10 Best Torrent Sites Still Alive And Kicking in 2024

Torrenting can bring pleasure and pain! Pleasure at downloading and viewing whatever you desire from the best torrent sites out there, pain due to the hounding and potential penalties for use. This puts the onus on you to ensure anonymity is yours, and to bear in mind the pressure placed on many top-notch torrent websites that cause them to sink without a trace overnight. By their very nature these torrenting sites come and go with a fluidity that will surprise, but here are 10 of the very best torrent sites still fully operational during our latest checks with some of our best torrent trackers.

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Constantly increasing battles leave many victims

The scrutiny of copyright protection has dealt many a hammer blow to some best torrent sites, and this pressure from major corporations with money to burn is unlikely to ease. Couple this with Google Chromes Adblock introduction and it is easy to understand some of the difficulties those who run such services face. This all kind of makes torrent search a little difficult.

If further proof were needed just consider some of the fairly recent high-profile losses torrent fiends have mourned passing. These include the likes of Kickass Torrents, Extratorrent, TorrentProject, and IsoHunt.to.

Torrentz left us only to appear as Torrentz2 but it appears they are having some major issues to contend with in their new guise. All torrenters out there will be hoping things can be sorted in that respect.

When looking for the best torrent websites you are sure to find many online references, but of these, you will find many that are not what they appear to be. This makes it doubly important to keep a regular check on torrent websites and the substance behind such online claims.

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10 of the best torrent sites operational

Having said that, where there’s a will there’s a way, and boy, do some of these torrent websites have a will! A huge chunk of that ‘will’ is to work tirelessly to provide those downloads users want from their large torrenting sites search engine. With that in mind here are the 10 best torrenting sites still operating as last tested with our best torrent trackers.

Please be aware our policy is to regularly check which torrenting sites are working, those that are not and to keep an eye on newcomers to the scene, so do keep an eye out for updates.

The Pirate Bay

This old warhorse has been hounded, pounded and battered yet still comes back fighting. The Pirate Bay has been with us for pushing 15 years now and continues to evade authority intrusion. This in itself is a feat to be roundly and loudly applauded. Due to the nature of constant battles, domain name changes are frequent, but you can currently hook-up by using their original .org address. Without a shred of a doubt, The Pirate Bay remains a shining start when a mention of the best torrent sites is made. You will always find thousands of torrents from their massive and best torrent search engine, to choose from.


This Bulgarian tracker has grown on torrent fiends during its 10-year existence. Selection of torrents may not be the biggest amongst torrent websites out there but high quality and access to the latest movies and popular TV shows continue to add regular users.


The refreshing news is that 1337X has a dedicated group of uploaders and a torrent websites design that is user-friendly with well-constructed torrent lists, 1337X is steadily building its reputation amongst the best torrent sites out there. Anyone who has historic concerns about the site’s security should take another look. Things have certainly been ramped up on that front.


It depends upon what you are after in torrent terms as to how highly you rank TorLock, but those into e-books, music and anime rate this as one of the best torrenting websites. The content mentioned is a lot more difficult to find than your usual movies and TV shows, so TorLock should be applauded for their sterling efforts and well-deserved placing in the top half of our top torrenting sites.


As mentioned at the beginning of the piece, Torrentz2 is the reincarnation of Torrentz who voluntarily closed its doors in 2016 leaving a huge hole in the category of torrent websites to be admired. While the new site is still a firm favorite of many it has also been dogged by problems. Torrentz2.eu ceased publishing links to magnet downloads at the end of last year. Those looking to download material must do so using the torrent hashes and no links to external torrent sites are visible. However, Torrentz2.tv still offers magnet downloads although the choice is less than previously available.


It must be said that EZTV is not every torrenters cup of tea due to the furor over a hostile (many would say malicious) takeover back in 2015. Despite the controversy, this torrenting sites still have a very good following. The current setup sees those responsible release their own torrents which provides content not initially found elsewhere. Daily index updates are also a handy feature


The second controversy in my 10 top torrenting sites! However, inclusion is a must due to how popular this site is. Access will give you bundles of seeders to browse with movies galore and their fast downloads are a pleasure.


Due to its meteoric 2017 rise, many users will now find the site blocked in their country. To gain access you will likely need a proxy or VPN, but both are worth consideration as the advanced search index makes finding exactly what you are looking for a piece of pie!


This site has surely earned veteran status (5 years and counting) thanks to its dedicated users who persevere in keeping the site up and active. Access will give you a good selection of high-quality files to choose from.


Non-stop discussion sees to be the order of these torrent websites growing in popularity. It can claim in excess of 3 million verified torrents and filled at least part of that gaping hole KickAssTorrents

You should NOT need telling but Torrents can spell danger

While the best torrent sites will allow you to download exactly what you are looking for you also need to be 110% aware that in various countries they are illegal. Breaking this law can land you in very hot water if caught with heavy fines and even arrests the penalties for these downloads.

The other thing to bear in mind is that torrent downloads from one of the many unreliable (or trap sites) purposely contain viruses. Getting caught in this fashion will result in an infected computer and laborious fixes. It may be wise to use some of the tops and best torrent trackers to help you decide on which best torrent sites search engine to use.

ISPs, in general, do not help

They have a double-edged sword to handle!

Many Internet service providers across the globe do not help those looking to torrent download. They use tactics such as bottlenecking which will slow your torrenting efforts to a frustrating snail’s pace, or block access to most popular torrent sites altogether.

