What is the Best VPN for China in 2024?

China is doing everything it can to block any outside content from being consumed by its citizens. This can be seen by a recent crackdown on VPNs which resulted in a lesser number of VPN China servers. Because of China’s growing restrictions and the country’s inability to use common websites like Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and even major news channels that’s why people are trying to find the best VPN into China.

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Are VPNs legal in China?

The answer to that is YES. Recently, the use of VPN services was banned and using it is considered a crime by China’s Ministry of Industry and Information Technology. You might be asking that the country which does the most blocking of VPNs while utilizing the DPI or deep packet inspection will ban the use of VPN services.

Express VPN the best VPN of 2024. Without a doubt, they have all the security features, bypass geo-block capabilities, the best P2P file-sharing or torrenting, and the most honest no-logs policy. For this reason, we highly recommend using this VPN service to keep you safe online.

If you want to try Express VPN for free, the good news is you can try all of its benefits for 30 days. That’s because they are giving away 30-day money-back guarantee. If you’re not convinced you can always ask for a refund and they will not let you wait. In fact, they will give it back to you in a matter of 5 days.

Contact their customer service through their live chat. There will be no need for any justification just tell them you changed your mind. It’s that simple.

Significantly, VPN technology is not considered entirely illegal in China. In fact, they are trying to regulate the use of VPNs by its citizens since it allows banks and law firms to use VPN services. Instead, the Chinese government only prohibits VPNs from operating without a license.

With the hope of restoring their freedom in using the internet while keeping their privacy in check, people in China are looking for the best VPN online. However, Chinese authorities are doing everything they can to prevent it.

If you’re a tourist going into that country, don’t expect to watch your favorite content without using a VPN.

Our Top Choices of the Best VPN into China

Why do we consider these the best VPN to China?

  • They don’t keep user logs. They’re based outside the 5/9/14 Eyes Alliance and they don’t keep user logs.
  • They’re fast. For a VPN to be considered a top-tiered VPN, it must have fast and reliable connections. Their obfuscated servers let you connect to the fastest VPN China server in just one click.
  • They must have an extensive server network. The more servers, the more content you can unblock. These providers offer thousands of servers in many different countries.
  • They’re user-friendly. Their apps are easy to navigate and manage. It’s ideal for both beginners and experts alike.
  • Affordable. One of these is considered as the best cheap VPN in the market. And most of them offer good deals if you subscribe for more than 1 year.
  • They support streaming, torrenting, P2P file-sharing. With unlimited bandwidth, super-fast connections, and the capability to unblock nearly all websites, you can use an open internet in China.

How to purchase and install a VPN in China?

Can you use VPN in China? Of course. However, using an unlicensed VPN is considered a crime by the Chinese authorities. How can you use a VPN in China legally? The only way to do this is to use a Government-approved VPN service.

However, if you’re visiting the country and you’re not sure that you can trust a state-approved VPN service, you might want to install the client before you go there.

How to install a VPN to China.

Does VPN work in China? Yes and we recommend ExpressVPN. It has two configurations, automatic and manual. Here’s our installation guide.

In general, an application is the easiest and fastest way to set it up. All you have to do is download the app from their official website, sign up for a new account and choose your subscription plan. It’s that easy.

Similarly, it also works for VPN china android devices.

  1. Go to the Play Store and search for the app.
  2. Download and install it.
  3. Sign-up and create your account.
  4. Connect to a VPN china server using the Quick Connect option. This option will help you get the best server at any given time.

The hidden dangers of free VPNs

Using a free VPN will is not free after all. That’s because you’ll have to pay for it eventually. The reason being is that free VPNs sells users logs to third parties to create income. Although it’s not through monetary payments but with many other things. Here’s why:

  • It will compromise your security. Free VPNs in fact contain malware which is considered one of the biggest threats to online security. Unfortunately, 38% of free VPNs in the market have shown signs of infection which are all related to advertising. The best thing to do is to subscribe to the best VPN into China.
  • They can track your online activity. This is the worst thing any VPN service provider can do. Awfully, it’s the most common. Supposedly, VPNs should protect their users’ privacy not expose them. Ironically, 72% of free VPN software embed third-party trackers.
  • They’re incapable of unblocking streaming services. At the present time, there is no free VPN that is reliable enough to unblock Netflix let alone be used in China. Obviously, streaming sites have the strongest geo-blocks in the world.
  • Limited data. Free VPNs have limited data to entice their users to subscribe to the premium plans. Users upgrade to the premium plans out of frustration. Make sure you subscribe to or list of the best VPN into China.
  • Slow internet speed. Obviously, when your internet speed slowed down after you used a free VPN, it’s a common issue found with inferior quality VPNs. This is another strategy to entice users to upgrade to the premium plans. Also, since free VPNs don’t have adblockers, they are incorporating ads to make money while selling your bandwidth at the same time.

