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  1. I’m someone that doesn’t have the luxury to watch movies right when they release in the cinemas or catch them on TV when a new episode is released. So, I used to rely on Kickass torrents a lot since it seemed pretty legit… the site looked good and everything from searching the movie title to downloading it seemed pretty straightforward and easy. Not to mention it’s really quick in updating all the latest episodes and all. Most of the downloads you get are even in 1080p which is pretty amazing. Pretty soon, it became kind of routine to just go on there everyday and download some episodes that were just newly updated. But then one day I came back only to find out it was taken down by the feds. Not gonna lie, it kinda depressed me. It was like having someone you relied on for so long taken away. Kind of dramatic but what can you do about it right. Anyways, with kick ass being down and all, I still need to get my new movie and mini series releases. So I was kinda hoping that I could get a new, more reliable torrent website. I see you ranked Pirate Bay as number 1 but is it safe enough for me to use? I mean I’m just really trying to be more careful now cause if they were able to take down a site as big as kickass, wouldn’t that mean they can take down the people that use their sites too? And one last question are any of these torrent sites as good and reliable as kickass used to be?

    • Hey thanks for sharing your thoughts on this. First of all, I’d like to answer your question by saying that we would only recommend the best torrent sites for you to use. Like you, I myself also used to be an avid kickass torrent user. I even cancelled my cable subscription because it was getting kind of useless when I could get any movie I wanted to watch for free and, in a better quality at that. And I also share your feelings when I found out their site was taken down. I was pretty bummed out too. But then I started to look for other sites to torrent from and these are what I came up with as my top 3: The Pirate Bay, RARBG and 1337X. As for your question on if it’s safe to use, like it was said in the article, there’s definitely some dangers into dabbling with the torrent business. If you’d like to really secure yourself, I suggest you get a VPN so that nobody can track your IP address and your activities. For torrenting specifically, I highly recommend you try out NordVPN. I think you’ll be pretty satisfied as to its performance. While the recommended torrent sites definitely have a different interface and look, once you use it often, you’ll get the hang of how things go.

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