The Best VPN No Logs to Stay Anonymous in 2024

When you’re in search of a top VPN service to use, an essential feature you need to look out for is a non logging VPN. A good VPN should not track or keep any data about you, instead, it should keep you anonymous. We’ll be taking a look at some of the best VPN no logs you can use to stay anonymous in this write-up.

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Last Update Made On: 1 March 2024

What is a VPN no logging policy?

A VPN no logging policy is generally provided by VPNs to keep the user’s data safe, meaning that VPNs are not allowed to share with anyone or store the user’s data. The VPN no logging policy ensures that this VPN providers pledge that they won’t interfere with any of the user’s information. They are meant to keep anonymous, interfering with your information will be a breach of their VPN no logging policy.

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Tips on How to Choose The Best No Log VPN

Many VPN providers claim to have a non-logging VPN policy, therefore, refusal to follow the no-log policy, placed by the VPN provider would cause detriment to their name and could also lead to them spending a lot of money they would rather keep.

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If you are concerned about a VPN provider not keeping your information, you need to know how to choose the right VPN. We would take a look at some tips you would need to choose the best VPN no logs.

  1. When you choose a VPN provider, make sure you choose one that isn’t in a jurisdiction where your data can be forcefully invaded.
  2. Not every VPN provider has the experience of giving you privacy and security so choose a verified VPN no logging service.
  3. Some VPN providers do not have a privacy policy or are not transparent about their policy, it is important to be sure you are signing up for a VPN that has proof it takes its privacy policy seriously.
  4. Some free VPN providers do not give you full privacy because they sell your data to cover costs.

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The Best No Log VPNs in 2024

The best VPN no logs is a service that doesn’t log any information or online details of its users as they are connected to any of their servers. The importance of a VPN that does not log is not trivial in any way. They are meant to protect the users’ privacy and keep them anonymous. Thus, the user can be protected from hackers and have their information resold. Here’s a list of the best VPNs with no-log policies:

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Types of VPN Logs (and Which Ones You Should be Concerned About)

There are different types of VPN Logs, we’ll mention and explain their concepts then let you know which one you should be concerned about.

Connection Logs

It is quite common for VPN providers to have these kinds of logs. The connection logs include information like:

  • The user’s original IP addresses
  • The IP address assigned to the user by the VPN server
  • Time connection started and ended (Time Stamp)
  • Amount of data used while being connected
  • The VPN server you are connected to.

These kinds of logs usually don’t invade your privacy, they are only kept to monitor the traffic of the servers they are connected to, limit the number of connected devices, and solve troubleshoots.

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Activity/Usage Logs

This is the kind of VPN log that holds a lot of concern. They can be extremely invasive and are the ones VPN services mean when they refer to a non-logging VPN. These logs contain user activities like:

  • Browsing history records
  • The IP address of your physical location
  • Personal information
  • Applications you use

The activity logs make VPN users’ information easily accessible to third parties, legal authorities, and even hackers.

No Logs

Users’ activities are not logged. Every user wants a VPN without logs. It’s the best way to guarantee your location and internet transactions stay private from unwanted parties.

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FAQs on the Best No log VPNs

How can I know if my VPN keeps logs or not?

As a VPN user, you look to find the best VPN no logs. One way to find a VPN that keeps no logs is to check if the VPN provider has a no data collection feature. If they don’t have one, it is possible they keep logs. Another way to know if your VPN doesn’t keep logs is its jurisdiction. Some VPN service providers are based in countries where data collection is a necessity. If it is within a jurisdiction where data can be forcefully collected. Also, most VPNs that allow torrenting do not keep logs.

What does no-log VPN actually mean?

A no-log VPN is a VPN provider that does not store logs or keep information that can be used to track VPN users. No information is saved, ensuring your privacy and protection from any online threats. Thanks to this feature, businesses, and individuals can browse through various locations on the internet.

Can I get a no-log VPN for free?

Yes, you can get a VPN no logs for free, but you should know that they limit your access to some features. Simultaneous connections, availability of server locations, and the amount of bandwidth that can be used are limited. Paid VPN subscription such as ExpressVPN is more recommended as they offer a money-back guarantee or a free trial.

Can you use a no-log VPN based in the US or the UK?

Yes, you can make use of the best no-log VPN based in the US or the UK, however, both countries are intelligence-sharing jurisdictions, meaning that they can share information on how citizens use the internet. It is better to use a VPN in a privacy-friendly jurisdiction.

Will a no logs VPN keep me anonymous?

Yes, it is possible for a VPN no logs to keep you anonymous. The anonymous VPN keeps your online activities private and secures all your data away from third parties and any online threats. The service has no intention of recording or reselling your online interactions. Considering that, it eliminates the need for a logging policy and allows users to stay hidden indefinitely.


A major reason why you would use a VPN is to be anonymous. It ensures that you can browse the internet without your location being discovered. That said, the service needs to be a valid one.

You need a guarantee from your VPN provider that your data will not be leaked. There’s really no gain in having your information resold to trackers, hackers, or third-party companies For that reason, your VPN provider should be one that doesn’t keep or have access to your logs.

The best VPN no logs are always going to be intentional about the browsing needs and requirements of their customers. As a result, interests, and concerns about your privacy become a no logging policy. As always, this feature from the service provider would allow you to browse with ease. Choose a no log VPN today like ExpressVPN and experience the wonders of hitch-free internet access.


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