Best Free Netflix VPN for 2024 to Stream From Anywhere

If you were to ask me if there is a free Netflix VPN that handles Netflix geo-blocks effectively, I’d say, “No, there isn’t any.” Do you blame me? Netflix geo-blocks are notoriously tricky, and not many free Netflix VPNs can wrestle with the firewall. However, there are 15 free Netflix VPNs I know that can undo Netflix. Among these 15 VPNs, 10 compete with the best free VPN for Netflix. And among the set of free VPN that works with Netflix, I have come to trust only 5 of them. In this article, I talk about the best free VPN for Netflix based on my experience. I also take into account the process through which I tested and ranked the VPNs. I conclude with everything you need to know about having the best free VPN for Netflix. Hop in now to see what’s next!

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Best Free Netflix VPN

How I Tested and Ranked these Netflix VPNs

As a VPN junkie, I tried this-and-that free VPN that works with Netflix but found only a few worthy. I tested and ranked the best free VPN for Netflix based on the following criteria.

Record & Transparency:

In choosing any free Netflix VPN provider, the company’s record and feedback provided by its customers do matter. If the best free VPN for Netflix provider lacks privacy policy or has ever been accused of data breaches, this shows some red flags.


How secure has the free Netflix VPN been over the years? What are users saying about the protection of their devices and data? If the free Netflix VPN has been poor regarding security, why should I trust it?


A VPN showing a medium signal strength? Lol, that’s not how I want my best free VPN for Netflix to look like. Not if it is to access Netflix. If the signal strength is weak or medium, I know even the best free VPN for Netflix will find it hard fighting internet throttling.


In a busy world like ours, where everything is in a hurry, who does not desire speed? Any free VPN that works with Netflix must be incredibly fast. Such a VPN’s speed cannot be dictated by a local internet connection.

Number of Servers:

Most free Netflix VPNs depend on proxy servers. This pile of servers allows users to alternate between a stable server and an unstable one. The more servers there are, the more stability the best free VPN for Netflix provides.

Supported Devices:

The best free VPN for Netflix should have options for all of my devices. If not all, then most of my devices, especially the essential ones. At the minimum, I should be able to connect my phone and PC.

These are pretty fair criteria if you ask me.

How Does Free Netflix VPN Work?

free netflix vpn

Best free VPN for Netflix works by encrypting your local internet connection before sending it through proxy servers. That way, it masks your IP address and allows you to enjoy Netflix shows anonymously.

VPN generally stands for Virtual Private Network. The best free VPN Netflix allows you to access Netflix geo-blocks. All you need to do to connect is the following.

  • Step 1: Log into your selected best free VPN for Netflix provider app, such as the ExpressVPN app.
  • Step#2: Ensure you are connected to one of your VPN servers before proceeding to Netflix.
  • Step#3: Go to the Netflix website or use the Netflix app on your phone. But I recommend the website.
  • Step 4: Explore shows and movies on Netflix. Any good free VPN for Netflix lets you watch as many movies as you want without restriction.

Netflix has hundreds of movies. Thousands, in fact. But you are only allowed to watch movies within your region. This restriction, to me, is unfair since I believe it’s a free world.

So, a free Netflix VPN affords you that freedom. However, there is a limit you can go if you are using the wrong free Netflix VPN. There are these huge Netflix geo-blocks always trying to teach even the best free VPN for streaming Netflix a lesson or two.

Is a Free Netflix VPN Worth it?

I’ve used several free VPNs to confidently say none of them is worth the hype. Unless your best free VPN for Netflix can flush out some of the downsides listed below, it’s never a serious contender for Netflix geo-blocks.


The job of a VPN is to nullify internet throttling. If any free VPN cannot do this, forget it against Netflix. It’s particularly frustrating to hire a free VPN for watching Netflix only for that VPN to add to your brunt of internet speed.


The moment I get a free VPN to watch Netflix, I get worried about my privacy. This is because most free VPNs contain third-party tracking tools that allow websites to track my details.


One of the uses of any free VPN that works with Netflix is to protect me from online bugs and scams. But it’s the other way round. Most free VPNs I have used contain online risks, such as malware.


Only a few free VPNs have proven to be very effective against geo-blocks. Others can fight off social media blocks effectively but cannot contend against streaming geo-blocks.

Data Limit:

Do I need to remind you that some of the best free VPN for Netflix have data limits? Of course, they do. Some VPNs offer as high as 500MB bandwidth that must not exceed. Once you exceed the limit, you can no longer stream.


Nearly everyone I know with the best free VPN for watching Netflix has been exploited one way or the other. The exploitation can be in data breaches, online tracking, bandwidth sales, or advertisements.

But Free VPNs Are Not Making Money

the best free netflix vpn

The downsides may seem fair since you are not paying a dime for the VPNs. But in the actual sense of it, are you truly not paying for them? Are free Netflix VPNs totally free?

For me, one thing is certain and that is “Nothing is free.” Everything comes with a cost. In most cases, this cost could be your time and effort.

But in cases such as the best Netflix VPNs, it’s not only your time at stake but also your vulnerability. You risk being exploited when you use some of the free Netflix VPNs.

Come to think of it, how do you think some free VPNs make money? Ever wondered about that? Some free VPNs make money by selling your information. Others use trackers. I’ve seen VPNs that sell user’s bandwidth.

I believe the cost of free things is what we subtly lose. Things we always take for granted. Yet, there are free VPNs for Netflix that prioritize users over everything else. Free premium VPNs that work and can be trusted. Why not go for those ones?

