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PrivateVPN is a great addition to the VPN market and one that I am very happy to review because it is actually one of my favorites. Speed and privacy are very important to me when it comes to a VPN, and PrivateVPN does not disappoint. Both local and global speeds are some of the best on offer in the market and it also has low latency which makes it an ideal VPN for both gamers and people who download torrents.

There are clearly labeled streaming servers which means you get easy, buffer-free access to the major streaming sites. The Private VPN client is well-designed and easy on the eye. It is also user-friendly and very easy to set up and there are apps available for most platforms.

Is PrivateVPN safe? Of course, in fact, read any other PrivateVPN review and you will see just how happy users are with this client.

As is expected with a quality VPN, encryption is at a high level and there are many more advanced features than most competitors. These include first-party DNS servers and a kill switch. It also prides itself on having zero-logs and doesn’t even temporarily store any metadata from your activities.

To top it off, private VPN has a great support team to help you with any issues you may have. There is even a live chat option to speak to someone instantly.

Let’s delve a bit deeper into this PrivateVPN review

PrivateVPN Video Review

Easy to Use


This is one of the most important things for beginners and those who are not very tech savvy. Nobody wants to mess around trying to install software that is hard to do. Fortunately, the VPN software from Private VPN is super-easy to install on both desktop and mobiles and can be done in just a few minutes.

If you are a beginner and using a VPN for the first time, you may want to take advantage of their very helpful guides that are available on the website.

To install on your desktop, you simply download the client from the PrivateVPN website and follow the instruction to install.

For mobile and tablet apps you can just go to the App store for your phone and download the app. Then just log in with your username and password and you are ready to start browsing privately and securely.



You will be happy to know that this VPN is actually one of the better priced ones on the market and is not going to break the bank.

There are three different subscription options available.

  • Monthly
  • Quartely
  • Yearly

If you choose the yearly option you are given a bonus 3 months for free meaning that you will get a total of 15 months.

Also, the longer the subscription, the cheaper it gets.

A monthly subscription will cost you $6.57 per month, however, if you sign up for a yearly subscription, the monthly cost works out at only $2.88 per month. What a bargain!

There are also a range of payment methods that are accepted including credit card (Visa, Mastercard, JCB, American Express, Discover and Diners club), PayPal and even Bitcoins if you are a holder of this digital currency.

So when you compare these prices to those of some of the major competitors you can see that you are getting a great deal.

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Support, Reliability and is PrivateVPN Safe?

Hopefully, you won’t have any issues or a need to contact the Private VPN support team, but if you do, there are a range of options for doing so. If you need urgent help then you can take advantage of the live chat feature on the website. This will put you in touch with a customer service operator right away. My preferred method is to just email them. The reason for this is that I like to have everything documented so that I can use the information again if I need to.

I actually contacted the support team recently regarding an issue with connecting to the US version of Netflix from outside the country. In total it took only 6 hours to get a response from the team. This is very quick compared to others that I have contacted via emails or ticket systems. The response was straight to the point and answered all my questions. They even referred me to the guide on their website where I could have found my answer from.

With regards to reliability. I have never had any connection issues or speed issues. Connecting to a server is very quick so there is no hanging around.

Is PrivateVPN safe? Many people worry about using a VPN and wonder if they really are as private as they make out to be. Well, you can rest assured that with PrivateVPN there are no logs kept of any of your activity. This means that even if the authorities were to make a request for information, the VPN provider would be unable to give them anything.


When you go and download something from the internet you usually just click on a download button via a website or whatever and the file comes straight onto your computer. Well, torrenting works differently to that. Rather than just collecting a file from a single server and then downloading it onto your compute, torrenting will take the big file and cut it up into little pieces known as “packets”.

These packets sit on a server in their entirety, but they are also shared through a whole network of computers which are also downloading the file the same as you! Known as peers, they all have slightly different parts of the same file.

Confusing right!

Well, torrenting is very popular and is used mostly by people to download movies, music, computer games and software. Whilst you do not need a VPN to do this, it is always best to ensure that you are completely anonymous when doing so. While it is rare, People have been caught and prosecuted previously. The big film and music companies want you to be paying for their products via the cinema or by buying a music CD, they do not want you to download it for free! So just to be careful you should consider using a VPN, even a free VPN for torrenting.

Private VPN had no issues when I tested it by downloading torrents. Occasionally people may experience speed issues when using a VPN, but when I tested it with PrivateVPN it was a very smooth process and the speed remained steady throughout.

This VPN is also very torrent friendly. There are some that are not so choose wisely.

Overview of my PrivateVPN Review

So let’s go over everything that makes Private VPN so great!

Whilst this VPN is not one of the main ones on the market just yet, it certainly matches them for features, reliability, security and speed which is what most people look for when choosing a VPN provider.