This is done for 2 reasons:

  • Legal pressure: This comes from owners of material, media studios, copyright evangelists and the authorities.
  • Heavy on their precious bandwidth: The practice of downloading torrents uses up a lot of the ISPs bandwidth and they generally have a loathing to give subscribers something for nothing!

Use a swift side-step to overcome ISP restrictions

If you are experiencing difficulties overcoming ISP restrictions (and quite frankly, even if you are not!), the way to get the most from top torrent sites is to use a well-respected, proven VPN provider.

By doing so you are benefiting from having your IP address masked, making it appear you are accessing those torrent websites from another country. A country that does not restrict or block them. To do this, you need a VPN to access the torrenting website without restrictions.

Why you need a VPN for torrenting

If you’re on a torrent search, trying to find the best files to download from torrent websites, there are several firewalls to break before you can get in. As explained above, one of them is the ISP restrictions. Another is government tracking and internet censoring. Yet another is piracy regulatory bodies. Most of these regulators are blocking you from using torrenting sites for good reasons.

If everyone gets files for free, how would the content makers make money to make more content for you to enjoy?

Regardless, some content is priced highly and some of us can’t afford that cost. So, we resort to torrent websites to get amazing content from peers that already have a copy.

So, to have the best of your torrent search, you need a VPN for the following reasons.

  • Anonymity: In countries where violators are penalized for breaking internet censorship laws, or situations where advertising companies target ads on torrent search users, a VPN helps you browse these torrenting sites with high anonymity. So, data are not collected from your device to divulge your identity to anyone on the internet.
  • Unblocking: Some of the best torrent sites are blocked by ISPs and country regulations. To bypass this blocking and access these torrenting sites, you need a VPN that allows you to connect to torrent websites from a country where access to the best torrent sites is unrestricted.
  • Avoid throttling: In a case where an ISP is not restricting your torrent search, they could reduce your download speed. It is the most frustrating experience ever, especially if you use torrenting sites often. The reason why these ISPs can throttle your torrent search is that you’re accessing the torrenting sites from a prohibited location. So, with a very good VPN, you can log in to a virtual server in a more acceptable location and enjoy seamless access on all your torrent search.

Best VPN providers for torrenting

While many VPN companies offer good all-around services, there are only certain ones that really fit the niche of reliable Torrent VPNs.

Powerful, super-fast streaming service: Do not be surprised to regularly see ExpressVPN be my 1st choice VPN provider when it comes to accessing the best torrent sites out there. This provider has an extremely solid reputation for the torrent services they offer and with speeds that will absolutely delight (they regularly take the top spot in the fastest VPN service category) torrent fiends will not be disappointed.

But if you’d like more choices, check my ranking below:

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And if you haven’t made up your mind yet, you can take a look at our best free VPN for torrenting.

Be cautious, be alert, be VPN aware

If torrenting is your bag then extra caution, alertness and the need for security as well as anonymity while online is an absolute must.

When accessing new torrent sites do so with caution and keep a regular eye on the availability of the best torrent sites out there. In the torrent world, things really can change overnight.

There is also no doubt exactly what the use of a robust VPN provider brings to the party and I definitely recommend implementation. This is my stance whether you are torrenting or not!

That’s it for now

I hope you have enjoyed this piece confirming which torrent sites are still kicking, and which VPNs help catapult you into the torrent download safety net. If you wish to see yourself and keep a track of which best torrent sites search engine is still alive, you can find some of the best torrent trackers online to aid you in your search.

That’s it from me for now but do keep an eye on past, present and future articles on all things aimed at improving that all-important online experience.

‘Till Later!


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  1. I’m someone that doesn’t have the luxury to watch movies right when they release in the cinemas or catch them on TV when a new episode is released. So, I used to rely on Kickass torrents a lot since it seemed pretty legit… the site looked good and everything from searching the movie title to downloading it seemed pretty straightforward and easy. Not to mention it’s really quick in updating all the latest episodes and all. Most of the downloads you get are even in 1080p which is pretty amazing. Pretty soon, it became kind of routine to just go on there everyday and download some episodes that were just newly updated. But then one day I came back only to find out it was taken down by the feds. Not gonna lie, it kinda depressed me. It was like having someone you relied on for so long taken away. Kind of dramatic but what can you do about it right. Anyways, with kick ass being down and all, I still need to get my new movie and mini series releases. So I was kinda hoping that I could get a new, more reliable torrent website. I see you ranked Pirate Bay as number 1 but is it safe enough for me to use? I mean I’m just really trying to be more careful now cause if they were able to take down a site as big as kickass, wouldn’t that mean they can take down the people that use their sites too? And one last question are any of these torrent sites as good and reliable as kickass used to be?

    • Hey thanks for sharing your thoughts on this. First of all, I’d like to answer your question by saying that we would only recommend the best torrent sites for you to use. Like you, I myself also used to be an avid kickass torrent user. I even cancelled my cable subscription because it was getting kind of useless when I could get any movie I wanted to watch for free and, in a better quality at that. And I also share your feelings when I found out their site was taken down. I was pretty bummed out too. But then I started to look for other sites to torrent from and these are what I came up with as my top 3: The Pirate Bay, RARBG and 1337X. As for your question on if it’s safe to use, like it was said in the article, there’s definitely some dangers into dabbling with the torrent business. If you’d like to really secure yourself, I suggest you get a VPN so that nobody can track your IP address and your activities. For torrenting specifically, I highly recommend you try out NordVPN. I think you’ll be pretty satisfied as to its performance. While the recommended torrent sites definitely have a different interface and look, once you use it often, you’ll get the hang of how things go.

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