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Discover How to Watch American Netflix

Howdy all you movie buffs, turn down the lights, pull out the popcorn and settle down for a storyline based around unrestricted Netflix USA access. I can promise a very happy ending for all those who are interested.

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Netflix needs no introduction:

Netflix has now been in existence for 21 years and, during this time, the Californian based company has certainly come of age.

From the humble origins of a DVD-by-mail service, it has developed into a media streaming giant with immense global reach.

Latest figures show they have in excess of 125 million subscribers based in almost 200 countries. While half of their subscriber base is currently Netflix US customers an aggressive global marketing plan to increase ‘foreign’ subscriptions is underway.

In terms of price plans, these are reasonably uniform wherever you sign up for the service, but the amount of content you can access is certainly not.

Restricted content:

American Netflix subscribers have access to far more content than any other country on the planet. They also have the advantage of being first to see newly released content. In terms of the US/UK ratio, subscribers in the UK have access to around 1/3rd only of the available movie catalog Netflix US users have.

In part, this is due to the company’s efforts to keep their major customer base happy, but we also need to bear in mind that much of the available content is produced by American media giants who place stringent demands on which world regions can legally view their content.

So, rather than placing the blame squarely at Netflix USA Inc.’s doorstep we have to take into account copyright laws as well as the content and TV rights restrictions the company has to contend with.

While we have to take this and more into account, it does not mean we cannot do something about it!

How to get American Netflix access – your subscription explained:


We will shortly get into how you can use a completely legal tool to gain access to the complete American Netflix catalog, but first, let me explain an important subscription fact.

You can forget about going for an American Netflix registration because whichever country in the world you sign up from you are given a global account. This certainly offers immense flexibility and allows you to connect from just about anywhere in the world to access content.

The catch? The only content you can access is that which is allowed in the country you happen to be at that time. Taking the UK as an example, this means you only have access to the British Netflix service and its associated catalog.

When you go abroad on holiday or business you will be able to access the ‘local’ Netflix service of the country you happen to be in, but be limited by what you view to whatever content catalog that country holds.

And, while most movies will still be available in English there will also be subtitles for foreign languages.

The sugar coating: Because you are registered as a global account there is a workaround that answers your need in terms of how to get American Netflix, from wherever you happen to be in the world, at any given time.

By its very nature, the ability to access the Netflix USA content vaults is an absolute must for the avid movie and TV series watchers

Global IP address allocation:

The contracts that Netflix sign with the content studios have very specific clauses in terms of the countries this content is available in. This is where geo-restrictions come into force.

Dependent upon which country you happen to be in when accessing the Netflix content vaults depends on what content you can see.

How does the Netflix website (or any other for that matter) know your actual location at the time of login? It is based on the IP address of the device you are trying to connect with.

You probably do not need telling, but every device that connects to the internet, from anywhere in the world, is allocated an IP address upon connection and every country owns a unique range of IP addresses that are allocated to ‘local’ users, i.e. those connecting from that country.

How an American Netflix blacklist works:

This makes it a fairly straightforward technical ‘fix’ for Netflix to use IP address lists per country to block access from a device to any country other than the one your IP address is showing you are in.

Hence, trying to connect to the American Netflix servers from the UK means your device will show a UK IP address and will be refused connection. You’ll get the infamous “whoops something went wrong” error if you try.

This is because the UK range of IP addresses, as with all other countries outside of the USA are registered on the Netflix USA ‘blacklist’.

This blacklisting procedure prevents any user but those displaying a USA IP address from gaining access.

While this may frustrate the user, it keeps the Netflix US legal bods, and those working on behalf of the original content provider happy because they see that geo-restricted measures for content access are in place and working.

Here’s how to get American Netflix access wherever, whenever!

I hope it is now fairly obvious that to access the hallowed contents of Netflix USA you can only do so if the device you are trying to connect with uses a US IP address.

The solution to this is through the use of a tool that is highly secure, affords anonymous surfing for the user, and skirts geo-restrictions. That solution is a tried and trusted VPN service.


To save you time and money I have spent a good deal of effort looking at the VPN providers out there and have whittled these down to give you my selection of the best American Netflix VPN services available.

This list and the reasons these Netflix VPN have been chosen are clearly stated in my review recommendations and I am confident that by choosing any of these VPN providers you will achieve 1st class Netflix USA access.

