you are in using any of their servers without any geo-blocks or geo-restrictions.

Ultra-Fast Speeds

Your connection must have the ultra-fast speed to download torrents with Express VPN torrent. ExpressVPN torrenting connection is one of the fastest according to speed tests, and especially with servers in 94 countries, there will always be a server around with fast torrenting.

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Strict-No Logs Policy

A quality to look out for in a VPN is a strict no-logs policy. Many VPN services claim to have this quality but fail; meanwhile, the major purpose of using a VPN to torrent is to keep you anonymous and protect your data from third parties. Luckily, with its strict no-logs policy, torrenting with ExpressVPN makes you invisible to any third party that would most likely use your information against you. No record of your activities is kept, and your DNS is also leakproof. The only logs kept while Express VPN torrenting are the activity logs which cannot be identified and are only kept to help users with troubleshoots that may occur.

Military-Grade Encryption

When you torrent with ExpressVPN, you get access to the strongest mode of connection for internet browsing. They offer military-grade encryption, essential for securing your IP address from third parties, increased internet connection speed when your ISP does not have access to your online activities, and most importantly, top-notch security against online threats. If your security is important to you while downloading torrenting and you want to ensure that your data is protected with military-grade encryption, you should make it an option to torrent with ExpressVPN.

A whole lot of Servers

The first thing you need to do to start torrenting with ExpressVPN is to select a server. ExpressVPN has over 3000 servers connected to 160 locations in 94 countries worldwide. These servers are more than enough to torrent with ExpressVPN. One thing about these servers is that they all work with a VPN Express torrent, and you do not have to look for one manually. You must connect to a server closest to you for better speed when ExpressVPN torrenting.

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How to use ExpressVPN to Download Torrents: Step-by-step Tutorial

If you’ve never used ExpressVPN to download torrents and you are wondering how to, here is a step-by-step tutorial on how to do it.

Step 1: Select and Install a Torrent Client
Before you start torrenting, you’ll need to install a torrent client. BitTorrent and µTorrents are examples of good torrent clients. BitTorrent is a premium choice for your file sharing needs. uTorrent comes with remote management solutions for off-site companies.

qBittorrent is another excellent option thanks to its awesome download speed and transparent open source code. It also has an easy set-up system, making use and maintenance easy.

Step 2: Create an ExpressVPN account
You must create an account for ExpressVPN torrent before you start using your torrent client to download torrents.
To create an account, visit ExpressVPN and click the ‘Get ExpressVPN’ button on their homepage. After this, choose a preferred subscription plan and enter a suitable payment plan. You will receive a confirmation email once you are done.

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Step 3: Setup ExpressVPN
Before selecting a server, click on the hamburger menu and select preferences. In the ‘protocol tab’ and select ‘TCP’ or ‘UDP’.
Go to the ‘network lock’ in the ‘general’ tab and tick the two checkboxes.

Step 4: Confirm the Torrent is working.
Lastly, go to the ‘advanced’ tab and authorize the DNS and IPv6 leak protection settings. These are usually set by default, but you can check again before you torrent with ExpressVPN.

What can you do with ExpressVPN?

You can use ExpressVPN for extensive internet operations, including;

  • Masking IP addresses so you can surf the internet anonymously
  • Protecting your personal information
  • Removing geo-restrictions so you can access any platform you want
  • Downloading torrents and streaming from any platform securely and anonymously

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Is It Legal to Use ExpressVPN for Torrents?

Yes, it is legal to use ExpressVPN for torrents. However, torrenting content that has been copyrighted without the owner’s permission is illegal. You can learn more about how to torrent the right way here.

Can I use a free VPN for Torrenting?

Free VPNs may be a good option, but using one is not recommended while torrenting. Many do not allow P2P transfers and would leak your IP address more often than usual. Learn about the best VPN for torrenting here.

Is ExpressVPN good for torrenting?

Yes, ExpressVPN torrenting is one of the best options for downloading torrents. Get information on what it has to offer here.

How much does ExpressVPN cost?

ExpressVPN prices differ based on your browsing requirements

  • 1-month plan billed at $12.95
  • 6 months plan billed at $9.99
  • 12 months plan billed at $6.69 with a special offer of 49% + 3 months FREE. Learn more about this offer here.

Does ExpressVPN offer a Free Trial?

Yes, ExpressVPN offers a 7-day free trial with a 30-day money-back guarantee. Get it here.


When it comes to torrenting with ExpressVPN, you know you are dealing with one of the best services. With Torrent Express VPN, you have many outstanding features to benefit from to make downloading torrents easier and stress-free to secure and protect your data. ExpressVPN should be your preferred VPN service for torrenting.


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