Top 5 REALLY Best Free VPN for School in 2024

You will be doing yourself a disservice if you do not find a way to stay protected while you use the internet. There are dangers lurking on the internet. One of the best ways to stay protected on the internet is using a VPN (A Virtual Private Network). Beyond the needs you’ll have as an everyday user to use a VPN for protection, is there a need to use a VPN in school or as a student? Yes, there are. You may want to use a free VPN for school to stay secure. Sometimes online platforms have malware embedded in them. Using a VPN is one way to steer clear of them. Furthermore, cybercriminals may be looking to steal your data. A VPN encrypts your traffic, keeping it far away from the reach of bad actors.

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The first is to get around restrictions on campus. School authorities sometimes impose restrictions on various platforms. The platforms typically blocked include social media spaces like Facebook, Instagram, and even streaming platforms like Netflix and Hulu. Ostensibly, this is to encourage students to focus while in school. However, school administrators should not get to make such calls. You should be perfectly capable of deciding what platforms to access and when to do so.

In the category of VPNs you can use in schools, there are free and paid providers. As a student, you may not have the money to pay for a VPN. Bearing that in mind, we bring you this discussion on the best VPNs that work at school free. These free VPNs for school will keep you absolutely safe and secure the entire time.

The Best Free VPN for School

Criteria for Choosing the VPNs

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There are quite a number of free VPNs for schools. However, they have different capabilities and features. To come down with the best free school VPN, we looked at their features, strengths, and weaknesses. Here are the metrics we used:

Number of Servers

VPN servers are important for various reasons. The first is that you connect to a VPN server to encrypt your server and keep you secure. This is an important factor to consider when looking at a free VPN for your school. In addition, servers help you unblock geo-restrictions. A free school VPN should be able to help you unblock content.

As already stated, the school authorities could block you from accessing certain platforms from within the school. Thus, you need a free VPN with servers in locations in other countries to enable you to get around the geo-restrictions. You need to, however, be aware that free VPNs for schools typically have a low number of servers.


Performance is also another criterion we considered while considering the best free VPN for school computers. You need a VPN for school WiFi free that you can trust their capabilities.

Whether you are looking to get around the blocks by the school authorities or looking to stay safe while using the school WiFi, it is important that your VPN comes through at every point. You must bear in mind that if your connection to free VPNs for school drops, you could be vulnerable to hackers, cybercriminals, and even your school authorities.


You cannot compromise on speed while using the internet. In the first place, speed makes sure you have a buffer-free and lag-less experience. Lags reduce the quality of your experience when you use your school WiFi. In addition, when your internet connection is not fast, you could be vulnerable too. The brief period that your connection lags could be an opportunity a hacker needs to access your connection.

Thus, in choosing the best free VPN, we considered this. However, there you may want to consider the speed when it comes to the best free VPN for school WiFi. One way to do that is through running the free VPNs for school through a speed test. The result you get will show you if the speed of the free school VPN is great or whether you need to consider some other option.

Effectiveness in Accessing School WiFi

Since you will be using the VPN in school, the free school VPN must be able to work with the school WiFi. Thus, in considering the best VPN for school WiFi, we bore in mind that you should be able to connect to your school WiFi with the VPN. Furthermore, the free VPN that you choose should keep your details safe from everyone on the network. When you use a public network such as WiFi, your details will be open to everyone on the network.

However, you should know that free VPNs for school may not perform as optimally as you’d wish. This is because the free VPN for school WiFi could have some drawbacks, which makes it less than ideal. In the next section, we look at some of the weaknesses free VPNs for schools usually have.

Does a Free School VPN Really Work?

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If you want a VPN unblocked at school free, then you should be ready for some drawbacks. As mentioned above, free VPNs for schools do not offer the same capabilities as paid VPN providers. This is because a free school VPN does not have an incentive to improve its services, unlike paid providers who have to provide services worth the cost paid by each subscriber. Thus, not only could you experience subpar services, but you could also potentially be in danger. The specific deficiencies of a free VPN for school WiFi includes:

Limited Servers

Free VPNs for schools do not typically have a broad server range. They usually allow you access to a limited selection of their total server count. This reduces the quality of what you could do with the free school VPN. Besides that, these free VPNs for school servers may not even be the best. They may not support activities such as torrenting and P2P file sharing. Thus, if you are interested in streaming restricted content, then a free school VPN may not be an efficient choice. In some cases, the school authorities could even discover that you are using a free VPN for school WiFi.