Why you need a China VPN online privacy

VPNs are getting more and popular these days. It’s because a lot more people are becoming aware of online privacy and security. Along with that, only the best VPN into China allows users to watch geo-blocked streaming services that are otherwise unavailable without it. Another thing a VPN to China can do is give you unlimited P2P file-sharing or torrenting activities.

Who needs a VPN to China?

Are VPNs illegal in China? Not really since banks and law firms are open to using them as long as they pay a hefty price. Also, the government allows licensed VPNs to operate. However, if you’re not from that place and you want a trusted VPN in the market, we have the list of the best VPN into China.

However, we strongly advise using the ExpressVPN. It’s a premium china VPN online. It’s one of the most trusted in privacy and security features as well as unblocking streaming sites, and unlimited file-sharing capabilities.

Anyone can use a VPN from students, professionals, basically, everyone who uses the internet should use one. If you value your online privacy and security, or if you want to watch foreign content that is geo-restricted, or if you’re into torrenting, you definitely want to consider using a VPN.

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What can you do with a VPN

VPNs are getting more interesting. Aside from what we mentioned earlier, there are actually other things you can do with a VPN. Here are 8 things you can do with a VPN:

  1. Prevents your ISP from tracking your online activity. ISPs are tracking their users’ internet activity. Aside from rare cases where government agencies’ requests for investigating a certain individual, ISP starts to track their subscriber’s data to be used in target ads.
  2. You can do online shopping from any location. VPNs can trick websites about your real location. And it becomes possible to do online shopping from anywhere in the world.
  3. Stay secured when using public Wi-Fi hotspots in hotels, restaurants, schools, libraries, etc. Whether you’re checking your email, chatting, or checking your balance, you don’t want anyone looking at what you’re doing other than yourself. A VPN will help you get the security and privacy that you need.
  4. Prevents websites from collecting information. This is how most websites make a profit. They collect information and turn them into target advertising for their marketing campaigns. VPNs are the most effective against targeted ads since they can entirely hide your IP address.
  5. Grants you anonymous downloads. Most VPNs support P2P file-sharing and torrenting activities. If you love these things, it would be the best time to subscribe to a VPN service and avoid copyright infringement.
  6. Stream geo-blocked content. VPNs help you get past geo-restrictions, so you can watch your favorite movies and TV series using VPN China server.
  7. The only way you can beat the hackers. A VPN will let you connect to a VPN China server off-site therefore preventing hackers from finding your IP address. Therefore, any attempt will be directed to the VPNs extensive server network let alone its privacy and security features. Using a China VPN online will definitely keep your internet traffic safe online.
  8. You can access your home computer virtually. There is some rare case where you need access to your computer at home or at the office. When it happens, it’s impossible to do so when you’re not physically present. However, a VPN can help you achieve that.

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Using a VPN to China to protect your privacy and increase your security

As can be seen in the USA, the Patriot Act was implemented so that the government and the NSA will have legal rights to request any information from the ISP for surveillance purposes. However, in China, the government asserts that it has the authority to control the content that is served to its population. While politics is the more obvious reason why this is happening, however, it all boils down to maintain control in its citizens.

Despite its best effort to ban foreign VPN and step up The Great Firewall of China’s capabilities to block VPNs, our list of the best VPNs into China can effectively unblock that countries security firewalls.

That being said, you can surf the web anonymously without fear that you’re being tracked by the government for consuming blocked-content. This premium VPN to China does not just support torrenting and P2P file-sharing, they actually encourage it. It’s obvious since they offer unlimited bandwidth and download capabilities.

Using a VPN also assures users of privacy and protection when using the unsecured public WiFi. We all know that connecting to an unsecured network poses a lot of online threats that could be harmful if left unchecked. When you use a VPN, you will have access to all the said benefits while keeping your China VPN online activity safe and protected all the time.

Watch foreign streaming platforms and TV channels

A VPN China server can get you access to Chinese content. So if you’re from that country and you want to stream Chinese movies and TV shows, using a VPN to China that has effective unblocking capabilities will help you get the job done.

Netflix and China VPN online

Our suggested service, ExpressVPN, can help you get past Netflix’s robust firewall as well as China’s Great Firewall. In fact, it’s one of the few VPNs that can unblock and bypass China’s geo-blocks and restrictions. If you’re traveling to China, make sure that you’ve installed the app on your devices.


Subscribing to a premium VPN to China like ExpressVPN will give you the online privacy and protection that you needed. Whether you’re a tourist going into that country, an expat who want to unblock famous streaming sites, or a citizen who want to know what’s happening in other parts of the world, or do you share large files for torrenting, subscribing to China VPN online service will surely be beneficial for you.

You should keep in mind that a free VPN will cost you in the long-run. You’re not safe or protected, in fact, the opposite is actually happening. They contain spyware, malware and they are selling user logs to make money.

Ultimately, we recommend using a VPN to China on your next travel, for your protection.

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