Criteria for choosing a Netflix US VPN provider:

I don’t intend to go into the full, extensive requirements of what qualifies a VPN provider to make my recommended list, but rather give you 5 key requirements I based my assessment on:

  • No free VPN providers: Sorry, but anyone looking for a free VPN provider on my recommended list will need to look elsewhere! I could never recommend a service that fails to meet any of the criteria necessary to protect your security, privacy, and provide the necessary server deployment with high-speed downloads to match that are base requirements of a well-respected VPN company.
  • Proliferation of servers: The recommended providers have servers spread across the globe. They also have a solid record in reacting quickly to the relentless blocking tactics that the Netflix USA technical teams pursue. Management and fast redeployment of servers are vital to ensure continuous service.
  • Tier 1 network usage: Quality streaming of movies requires high-class network connectivity to achieve desired download speeds. How to get American Netflix access without stable network infrastructure is not worthy of consideration.
  • Security: You need to be confident that each and every time you go online using a VPN that your personal details are protected, and that when you surf the net you are doing so in anonymity. My recommended providers ensure that the furthest any ‘snooper’ will get is to the IP address of the VPN server you are using. You will not be revealing your real IP address and therefore your identity remains unknown.
  • Incentives: These recommended providers offer such things as free trial periods, money back guarantees and some very impressive discounts for longer-term contracts.

How does a VPN work?

Before I explain the simple procedure of how to get American Netflix using a tried, trusted and reputable VPN provider from my recommended list let’s take a quick look at how a VPN works and why you should implement and use such a service.

It should be pointed out that this is not just for accessing Netflix USA content, but for each and every time you go online.

Think of a VPN as software protection for your online connection. It gives a secure, encrypted link between the device you are using and the VPN server you are connecting to. This can be any server the VPN has deployed globally.

Obviously, you will want to connect to one of these servers in the region the content you wish to access is stored. In our case, when asked: How to get American Netflix access? We would recommend connecting to a VPN server in the USA.


Once connected to the relevant server the Netflix US website will see an American IP address and allow full access to their content vault.

Quick, easy VPN set-up:

Here is a step-by-step guide to setting up VPN access and thus how to get American Netflix in no time at all. Each provider may vary this process slightly but all those I have recommended making the process extremely straightforward.

  1. Choose a VPN provider from my recommended list, click on the link provided and once you reach their homepage navigate to the subscription page and select the plan that suits you, register your account details and subscribe.
  2. You will then be prompted to download, install and launch the VPN software. This is automated and simple
  3. Go into the software and select “server to connect to”. For American Netflix access it is very important that you select a USA located server.
  4. Click “Connect” and you are into the overflowing candy store of the Netflix US full content catalog!

Note: If you have problems with access via the 1st USA VPN server you connect to simply try another. The reason for this is, as mentioned, the Netflix techies regularly and aggressively block VPN servers, but those VPN providers on my recommended list offer sufficient alternative servers to ensure you get your American Netflix connection.

Roll the credits:

Although I would like to see my name in lights as the lead to this piece that honor is not mine. It must go to those VPN providers who provide you with a route to full Netflix US access.

Instead, I will turn down the lights, dip into my popcorn and settle for a night of quality movie action taken from the huge Netflix USA content vaults!

Happy viewing, and please keep an eye out for further scripts from me. They are all aimed at making your online experience that much more satisfying.

‘Till Later!


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  1. I’ve actually also noticed that even though Netflix is finally available in my country, it doesn’t have the same movies as subscribers in the US. The whole reason I got a Netflix account was because I wanted to watch this one movie in particular since it doesn’t show in the movie theatres anymore. But once I finally searched for it, only the title appeared next to the “search for titles related to” or something like that. Point is, I asked my family members who are currently living in the us and they said that they actually watched that movie a week before me. I was so upset knowing that there are some movies that only people in the us can watch. So now, I’m really planning to invest in yet another subscription for a vpn just so i can watch US Netflix. But wouldn’t it be too much money being used just so I can finally watch that one particular movie? I mean I already have a Netflix subscription and on top of that I’d have to pay for my VPN subscription too? I’m just wondering if this would all be worth it

    • Hey thanks for sharing your thoughts on that. Actually, I have an experience similar to yours. My mom was in another country and we were planning to watch a movie together on Netflix for the weekend. So when she opened and loaded her movie, all I got on my screen was that pesky “search for titles related to”. And like you, I was pretty bummed out so I decided to try out VPN for a month just to see if it’s worth it. And let me tell you, it sure was. You would not believe how much we were missing out on all this time compared to the US Netflix movie selections. I could’ve sworn I didn’t leave my house for a good 2 days just browsing and watching all the movies that were now available to me. Now I am a monthly VPN subscriber in addition to being a Netflix subscriber. My suggestion for you is that you do what I did and just try it out for a month to see if you like it and if you think it would be beneficial for you. But getting a VPN isn’t just to access American Netflix. It can do so much more for you like keeping your information and identity safe from unwanted spies and it can even prevent annoying advertisement pop ups. So I am certain that getting an additional subscription to a VPN will do you more good than harm.

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