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Given its awesome service already, the Surfshark coupon is a definite edge. It’s the latest attempt by the VPN provider to secure its place in the minds of consumers. In this article, we’ll be covering all the Surfshark coupon code has to offer.

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The article was last updated on 10 July 2024

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About the VPN Provider

A newcomer to the VPN industry back in 2018, Surfshark has definitely made its mark. It came with a mission to give users a fighting chance against geo-blocks. To that end, it recently moved its base of operations to the Netherlands due to its privacy-friendly policies.

surfshark coupon

The move might have been disastrous if not for Surfshark VPN coupon’s operational model. This is because the Netherlands, unfortunately, falls under the scope of the Nine Eyes international alliance. As a result, companies in the jurisdiction are required by the government to give customers information. Luckily, the provider of the Surfshark coupon code has a no-logging policy. This means information is never stored so nothing gets to the government.

Need Awesome Features? Here You Go.

Alongside the Surfshark VPN promo code, its VPN features are difficult to beat. Surfshark is a service that has definitely done its homework on customer demand. Armed with this information, it has provided a catalogue of the best services money can buy. These include the following;

surfshark coupon code

Surfshark One: The name’s already a dead giveaway for the Surfshark promo code provider. The package is a true home run as it comes with the perfect digital security solution. With it, users interested in the Surfshark discount code get antivirus software and identity monitoring services.

Kill Switch: As a reminder, having a kill switch is key for all your internet dealings with a VPN. The kill switch effectively cuts off your data connection if there’s any interruption. This is perfect for the Surfshark code especially if you’re already in a session.

Surfshark’s system guarantees your browsers close automatically and web traffic doesn’t get exposed. Just how good is that?

Split Tunneling: A perfect answer to the issue of internet multitasking. With this awesome asset, you can use the Surfshark VPN coupon code on different platforms. The connection happens smoothly on both public and private networks.

Solid Encryption: As a VPN service, it’s expected that data security is a priority. Surfshark takes it a step further with some elite data encryption. As information passes through the VPN tunnel, all interactions are secured with the AES-256 bit. This is a clear step up from the adjustable encryption rate from other services.

Multi-platform Compatibility: Even the most basic of services from this provider of the Surfshark VPN coupon run on iOS and Windows. Also, it can be hooked up to gaming and smart devices for a better experience.

To get more on the service, read this review now on all the necessary information.

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VPN at a glance

Feature Value
No logs? Yes, this provider has a no-log policy
Can use it for Torrenting? Yes, it works fine with torrents
What kind of Netflix does it work with? US, UK, IN, IT, NO, DE, AU, JP, KR, PL, FR, CA, TR, SE, SG, NL
Simultaneous connections ∞ connections at the same time
What countries does it cover? Over 63
What Operating Systems does it support? iOS, Android, Windows, macOS, Linux, Chrome, Fire TV, Firefox
Money-back guarantee policy 30 days
What protocols does it offer? IKEv2/IPsec
Does it offer unlimited traffic data? Yes, it does
Cipher Most secure encryption: Military AES 256 bits
Number of IP Addresses Not provided
Number of Servers? Over 1,700

VPN Price with the Coupon

With the current state of Surfshark VPN promo code, there are lots of plans to try out; 82% Off Surfshark VPN coupon: This plan comes with an awesome discount for new VPN users. Also, you can get it cheap at a price of $2.30/month.

surfshark vpn coupon

1-month coupon: If the previous Surf shark coupon code plan doesn’t catch your eye, this will. It comes loaded with an excellent free trial and other features available for $12.95/month.

1-year coupon: Finally, you try the Surfshark VPN discount code which runs for one year. It’s a sold plan if you have long term projects in mind. It’s also pocket friendly at a price of $3.99.

Get Surfshark VPN Now

How To Use VPN Coupons

Surfshark coupons are absolutely top-tier. In terms of use, users go for them because of the easy setup. To get started, simply follow this process;

  1. First off, go to the Surfshark coupon code order page. This will let you the plan you want based on your requirements and finances.
  2. Next, click the coupon applied button. The previous step will bring up the coupon bar. You have to erase the default Surfshark VPN coupon.
  3. Finally, input your own code and press apply. If you’ve followed all these steps accordingly, your Surfshark coupons should work fine.

It doesn’t get any easier than this. Use this short guide to get familiar with the Surfshark coupon code today.

VPN Coupon Code FAQ

Making it this far shows you’re serious about the Surfshark VPN coupon. Naturally, we’ve made our findings on the service. This led to providing answers to questions that most users have. That said, we trust these will come in handy in your Surfshark coupons journey.

Can I use more than one VPN coupon?

Like the Surfshark coupon code enough to want more than one? So do we! Sadly, you can only get one coupon at the checkout point. This arrangement makes it easier to regulate the number of coupons out there. You also can’t use the same coupon twice

Granted, this isn’t favourable and we share your pain. Surfshark does too and made it possible to use the coupon on a different account. This doubles the browsing access and you can still bypass geo-blocks easily.

Can I Use VPN coupons for an existing subscription?

The primary target of the Surfshark coupons code is first-time users. That’s why it only works for first-time sign-ups.

Will I get a discount on every plan of VPN with the deal?

The VPN world would be a perfect place if we could get discounts on everything. However, things aren’t so cut and dry and the same goes for the Surfshark coupons. The discount only features on select plans allowing the service provider to still make a profit.

surfshark coupons

This arrangement shouldn’t stop you from enjoying the Surfshark VPN coupon. Ideally, you can get a better experience by choosing the longest subscription plan. It might not be so obvious but this also features the highest discount. That way, you have a win-win situation by getting a long-running service with an awesome discount.

Are there VPN coupons to get a free version?

Free versions are definitely an awesome way to get a feel of the Surfshark service. Surfshark coupons however aren’t part of the deal. That said, the plan comes with a free trial which lets you experience it at no extra charge.

The perks don’t end there as you also get a money-back guarantee. With this, you’re assured of getting your investment back if the service wasn’t satisfactory. It’s a bold move on Surfshark’s part in a bid to build customer trust. You can get the free trial here.

How often does VPN offer new deals and discounts?

New deals are available to users all year long. You should especially keep an eye out during the holiday seasons and special sales periods. For the latter, you can bookmark the Black Friday page to stay up to date. Also, you can check out new deals on our VPN coupon page.


The is definitely a service you’re going to enjoy. With its discounts and server reach, browsing issues become a distant memory. All that’s left is to understand how the service works and this article on the Surfshark VPN coupon can help you do just that. Get started today and enjoy the discounts that the awesome service has in store for you.

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