Best VPN for Mac 2024: Our Top Picks to Protect Your Privacy

Calling all you Mac aficionados! You know your OS offers many advantages over others and will already have built a special affinity through the ease of use and the unique features it offers, but what of personal privacy? We will look at the best VPN for Mac user services out there because let’s face it, personal privacy is your right. Let’s get onward with finding the best VPN client for Mac, the top VPN for Mac and the overall best VPN app for Mac.

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What I want, and what you will benefit from is based on:

  • Speed: You need to be able to access the best VPN for Mac 24/7/365, and do so at acceptable speeds.
  • Interface, Simplicity of Install and customer support: I have glued these together because the last thing you want is complex install procedures and minimal support when it is needed.
  • Price: The lowest cost subscriptions should not automatically be chosen when it comes to the best VPN for Mac service. But the cost of service must be a consideration and believe me, it is something I have delved deeply into.

It cannot be stressed strongly enough that the admirable concept of online access anywhere and anytime can only be achieved through the use of a VPN for Mac. Thankfully the majority of providers now offer native software for Mac users.

You are welcome to read and digest my recommendations in terms of the best VPN for Mac providers on the market. Going with any of these will ensure open Internet access which ensures peace of mind in terms of safety and security:

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Quick Refresher – What is a VPN?

For those new to the concept, or simply as a quick reminder for those who are not yet using a VPN for Mac use, let’s quickly run through exactly what one is:

A VPN (Virtual Private Network) requires a user to be pre-registered through an account that is specific to them and demands individual login credentials. When connecting to this network the user establishes a virtual bridge between themselves and the VPN server.

These networks were originally established to ensure corporate and company confidential data was accessible only by those with the authority to do so. This form of access ensures critical company data is not intercepted

From start to finish of this connection all traffic flows through a secure, encrypted tunnel. The upshot of this is that restriction-free VPN for Mac or any other OS is achieved.

This secure tunnel allows anonymous browsing for a user, and to prevent ANY misunderstanding it is important for all concerned to be fully aware that anonymous browsing is very different from private browsing. So, now let’s get into what are some of the best VPN clients for Mac.

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Is a VPN really necessary for a Mac?

Mac users feel strongly that they are using a superior system to others. This may well be the case. But the fact remains that threats to your online privacy involve the same issues anyone using a PC has to contend with.

The Mac vs Windows security discussions in terms of hardware, program access, and stored data will continue whenever one system is rated against the other. But this is not the point here.

We are talking about strengthened online security that is a must to fortify your personal privacy while surfing as well as the ability to unblock and access any blocked content.

The solution is to use one of the increasing numbers of VPN for Mac subscriptions now available, but the question remains: Which is the best VPN for Mac and what are some VPN app for Mac.

You need to select the best free VPN app for Mac service to achieve non-restrictive access wherever you happen to be located. This is because web-surfing without the use of a VPN leaves a trail that allows others to track your visits and to acquire personal data that can reveal your identity.

Vulnerabilities lurk everywhere

The best VPN for Mac access does not mean the VPN in question is free in terms of subscription. Although the monthly fee you pay is peanuts in comparison to the peace of mind it will give you. The best VPN for Mac means freedom in terms of service access for all regions of the globe your provider offers server access. So be a little cautious whenever you see terms such as best VPN client for Mac, best VPN app for Mac or Top VPN for Mac.

Here is a key example of just how vulnerable you are without a VPN for Mac use:

Consider how many times each week you connect to the app store or download an app from a company website that makes your life that much easier. In all likelihood, you are using apps to schedule your day and automate or negate those time-consuming tasks which otherwise you would need to complete ad nauseam.

There is no doubt that these amazing additions make you far more productive, but without a VPN service, you need to be aware of just what you are potentially giving away.

The more apps you download, the greater the risk. For those not using a VPN for Mac service please have a quick tally of just how many apps you have downloaded. The chances are there will be far more than you realize. This is because they are easily obtained, easily stored and just as easily forgotten. In many cases, it takes users a long while to get around to removing them.