Reduced Speed

If you intend to carry out a speed-intensive activity, then a free school VPN may not be the best option for you. VPNs generally reduce your internet speed. This is because of the time it takes for the provider to route your traffic through its servers. However, premium providers make sure the speed difference is not much. Unfortunately, free VPNs for school do not fall into the category of premium providers. Thus, you could notice lags when you use the internet under a free school VPN coverage.


As mentioned, enhancing security is the core function of a VPN. However, a free VPN for school WiFi may not meet up to this task. This is because the typical free VPN for school WiFi would lack the infrastructure to keep up with innovative security features. Thus, your security may not be given as much priority as you’d find with a paid provider.

In some cases, however, free VPNs for school providers could intentionally compromise on security. This occurs in the situation where such providers collate your data and sell it to third parties. Third parties here include data mining companies like advertising agencies, etc.

Some providers inform you from the onset that they’d be sharing your data with third parties. However, others are not so forthright. Thus, in the case where you use a free school VPN where your data is collated, it could fall into the hands of cybercriminals, and you’ll be in trouble.

Thus, beyond just looking at the cost when it comes to free VPN for students, also consider these factors before committing to any.

Steps to Try Out ExpressVPN for Free

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Free VPNs for schools fall into three categories. The first is totally free VPNs, the second are VPNs that run free trials, and the third are VPNs that offer money-back guarantees.

Of the lot, Free VPNs for school that offers money-back guarantees are most reliable. This is because, in this arrangement, you have access to the full gamut of features the free VPN for school WiFi has. You will have to sign up and pay for a subscription at first.

However, you get a ‘window’ period within which you can request a refund. When you make the request, the free VPN for school WiFi will have to make the refund available, no questions asked. There are different VPN providers that offer money-back guarantees; the best of the lot is ExpressVPN.

ExpressVPN is a powerful provider with top-tier features. It is efficient for carrying out any need you need a free school VPN for. It has a reliable number of servers and excellent security features that guide against any attack from third parties. If you need a free VPN for school WiFi, you can hardly do better than ExpressVPN. More so, this provider has a reliable 30-day money-back guarantee period.

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If you are wondering about how to connect to your school WiFi using ExpressVPN, here are the steps below:

  1. Go to ExpressVPN’s website.
  2. Subscribe to a plan and pay for it.
  3. Download the VPN app compatible with your device.
  4. Install the app by following the prompts that come up.
  5. Run the app.
  6. Use the VPN with 30 days.
  7. Request a refund.

As you can see, the setup process is straightforward. If you are in search of free VPNs that work at school, ExpressVPN comes through for you.

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Q: Is It legal to use a Free school VPN?

A: Yes, for the most part. There is no law against using a free school VPN. Generally, you are as legal as what you do with the VPN. If you engage in illegal activity, you could be protected, even after using free VPNs for school. Thus, the important thing is to confirm that when using a free VPN for school WiFi that you stay on the right side of the law.

Q: is there another solution?

A: We have listed some of the challenges you could face in school that would necessitate the use of a free VPN for school WiFi. If you are wondering if there is an alternative, i.e., if you can stay protected, unblock restricted sites and the likes without a VPN, the answer is No. For all of their drawbacks, a VPN for school WiFi is a solid way to keep safe. It even gets better if you take up the offer from top-tier provider ExpressVPN.

Q: What are the Categories of free VPN for school WiFi?

A: Free VPNs for school could either be completely free or have a trial period or alternatively give you a risk-free money-back window like ExpressVPN does. Every free VPN for school WiFi falls into one of the categories above. Hence, they also have their capabilities and drawbacks. In all, if you are a first-time subscriber, using a free school VPN with a money-back window is your best option.


There are numerous benefits you get with a free VPN for school WiFi. However, free VPNs for schools vary and have their different strengths and weaknesses. Reading this review should shine a light on the best free school VPN to consider.


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