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Bundesnachrichtendienst. Yes, that is one word, or a name if you will. It is the name of the German equivalent to American NSA, you know the guys who are always “there for you” whether you need it or not, whether you know it or not. Kinda scary, right? The German NSA is there to spy on your German IP, or see what Germany IP address you have and what you’re doing online.

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Discover The Best VPN For Germany

Germany is a fantastic place for anyone who considers themselves neat, accurate and professional. During the couple of years that I spent in this picturesque country, I felt like I was surrounded by an aura of professionalism, no matter what I was doing. Most of that gets wiped away by a few steins of beer, but that is on weekends so nothing to do with professionalism. Wink, wink.

So in a country so ingrained with a professional and respectful, even considerate approach, how come Bundesnachr… You know what, let’s just call them BDN for short. How come all of it evaporates as soon as you step in the German online realm with BDN at its gates?

Activities logged, IP addresses kept for an uncomfortable and frankly quite alarming time. Phone numbers, email contents, metadata, and other personal data at their fingertips to do with as they please. They keep track of your German IP and Germany IP address, and do god knows with the data they extract. A Germany VPN is the answer to this problem. It’s an answer to many problems and questions, such as: How to get German IP address, or how to alter my German IP. In this article, we’ll go into which VPN Germany services you ought to use as well as the details of Germany proxy IPs and why you should be avoiding Germany VPN Free or free VPN Germany services.

This being a site dedicated to all things trouble-free, if you are also looking for a VPN, Germany has many options and I am here to tell you about them!

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VPN shall set you free, wherever you may be. That rhymed. True though, it will. If you use the right one, that is. But to determine the best VPN, Germany located expats and online security-conscious residents need to ask themselves a few simple questions. Answer them too, preferably, as these answers are going to be the key to finding that one hassle-free VPN, Germany residents can utilize to its full potential.

Questions like, what do you do online? I know, a bit strange to ask this to a person who is obviously concerned with their privacy, you managed to find your way to this page, after all. Do ask this to yourself though and consider the answer. It will point towards the features that while in Germany, a VPN will be taking care of. Though keep in mind, if you have yourself a Free VPN Germany service, it may not do all of the features I’ve pointed out.


Do you want to keep your banking details private? Do you wish for your late-night chat contents with your girlfriend and boyfriend to remain between the two of you? Is “encryption” a word in your vocabulary? With the correct Germany VPN, you can stay secure.


Do you wish for your shopping and browsing habits to be private and NOT used against you by being bombarded with creepily necessary things that became necessary only recently? No Google, I don’t want to buy an ant farm set just because I watched a few ant keeping videos on youtube at 4 AM, a little while back. Do you want your location, IP address and the communications to be encrypted? With the right Germany VPN and VPN service Germany, you will stay a step ahead of snoops.


How feature rich do you want your VPN to be? Do you wish to just have access to geo-locked online content or do you want the full monty and have a full list of tunneling, encryption and server-hopping features? If the first, and/or all you want to do is just mask or change your Germany IP with a German proxy IP, then maybe a simple VPN Germany service will do? With the best VPN, Germany is your oyster. Just remember though, that you want to stay away from Free VPN Germany services. Anything that advertises Free VPN Germany servers is something that will come with unwanted baggage.

Kick-off those “this content is not available in your country” shackles, flip off anyone who thinks your right to download the entire library of Jersey Shores does not exist, get a VPN. You can thank me later once you have your Germany VPN. No seriously, throw me an e-mail, I love it when I have somehow managed to help another online citizen like myself.

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