Who has the Fastest and Slowest Internet in the World?

Having a fast internet connection is everybody’s dream. But unfortunately, it is not in everyone’s reach. The speed of broadband varies depending on the country you’re located, or even it’s not the same in a different location of the same state. Of course, the fastest internet speed would make your web experience remarkable, especially, if you work remotely or interested in pursuing a career as a digital nomad.

As someone who enjoys exploring the hidden beauty of the world, I decided to take a look at which country is providing the fastest internet in the world – to plan my next leisure-cum-business trip.

A recent study from a British firm, Cable, performed over 163 million speed tests across 200 countries to rank countries with the fastest internet. The analysis was conducted in partnership with M-Lab, Google Open Source Research, Princeton University’s PlanetLab and other partners. Before I proceed further, let’s look at some interesting facts that came out from the tests conducted by Cable – some of them are really shocking.

  1. 5G connection is on the horizon, and the gigabit service is expanding exponentially.
  2. The global average speed of internet is 11.6Mbps.
  3. Singapore gets number 1 rank as the fastest internet, while Yemen being the slowest internet service country.
  4. A 5GB movie download time ranging between 11 minutes to 36 hours, depending on your internet speed.
  5. Download speed of countries with the fastest internet has 88% times faster.
  6. Europe has the fastest speed compared to other regions.
  7. The USA has shockingly slow internet speed compared to other countries.

Interesting, right? There is more to come; scroll down below and check our Info graphic.

Who Has The Fastest Internet In The World in 2018/2019?

Surprisingly, the USA is not on the list of top ten countries with the fastest internet. At once, I was a bit skeptical, but facts remain on top of the game. The below ranking is based on two essential metrics; average download speed and time it takes to download an HD movie.

What About Mobile Internet Speed?

For mobile users, 2018 was a good year; not just in terms of technology, but internet speed for data also increased exponentially. It was observed that the average mobile download speed increased by 15.2%, while upload speed increased by 11.6%.

average mobile internet speed


I took into consideration the test conducted by Speedtest.net that further drilled the mobile speed into OS. What I observed is that iOS devices tend to get better reception compared to Android.

android vs ios internet speed


What is the Fastest Internet Speed in Fixed Broadband?

Fixed broadband speed had a significant increase of 26.4% in the download speed compared to the previous year. Upload speed was also around 26.5%.

fixed broadband internet average speed


Internet Speed is Accelerating

The Internet is evolving day by day. From 1984 (the age of 50 Kbps circuit) to the fastest internet speed of 2018-2019; internet is getting better and better. I enjoyed consuming information from an interesting Infographic made by HostGator which demonstrates the journey of Internet from “Dial-up” to “Light-speed” internet connection.

A Piece of Advice!

Always stay protected when you browse online as you can be a victim of cyber criminals that are always on the lookup to steal data. For that, it is advisable to use a fast VPN connection whenever you browse for work or entertainment purpose.

So that now we have the list of countries with top-speed internet, we can plan our next move, right? It’s time to say goodbye for today. Don’t forget to join our mailing list if you want to receive more cool-and-informative Infographic like this.


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