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  1. I’ve actually also noticed that even though Netflix is finally available in my country, it doesn’t have the same movies as subscribers in the US. The whole reason I got a Netflix account was because I wanted to watch this one movie in particular since it doesn’t show in the movie theatres anymore. But once I finally searched for it, only the title appeared next to the “search for titles related to” or something like that. Point is, I asked my family members who are currently living in the us and they said that they actually watched that movie a week before me. I was so upset knowing that there are some movies that only people in the us can watch. So now, I’m really planning to invest in yet another subscription for a vpn just so i can watch US Netflix. But wouldn’t it be too much money being used just so I can finally watch that one particular movie? I mean I already have a Netflix subscription and on top of that I’d have to pay for my VPN subscription too? I’m just wondering if this would all be worth it

    • Hey thanks for sharing your thoughts on that. Actually, I have an experience similar to yours. My mom was in another country and we were planning to watch a movie together on Netflix for the weekend. So when she opened and loaded her movie, all I got on my screen was that pesky “search for titles related to”. And like you, I was pretty bummed out so I decided to try out VPN for a month just to see if it’s worth it. And let me tell you, it sure was. You would not believe how much we were missing out on all this time compared to the US Netflix movie selections. I could’ve sworn I didn’t leave my house for a good 2 days just browsing and watching all the movies that were now available to me. Now I am a monthly VPN subscriber in addition to being a Netflix subscriber. My suggestion for you is that you do what I did and just try it out for a month to see if you like it and if you think it would be beneficial for you. But getting a VPN isn’t just to access American Netflix. It can do so much more for you like keeping your information and identity safe from unwanted spies and it can even prevent annoying advertisement pop ups. So I am certain that getting an additional subscription to a VPN will do you more good than harm.

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