Best Free VPN For Torrenting – Take A Look

If the title of this article has caught your eye, there is a very good chance you are aware of what torrenting is. Or maybe you have decided to test the water as to how you would achieve this file-sharing protocol, BitTorrent VPN free services, or simply to gain a better understanding of VPNs. I’m here to help you out and look at free VPN for torrenting options and why most users eventually opt for very reasonably priced subscription-based Torrent VPN services.

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Torrenting itself is NOT illegal

Torrents are used to share all types of files. Popular examples:

  • Movies
  • Songs
  • TV shows
  • Games
  • Software

Torrent use is often associated with piracy. But the reality is that torrenting in itself is not illegal. What is illegal is if you download copyrighted content.

Because of the active pirates out there, many countries ban torrenting. And ISPs work overtime on either blocking or creating restrictive bottlenecks that at best disrupt downloading and at worst prevent it. ISPs have also been encouraged to slow down the internet speed of anyone who is doing P2P file sharing.

For these reasons, it is extremely important to have a P2P VPN. A Virtual Private Network (VPN) can help keep your online activities private and it is worthwhile researching which are the best VPN for P2P.

Although many P2P VPN have monthly fees, if you are just a casual P2P user then you may want to look into the free peer to peer VPN options.

What is a torrent VPN?

This is a VPN that allows users to securely, safely and anonymously perform the downloading of torrent files. Is VPN illegal? The original basis of a VPN was a tool designed to help protect company security and privacy. It allowed remote employees to access their office servers while out of the office and gave similar ‘in-office privileges.

When you establish a VPN connection, you are creating a secure tunnel that encrypts data between the device you use and your chosen VPN server. From there the VPN connects to the internet on your behalf.

You do not have to be a company to use a VPN!

Sorry for stating the obvious. But with the leaps in technology advancement, bandwidth availability and far lower equipment costs VPN provision is now within everyone’s reach. This is shown by the amount of free VPN for torrenting and other services you will see alongside the well-established, well-respected subscription-based VPN providers.

This online sector is booming and shows no signs whatsoever of a dip in its user base. This means that by using one of the best free VPN for Torrenting providers out there you will at the very least get a taste for what is on offer.

Overcoming geographical restrictions

The basis of a VPN in this respect is similar to its origins whereby a remote worker would connect to a corporate network wherever they happened to be in the world. So, wherever you happen to be located around the globe at any given time you are at liberty to connect to any VPN server your provider has in any country and access content residing there.

The advantage here is that many countries and companies restrict access to those showing an ‘in-country’ IP address. Anyone with a ‘foreign’ IP address is blocked. By using your VPN providers ‘in-country’ server it will appear that you are actually in that country and allow you to gain access to the content you want. During this process, your IP address will be hidden so there will be no digital ID of you available.

While we will concentrate on the best free VPN for torrenting services in this article, it will quickly become apparent that if you progress from occasional torrent use to regular downloads then a free torrent VPN service will be found wanting.

Quick note: P2P stands for Peer to Peer file sharing. You will then see ‘BitTorrent’ mentioned with torrenting. This is the communication protocol for P2P file sharing, so when you hear the term; BitTorrent VPN free service you will know this is referring to torrenting and file sharing.

Here’s what a Torrent VPN with all the bells and whistles will give you

To help those looking for free VPN for torrenting services clearly understand what limitations will be imposed by a no-fee subscription, I will list some of the major benefits received from using a well-established Torrent VPN provider.

While these cannot be classed as best free VPN for Torrenting services, they are the measure at what top performers out there offer and ultimately what you should be looking for:

Let’s go through the check-list of things that are a must for you to subscribe to the best VPN for torrenting service:

  • Uses: Full torrenting and P2P file-sharing abilities
  • Security measures: Very strong encryption protocols. You will often see the term ‘Military Grade’ security which relates to very strong security measures
  • Speed: High-speed connectivity and download
  • Personal privacy protection: Strict no-logging policy
  • DNS no-leak assurances: Again, this relates to hidden identity
  • Automatic Kill-switch function: In the event the connection is dropped, then all communication ceases until you re-establish your VPN connection. This means your true IP address will NOT be revealed

By keeping such features (and many more) in mind it will help you compare with BitTorrent VPN free services you see offered.

The best free VPN for torrenting providers

O.K. Let’s get down to it. Of the hundreds of P2P VPN free services our team has tested, (and continue to do so regularly) the vast majority need treating with great caution.

A quick Google search for ‘P2P VPN free’ will show you that there is a large selection that you can choose from. But when searching for a free torrent VPN to use, you will see that the market comes with a wide selection of options. It’s worth considering the advantages and disadvantages of each before deciding which free peer to peer VPN is right for you. A professional P2P VPN will keep you anonymous when P2P sharing which means your ISP or government won’t be able to spy on your activities and tamper with your internet speeds. When deciding the best VPN for P2P, and more specifically a P2P VPN free to use, then you need to consider certain aspects such as:

  • Number of servers
  • Locations
  • Bandwidth
  • Log taking
  • Customer service
  • Limitations of each VPN

However, I am here to deliver ‘free’ service details, Standby for the free VPN for torrenting top 5 services out there:


1. ExpressVPN – the best free VPN for torrenting (for 30 days)!

I have started with a slightly curved ball. Because ExpressVPN is not a completely free VPN for torrenting service. But it does offer a very tempting free 30-day money-back guarantee. And to my mind, if you use a service for this length of time you will understand whether the service is for you or not.

