How To Watch Youtube TV Abroad With VPN in 2024

YouTube TV is an IPTV service that comprises over 80 television network channels including ABC, FOX, NBC, ESPN, and many more. Though, these services are not for free as it requires a paid membership. Also, it cannot be accessed by all as it is strictly an American streaming TV service. This means that residents outside the United States are restricted from accessing the streaming platform due to copyright agreements as well as geo-blocking policies. This explains the message, “YouTube TV not available in your area.” Therefore, you need a YouTube TV VPN to access the streaming platform from overseas.

The good news is that there is a variety of  YouTube TV VPN services to help bypass YouTube TV location restrictions. Let’s just say it is an easy YouTube TV location Hack. And our top recommended VPN for this purpose is the ExpressVPN with its 30-day money-back guarantee and secure connection.

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How To Bypass YouTube TV Location Restriction

To bypass YouTube TV location restriction is quite an easy YouTube TV location hack that can be used to gain access to your favorite television networks. This process is done with the use of a VPN (Virtual Private Network) to create a private and secure network that masks your location and IP address. With this VPN, it would be possible for you to bypass YouTube TV location as you get the privilege of accessing the streaming service from anywhere in the world.

There are however several VPNs that can be used to bypass YouTube TV location but it is always advisable to use the best ones as not all VPNs can be classified as YouTube TV VPNs. This simply means that using the wrong or not-so-good VPN could lead to the YouTube server identifying that you do not reside within the US, therefore the restriction would still hold you from enjoying your favorite shows. The various VPNs to bypass YouTube TV location restriction would be provided in this article.

YouTube TV Location Hack: A Step-by-step Guide

youtube tv vpn

Have you been in search of a YouTube TV location hack? Well, lucky you, the following below is a YouTube TV location hack that would guide you on how to use one of the best YouTube TV VPN. This is a definitive guide on how to trick YouTube TV location restriction and access all your shows without limitation.

  1. First things first, it is important you decide which YouTube TV VPN service to subscribe to. It is essential you pick the right VPN, subscribing to the wrong one would make it easier for the YouTube algorithm to discover that your IP address and location is not real. For a more secure connection, we recommend ExpressVPN.
  2. Select what device would be used to activate your YouTube TV. However, when subscribing to your YouTube TV VPN ensures that your device is compatible with the VPN. Not all devices can be used with all types of VPNs. Our recommendations are always compatible with both mobile devices and personal computers.
  3. Install the VPN app on the device which you would use to watch and access YouTube TV.
  4. Log in to your VPN. Once this is done, feel free to select and connect to any of the servers in the United States to enable access and to prevent you from being blocked. This way you would bypass YouTube TV location restriction without a scratch.
  5. Do not forget to delete your browser history and cache. The YouTube TV algorithm sometimes scans your cache files to predict your location. If your cache appears fishy, the algorithm suspects a fake location and IP address, and your restriction remains.
  6. If you do not have a YouTube TV account, try to sign up for one quickly. You can do this by visiting the YouTube TV website, clicking the “try it free” option, and filling in all necessary details.
  7. After creating an account or logging in to an already existing account, you will be required to input the Zip code. Input a Zip code that syncs with the VPN server location that you are connected to.

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In these seven (7) simple-step YouTube TV location hack, you would be able to appropriately and successfully bypass YouTube TV location with YouTube TV VPN giving you the opportunity to watch as many shows as you wish.

Does YouTube TV Detect VPNs?

vpn for youtube tv

Having discussed the easiest YouTube TV location hack to bypass YouTube TV location restriction, the YouTube TV VPN you subscribe for has to be one of the best. This is because YouTube TV detects VPN.

If your VPN is not compatible with YouTube TV, you would most likely receive messages like “YouTube TV VPN proxy detected” or “YouTube TV VPN detected.”

Therefore, it is important to research properly on the several YouTube TV VPN that are available for YouTube TV. To save you trouble, we have compiled a list of our top ranking VPN for YouTube TV. Our best choice, being ExpressVPN, offers a 30-day free trial with a 100% money-back guarantee.

Though in your search for a VPN YouTube TV it is advisable for one to avoid free VPNs for the following reasons;

  1. When using free VPNs you are most likely compromising your privacy which is contradictory to the sole purpose of a VPN and this is because these free VPNs try to get their profit through other means some such as selling of individuals confidential data.
  2. It has also been noted that free VPNs do track the online activities of individuals which means using it for YouTube TV might not be safe as your location could be tracked.
  3. Using Free VPNs would not be a good idea because it limits the amount of data that can be used by you.

However, a VPN that can be fully trusted is the ExpressVPN. It is an excellent option for bypassing geographical restrictions. Although it requires a paid subscription, it offers a 30 days free trial within which you can enjoy your favorite shows without limitation.

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VPNs that work with YouTube TV. Our best 5 VPNs

Here is our top-ranking VPN to watch YouTube TV abroad.

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Does YouTube TV work outside the US?

YouTube TV was not programmed to work outside the United States. However, you can bypass YouTube TV location restriction with any of the best YouTube TV VPN shown above. This will enable you to watch outside the United States.

Does YouTube TV work in Mexico?

There is currently no YouTube TV Mexico like it is in the US but that’s not a problem. With the guide in this article, you can access YouTube TV from anywhere including Mexico.

Where is YouTube TV available?

YouTube TV is strictly available in the United States.

What do I do when YouTube TV displays this “This program is blocked in your area”?

This message is most likely a result of your location. Not to worry, you can simply make use of the YouTube TV location hack described above to bypass YouTube TV location restriction.

bypass youtube tv location

Additional Benefits of VPN

Asides from the fact that VPNs help in protecting your IP address, browser privacy, and location, as well as gives you the opportunity to gain access to YouTube TV, there are several other additional benefits of a VPN few of which would be listed below.

  1. VPN ensures security and privacy on all of your activities done online; it makes it impossible for you to be tracked.
  2. Allows for you to send documents, data, as well as other sensitive messages in a more secure manner and this method, is most especially used by business owners large or small.
  3. Helps to bypass all kinds of geographic blockage or restriction of any kind.
  4. Makes remote access available for people all over the world to be able to work together. Indeed the world is a global village connected by the internet.
  5. Provides anonymity, whereby you can access websites with no worries of your identity being leaked.
  6. Helps in attaining cheaper flight tickets because certain areas of the world are offered cheaper flight ticket and so this could be used in your advantage to gain a cheaper plane ticket.
  7. Provides a strong and fast internet connection.
  8. VPN can also be connected to about six (6) different devices to keep them secure.


We all love good shows and that is what YouTube TV offers, but unfortunately, only residents of the United States are allowed to enjoy their favorite shows. However, with our YouTube TV location hack, watching your favorite shows from anywhere around the world has been made not only possible but easy. Choose a secure VPN connection to help you get ahead of any restrictions. Watch and Enjoy!


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