How to Get ExpressVPN Free Trial (7 & 30 Days)

Have you ever tried getting access to your favorite channel and realizing your view has been blocked? The Express VPN free trial hack can help you get past this problem and this article talks about all that VPN goodness that the ExpressVPN free trial has to offer.

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How to use the ExpressVPN service at no cost and still get your money back

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The article was last updated on 17 April 2024

Step-By-Step Guide: How to Get an ExpressVPN Risk Free trial

The Express VPN trial is very easy to set up and as promised, you can use the Express VPN free trial hack for a period of 30 days. To get this done, just follow this step-by-step process and you can have your ExpressVPN 30 free trial up and running in a matter of minutes;

1. Visit the ExpressVPN homepage

expressvpn free trial

To begin using the ExpressVPN free trial, you need to visit the ExpressVPN website and select the option “Get ExpressVPN”. This brings you face to face with their available price list for Express VPN free 30 day trial.

2. Choose your ideal plan length

This is a very important aspect of the Express VPN free trial hack as it determines how much you can get out of the ExpressVPN 30 day free trial. One good thing here is that no matter what plan of Express VPN free trial you end up choosing, they all come with the money-back guarantee feature.

expressvpn 30 day trial

However, you can go for a one month Express VPN free trial hack if you are uncertain of a long-term subscription. This is not completely unreasonable as the Expressvpn 30 day trial is a lot cheaper than other longer plans. That being said, the Express VPN one month free trial gives you a better savings advantage.

After selecting your preferred subscription, all that’s left is to put in your email and payment details.

3. Be mindful of the activation code

Once your email and payment information has been processed, your activation code for the Express VPN free trial will pop up on the screen. Once this happens, you just need to click the “download” option to set the app up on your device. Additionally, the software already knows the device you are using so there’s no need to worry about compatibility for the ExpressVPN free trial.

4. Paste the activation code into the app

Once the app has been installed, it will begin running automatically. This is the green light you have been waiting for and now you can select your preferences for the ExpressVPN 30 day trial. You can configure the app by setting it to open automatically on the device. Additionally, you decide whether it sends you error reports or not.

5. Have an awesome experience with the ExpressVPN 30 day trial

This is where the fun of the Express VPN free trial hack begins. Now, you can use the ExpressVPN free trial hack to access sites that were blocked in your location. You can also use it for torrenting, gaming, and browsing.

expressvpn free trial

6. You can always get a refund

There is a very slim chance of this happening but you might not be satisfied with the ExpressVPN trial. If this happens, you can still get your full refund provided the request is made within the money-back period.

You can make your request through the 24/7 live chat or the provided email. This ensures a faster response and you can get your money a lot quicker for the Express VPN free trial 7 days.

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How to get ExpressVPN 7 Day Free Trial on Mobile

Just for your benefit, the Express VPN free trial 7 days is available for Android and iOS users. It’s worth noting that you can only use it on one of these devices at a time. The setup for both systems is similar and you can use this process to get it done.

express vpn free trial 7 days

1. Visit your app store

Start by finding the ExpressVPN app on Google Play or the App Store and download the app from there. After downloading, select “Start 7-Day Free Trial”.

2. Choose your plan

After choosing the Express VPN free trial 7 days, you’ll be asked to choose between the 1 month and 12 month plans. There is a charge for this but it determines what plan the app reverts to once the Express VPN free trial 7 days is over.

3. Give Permissions

The app will display its privacy at this point and you will also be asked to grant permission for the app to be configured to your phone.

4. Test on your mobile phone

After the setup is complete, you can begin testing its security, streaming abilities, speed, and other key features the ExpressVPN offers.

5. Manage your subscription

Before the period for the Express VPN free trial 7 days ends, you can decide if you want the Express VPN free trial hack to continue. You won’t be charged as long as you cancel within the 7-day trial period.

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Why Choose ExpressVPN? It’s Lightning-Fast, Reliable, and Secure

There should be no doubt at this point on why you should choose this service. It comes with super fast speed which is perfect for browsing and gaming and is compatible with Windows, Android, Mac, Linux, and more.

expressvpn 7 day free trial

It comes with military protection and a no-log policy. It can also connect to 5 devices simultaneously and works with Netflix, Vudu, Hulu, and more.

Why Choose ExpressVPN?

  • Strict No-logs Policy
  • High-speed on Streaming, Torrenting, and Gaming
  • Military-grade Encryption
  • 5 Simultaneous Device Connections
  • Compatible with Netflix, HBO Max, Disney+, Hulu, and many more

Quick Comparison: ExpressVPN Free Trial vs. Money-Back Guarantee

In this regard, you are entitled to a money-back guarantee once you subscribe to ExpressVPN 30 day trial. However, this does not mean you should use it as an ExpressVPN free trial but it does give you the assurance that if things go south with the Express VPN free trial, you can get your money back.

expressvpn 30 day trial

A huge plus for the Express VPN free trial 7 days is that you are not required to make any payment. Unfortunately, you can only connect to a single device at a time when using the Express VPN free trial 7 days service.

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Does ExpressVPN have a free trial?

The Express VPN free trial hack is an awesome service that lets you use ExpressVPN at no cost. Once it ends, you can select from any of the available plans to experience a lot more.

Do I need a credit card to sign up for ExpressVPN’s free trial?

Yes, you need to include the payment details from your app store. This will activate the ExpressVPN free trial without any charges.

Does the ExpressVPN free trial work on any device?

The Express VPN free trial 7 days only works with iOS and Android, just one mobile or tablet device at a time, and not with your computer or other devices. On the other hand, the ExpressVPN 30 day trial works up to 5 devices at once (5 simultaneous device connections). This is an awesome arrangement because you get a better understanding of how the service works. However, the method for testing the ExpressVPN 30 day trial is to sign up risk-free.

Can I get ExpressVPN for free?

You can only use the ExpressVPN 30 day trial at no cost and once it expires, you will be charged for any new subscription you sign up to.

How to cancel an ExpressVPN Free Trial?

If you are not interested in proceeding with the service, you can end the ExpressVPN offers through live chat or email channels. All the offers provided by the Express VPN trial come with the money-back guarantee so you can always get your money back as long as it is within the provided window.

Will I Be Charged Once the ExpressVPN Free Trial Ends?

Once the trial is over, you will be asked to subscribe to one of the various plans provided by the service. The available packages are affordable and give you access to the features that have only been teased in the ExpressVPN 30 day trial.

Is it better to use a free trial instead of a free VPN?

You might be tempted to try a free VPN because it’s cheaper but this is not a good idea. Most of these services can intercept your data and come with a logging policy. They also have slow network speeds and data restrictions.

This is why the Express VPN is such an amazing option with its ExpressVPN trial. You can essentially test run the service for a month if you wish and this is at no financial cost to you. On the plus side, you have access to a money-back guarantee.


The ExpressVPN is a service that is worth checking out for secure data and internet access requirements. With a fast network and no data interception protocols, you get the assurance that the service is actually doing what you need it to. Try ExpressVPN 30 days free trial today and you can test run the service for 30 days and not worry about making payments.

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