And…. We have not even touched on the countless number of sites you will visit in just one week of surfing. Add these 2 factors together and the potential threats lurking therein and it should be clear just how important it is to seek the top VPN for Mac and subscribe to the best VPN for Mac use.

Privacy protection is your right

Do not let government authorities, your ISPs, or companies of dubious reputation tell you any differently. You have every right to protect your personal privacy and whichever details you wish. The use of one of the best VPN for Mac subscriptions will help you to achieve this because it hides your IP address.

The only detail anyone spying will get, and this includes hackers, is the IP address of the VPN provider you have chosen.

This means you can rest assured that those attempting to monitor your activity are unable to establish your true IP address and in turn are unable to establish your identity or current location.

Safe, secure Wi-Fi connectivity

Let’s face it, Wi-Fi use in today’s constantly connected world is not just a must, it is an expected part of your daily routine and it is a knocking bet that most of these Wi-Fi networks are free to access.

The huge downside in the continued proliferation of free Wi-Fi networks is that they are highly hackable – Need proof?


Ask yourself where this ‘free’ public network is originating from, and then take a stab at how many people have access to it.

If you do not have the answer to the first part of the question relating to network origination then the second is immaterial. Yes, it is true the network could originate from a ‘safe’ source, but who is to say it is not coming from a hacking device?

This type of network is a playground for hackers and a great place for those with malicious intentions who are just starting out. They are breeding grounds for novice hackers to practice a trade their more experienced brothers and sisters have turned into an art form.


Think ‘Trojan Horse’ program – it appears harmless, gives subtle warnings, but indeed varies in the depth of severity and damage it can do to your machine and data.

If you use free Wi-Fi networks then to protect your personal data and prevent any damage to your beloved machine you must make it a rule that you never connect to a free Wi-Fi network unless doing so through one of the best VPN for Mac users available.

The second rule for those unconvinced of the importance of VPN access to a free Wi-Fi network is never to connect to one! Ignore this advice and there is a good chance that when you input or access sensitive data you will be revealing or allowing access to such information by others.

To understand how difficult avoiding free Wi-Fi network access is try enforcing this upon yourself for just one week. You will quickly realize the restrictions this imposes on your online activity.

Enough of the sermon but suffice to say that these attacks via free Wi-Fi networks against those not using a quality VPN for Mac service to achieve non-restrictive, safe, secure surfing occur day in, day out, 24/7/365.

Saying goodbye to geo-restrictions

How frustrating is it when trying to access the content you find is geographically restricted? I know it used to annoy the hell out of me before I found the solution.

For many, this feature is far and away one of the most popular and positive reasons to subscribe to a VPN for Mac.

Basically, the VPN bypasses such censorship because the software and set up mean that when you are accessing content from another country it looks like you are actually a user in that country. This is possible thanks to the siting of regional servers by your VPN provider.

One thing to be aware of here; it obviously depends upon the VPN provider’s reach and the number of servers. Again, to help you decide on the best VPN for Mac access in this regard I have taken this into account during my research which is shared above.

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The use of a highly secure, non-restrictive VPN for Mac like ExpressVPN means amongst other things you can:

  • Surf in anonymity
  • Input passwords to secure sites without fear of these being revealed
  • Access confidential data in confidence
  • Access and read e-mails securely
  • Rest assured that snoopers or hackers are not able to access your personal information

I have invested a great deal of time and effort in assessing a whole host of VPN providers. This exercise has given me an intimate knowledge of what is being offered.

Forget the smoke and mirror approach given by some companies.

All recommendations in terms of the best VPN for Mac providers offer reliable, secure services. It is also worth bearing in mind that you will see VPN for Mac offers valid for limited time periods. Taking advantage of such an option for the best VPN client for Mac really does mean you have nothing to lose and everything to gain by going with a trial!


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