Our suggestion: Try a Premium VPN Free for 30 Days

Let me be frank with you. The only two methods you can use to penetrate Netflix are free VPN trials and money-back guarantees. Although you may think these methods are costly, I tell you they are free.

The methods work without you paying a dime. I know this because I’ve been there. In fact, they work with more sophistication and assurance. If you are not sure where to begin, try ExpressVPN risk-free for 30 days. Follow the steps below to begin.

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  3. Choose a plan: The next page you’ll see contains steps. The first step prompts you to select a subscription plan. Choose the first plan, which is the 1-month plan.
  4. Input email address: Proceed to the next step about an email address. Input your email address in the field.
    Select payment method: After that, you should select your preferred payment method. You can pay in Bitcoin, PayPal, Credit Card, and others.
  5. Pay and download the app: Pay for the monthly plan and then download the app through the link sent to your email address.
  6. Enjoy for a month: Once you’ve downloaded, enjoy all the app’s premium services for 30 days only.
  7. Request for money-back: Find and click on “Contact Support” to describe your dissatisfaction with the app.
  8. Send request: Send a money-back request by email or through one of their live chat agents and be refunded.

Free Netflix VPNs to Avoid

how to choose free netflix vpn

No matter how hard you try it, some free Netflix VPNs cannot just work. Providers of such VPNs use all forms of marketing to grab your attention, so do not fall for it.

Being a victim myself, I’ve listed out some of the best free VPN for Netflix you should avoid at all costs. I believe that way, you know which free Netflix VPN to go for and which one you shouldn’t.


TorBrowser, by nature, is not meant for high bandwidth streaming. Therefore, you cannot use Tor to access Netflix or any other streaming sites.


With a limited number of servers, Hidestar does not access Netflix. All the servers listed on the free Netflix VPN have been blocked by Netflix.


Having used Hola, I can confidently tell you the free Netflix VPN does not work. Forget the marketing technique behind the VPN. Should you fall for it, you’ll be disappointed.


Like Hola, Witopia takes loads to connect with Netflix. In the end, the free VPN for Netflix does not succeed. You may try it out yourself to see if it works. But I’m 99 percent convinced it wouldn’t.


While trying out this free Netflix VPN, I was fervently hoping it would work. It showed some flashes of access here and there. But in the end, did it? Adding it to this list is an answer to that question.


I don’t even know where this free VPN for Netflix is now. I read blogs saying it has been replaced. Whatever it is replaced with, I don’t care. This free Netflix VPN took a whole week to access and access and access until my battery burned.

Are Free VPNs for Netflix Legal?

Any free VPN that works with Netflix is legal in most countries but not in all countries.

Before I started thinking about finding the best free VPN for Netflix, I first set out to know the legality that surrounds the use of the best free VPN for Netflix. This report is the result of my curiosity.

Generally, VPNs are democratic, and even Netflix itself takes it to mean a form of human right. Through the platform’s terms of use, the suggested punishment for anyone who uses a free VPN that works with Netflix is the termination of the person’s account.

But this punishment has been more technical than pragmatic. There has never been a case so far where Netflix bans a user because of a VPN.

Therefore, from Netflix perspective, any user can take on the website with a VPN while Netflix retaliates with geo-blocks. It’s a game of technological sophistication.

The problem, however, lies within the country where a free VPN that works with Netflix is operative. Some countries have banned the use of VPNs, and that included Netflix VPNs. Some of these countries are China, Russia, Uganda, and others.

But why does Netflix suggest a punishment at all if using VPN is democratic? The answer is simple. Although the channel never punished or banned anyone using a free VPN that works with Netflix, it still wants to protect its content from proxy access.

Should Netflix detect that you use any best free VPN for Netflix to explore its content, it adds that VPN’s IP address to its server to keep a close watch. Only a few VPNs evade the block listing, and one of them is ExpressVPN

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FAQs About Netflix VPN

Is there any free VPN that works with Netflix?

Yes, there are free VPNs that work with Netflix, but only a few of them. Not every free VPN that works with Netflix can penetrate the geo-blocks. Only a few have tried and succeeded.

Can I use a free VPN to change location for Netflix?

Yes, the best free VPN for Netflix can operate from different places on your Netflix and access any restricted content.

What can I do with a free VPN that works with Netflix?

You can use a free VPN to change Netflix location, access restricted content, and explore premium videos for free. You can also use a VPN that works with Netflix to maximize streaming costs.

Is it illegal to use a free VPN that works with Netflix?

It is not unlawful to use a free VPN that works with Netflix. It is only criminal if your country has banned the use of VPNs.

How do I use a premium VPN that works with Netflix free?

It’s easy to use a premium VPN that works with Netflix free by exploring the VPN provider’s free trials and money-back options.

Is there a browser with a built-in free VPN that works with Netflix?

There are browsers with built-in VPNs that come for free, but no browser has a free VPN that works with Netflix specifically.

How can I watch Netflix for free using a VPN?

You can watch Netflix for free using a free VPN that works with Netflix by downloading ExpressVPN and other VPNs. That way, you can explore the premium features and get refunded after 30 days.

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The best free VPN that works with Netflix is not worth the effort. However, there have been cases where free VPNs for Netflix has succeeded in undoing the geo-blocks. But these are rare cases.

As far as I know, the best free VPN to change your Netflix location either takes advantage of the trial version of premium VPNs or the money-back guarantees.

In this cat-and-mouse game between Netflix and VPN providers, only ExpressVPN has been top-notch. The VPN is at present the best free VPN for Netflix.

ExpressVPN offers 30-day risk-free premium services and money-back options. I suggest you take advantage of these options to enjoy a genuinely free VPN that works with Netflix.


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