We have chosen ExpressVPN as our favorite today because all free P2P VPNs have limitations. And ExpressVPN’s limitation is only 30 days – that you can bypass by creating a new account each month. Also, my feeling is that 1 month’s usage will be enough to convince you that free torrent VPN services are not something you want to drop back to. But you will be at liberty to do so.

The service offered in terms of performance, flexibility, speed, and access is second to none. And I think you will fairly quickly ditch the P2P VPN free of charge provision and happily return to a paid ExpressVPN subscription.

For a few dollars a month, you won’t have to worry about speed restrictions, download limits while you will have access to thousands of servers across the globe. ExpressVPN is one of the fastest, if not the fastest VPN out there. They also have a no-logs policy and you can remain totally anonymous.


  • Unlimited data and bandwidth usage
  • Thousands of servers
  • Fantastic speeds (ExpressVPN regularly come out head and shoulders above other VPN providers in ‘fastest VPN service tests’)
  • No logs or personal data storage
  • Great customer service
  • Connection available in 90+ countries
  • Dedicated torrent servers


  • Limited to 30 free days then you will have to pay a monthly subscription

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Private Internet Access

2. Private Internet Access (PIA)

When searching for a free peer to peer VPN you need to think about what you want from it. If you are using P2P file sharing a lot then PIA VPN’s 10 GB a month is a great bonus. This means you can download larger files. The apps cover all major platforms with the added advantage of a solid ad-blocker function.

Free users also have access to 11 servers. This is a small amount considering how many more the paid service offers. But it is still more than some of the other options available to you. With this in mind, you have to remember that the lower the number of locations, the lower the expected speed. Finally, if you don’t like the ads on the web, then you may prefer this option as it comes with its ad-blocker that works on many platforms.


  • 10 GB a month
  • Unlimited device connections
  • Strong ad-blocker function


  • Free version only gives access to 11 servers


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cyberghost vpn

3. CyberGhost VPN

CyberGhost is another P2P VPN free offering although the provider does have several paid plans offering far more flexibility and service. The positives are that those using Windows or Mac OS on their connecting devices get the support of OpenVPN. This protocol is the preferred industry security option but is often missing from the best free VPN for torrenting provision. Security and privacy are the main issues when looking for free-to-use software. But CyberGhost is a free torrent VPN and offers 256-bit encryption.

Most paid VPNs also offer a free version. The benefits of choosing this P2P VPN is because it offers several locations and unlimited bandwidth.

But the speed is not the best. So, if you are looking for the largest, best quality files such as HD movies then this might not be the best option for you. With the slower speeds, it is recommended to plan ahead and even download files overnight to ensure your files are ready when you need them.


  • OpenVPN support
  • Free version gives access to several locations
  • Apps for all major platforms


  • A bit slow

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IPvanish VPN

4. IPVanish VPN

Known as one of the fastest free VPNs available this would be the first choice for many after a fast BitTorrent VPN free service. Another positive of IPVanish is that it is available on many platforms including Android and iPhone. This makes for complete flexibility in terms of which devices you use.

Security is another positive as it supports IPSec, SSTP, PPTP, and L2Tp while allowing all free users up to 2 GB per month. One of the main negatives, when compared to others on our list, is that they do not offer OpenVPN support. And this may disappoint some users who have security high on their list of priorities.

The real problem is the maximum monthly limit of 2 GB. This means not much torrenting activity can be achieved, unless you are simply planning to download lightweight apk files or a few songs. If you like what the free service has to offer then it is very likely you will quickly consider an upgrade to a paid subscription.


  • Fast speeds
  • Torrenting allowed without restriction (except for data limit)
  • 2 GB of data transfers
  • Fast despite the 3 server limit
  • Can be used on multiple platforms


  • Only 1 connection per account
  • Free version allows connectivity to 3 of their global servers only

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5. NordVPN

Here we have a unique free VPN for torrenting. NordVPN will give you a free service across any major platform in exchange for you watching ads. Yes, I know watching long video ads can be a pain. But in my opinion, it is much better than what many other BitTorrent VPN free providers offer, i.e. constant pop-up ads and data mining techniques that include tracking your data.

You can, of course, get around the video advertising nausea by installing NordVPN’s recommended app and maintain connectivity, for a subscription! But, there are definite positives to be had from this P2P VPN free service.

This is a great option for a P2P VPN but the security measures come at a cost, as the VPN is only free if you’re willing to put up with the many pop-up ads. Watching adverts can be negative but for free encryption, it can be worth it.


  • Strong security: OpenVPN with 256-bit encryption technology applied
  • Apps for all major platforms


  • Few servers available
  • Limited bandwidth
  • Ads
  • No support

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That’s it for now!

Thank you for taking the time to read this article. I hope the above has helped you understand that there are free VPN for torrenting services out there. And that you are now in a better position to gauge their convenience. Do this by either trialing or comparing against paid subscription services from the top torrent sites out there.

Free may be free, but it is restrictively frustrating:

When you consider the benefits offered by a paid VPN subscription over a BitTorrent VPN free service, for example, there is no comparison. Choosing the best torrent VPN provider to meet your needs gives solid security, personal privacy, unlimited data and bandwidth usage that allows you to torrent to your heart’s content, solid customer support and much more all for prices that start at a few dollars a month.

Believe me, if you are to get the most from downloading and sharing files, P2P VPN free services are not the way to go.

Do keep tuned for further articles on all things online. I’m hoping they will continue to enhance your all-important online experience.

‘Til Later!


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