If you have lots of devices then you will benefit from being able to connect to a whopping 6 devices simultaneously.  The most I have seen from a provider is 7 and the lowest 3, so this is up there with the bigger ones.

Instead of offering numerous different plans, there are just 3 simple options to choose from, monthly, quarterly and yearly, with the longer options offering the most discount. The installation is straightforward and it is very beginner friendly.

This really is a great VPN with stellar performance and awesome speeds. We ran a few tests connecting to different servers depending on what we wanted to do. Connecting to Netflix USA from outside the country we decided to test the New York server. We did not encounter any issues and the streaming was perfect with no buffering at all. We also accessed BBC iPlayer and watched numerous movies via the Kodi App, all with no streaming or buffering issues.

Windows and Mac

Compatible for Windows versions 7, 8, 8.1 and 10, Private VPN is very easy to download and install. As mentioned earlier, there are support guides available on the download page that can help get you set up and ready to go in just a few moments.

Once you have connected to your VPN for Windows you will have the option to manually choose the server that you connect to from a wide range of countries and states (in the US). Alternatively, there are profiles already set up which will connect you to the best server based on your needs. So if you want to stream TV shows or movies, you can choose this profile etc.

The VPN for Mac is available to download on Mac OS X only. As with the Windows version, it is very simple to download and there are also guides to help you with the installation.

There are also no bandwidth limits which means that you can connect to multiple devices simultaneously. Awesome right!

Android and IOS

There are also great apps for the smartphone market which cover the Android and iOS operating systems. These apps can be easily downloaded from their respective app stores. All you will need to do is open the app and input your login credentials before connecting.

With more and more people connecting to the World Wide Web every day, and with more services such as Netflix and sports streaming sites now available on mobile, users are wanting to encrypt all of their mobile data and keep it safe.

Because you can connect to multiple devices at the same time, you can have both your desktop and mobile protected by the benefits of a Private VPN at all times.

If you are worried about signing up and paying for the service, but then find that you don’t like it for some reason, you will be pleased to know that PrivateVPN offers a full 30-day money-back guarantee.


A VPN wouldn’t be very good if it didn’t have excellent security features and this VPN did not disappoint me.

This bit may sound a bit technical to some readers, however, the encryption they use for OpenVPN connections is awesome with HMAC SHA256 data auth used, an RSA-2048 handshake and AES-256 cipher.

In addition, the client has a range of other encryption protocols within the client including PPTP. This protocol is no longer recommended though as it is not considered strong enough to fully protect a users privacy. Instead, we recommend to choose one of the following protocols: OpenVPN (UDC and TCP), L2TP, PPTP, IPSec, HTTP Proxy, IKEv2 and SOCKS5.

Although the client does not have any DNS leak protection feature built in, they do handle any DNS requests via their own servers. To set this up you will need to set your DNS setting manually which is very simple to do. There are guides for doing this on the website.

So are there any negatives?

It wouldn’t be the best PrivateVPN review if I did not include some negative right? Well, the only thing I can refer to that some might see as a negative is that when I tried to contact customer service via the live chat, I did not get a reply instantly like you should do. In fact, it took quite a few hours before someone came online to chat and by this time I had already found the answer to my question from doing a quick Google search. Apart from this, I couldn’t find any other negatives to report on.

The Bottom Line

PrivateVPN has been around for many years and has built up an excellent reputation as an established and well-rounded VPN provider. Subscribers to the service will get access to a tier 1 network of servers in locations all around the world.

While Private VPN do not claim to be the fastest provider out there, the speeds that we received when testing different servers were very good and matched those of the main competitors.

Privacy is great and the Zero Logs policy is an added bonus. Is PrivateVPN safe and can it be trusted to not collect any data? Of course, they wouldn’t have the reputation they have if they did. Also, the kill switch and auto-reconnect are great additional features for users.

My overall impression of this product and service from Private VPN is that while it may not be the best option on the market, it is not far off it. The prices are cheap compared to others, the customer service is great and the speeds and security options are up there with the best.

With new servers being added all the time, I think this will be the go to VPN for most people in the near future.

Hopefully, the PrivateVPN review has helped you to make an informed decision on whether it is the right VPN service for you.

Please feel free to ask me any questions you may have or any feedback about your own experiences.

Have a great day!

9.2 Total Score
PrivateVPN review: Very good

Private is definitely a serious VPN provider with a very good service. It's suitable for all the users who wants to protect their privacy, watch video streaming and download torrents.

The plans are very affordable and you can get 6 simultaneous connections, which is better than most.

Privacy and security
Speed and Performance
Value for money
Ease of use
  • High speed connection
  • Native app for iPhone and Android
  • P2P and BitTorrent allowed, with no logs
  • User friendly
  • Affordable
  • Remote installation service
  • Few configuration options
  • No built-in firewall (NAT firewall)
  • No IP binding
User Rating: 3 (2 votes)

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