How To Permanently Delete Your Twitter Account

Twitter is trending, Twitter is the inn thing and has always been that way. It’s interesting; it’s engaging and uplifting at times as well. But there comes the point when Twitter can be a big pain in A**. Hateful comments or sluggish interface is just too much to sink in leading to people looking for a complete clean slate. That is possible. Let’s move towards knowing how to delete your Twitter account permanently.

But there is a chance if you change your mind. For that, the company offers a time period to reactivate your profile within 30 days. If you don’t revive till then, your account will be lost forever. Let’s see what VPNVETERAN brings as the simplest way to delete your Twitter account on three most utilized Operating Systems and device.

Steps To Delete Your Twitter Account On Android And iOS

Delete Twitter account on Android & iOS

  • When you are on your profile, click on your profile icon or the hamburger menu present at the top of the screen.
  • Select Settings
  • Chose Privacy menu and click on Account
  • Look for deactivate option and click on it.
  • Tap Deactivate for further steps
  • Type in your Twitter password when prompted and chose to Deactivate
  • Click YES and your Twitter account will be deactivated.

Delete Twitter account on desktop

  • Sign into your account on through Twitter website on your PC or Mac
  • Select Settings and Click on Privacy from the drop down menu
  • Go on the Account section through the menu
  • Click Deactivate
  • Type in your Twitter password when prompted and chose to Deactivate
  • Click YES and your Twitter account will be deactivated.

Get A Grip! Changed Your Mind?

While we mentioned earlier in this blog if you decide to delete your Twitter account through the above-mentioned steps. Twitter will automatically retain and store all your data for the next 30 days after which your account will be deleted forever. Also, if you decide to login your account beforehand, you will be able to reactivate your account and bring it to life back again. But many users fail to understand; in order to change your username or email address, it’s not advised to delete your entire account. You can search in settings towards account settings to change it.

Also, since deactivation of the account happens instantly, the moment you press deactivate. Do not worry if you see any data or tweets on your profile after it as per Twitter algorithm the account may be viewable on Twitter for a couple of days before it disappears.

Is Twitter safe to use?

In a gist YES! Regardless of the fact it’s safe, it’s still a social media platform where whatever you tweet is heard and seen by millions. The methods we mentioned above are risky and no matter what you do, once connected to the Wi-Fi means your system, device or data is at risk. Imagine the dangers involved while you are deleting your Twitter account and in the 30 day reactivation time period your account gets hacked and your data and messages are checked viewed and stored somewhere else by the cybercriminal.

All your profile would be lost. Nothing is safe when you are involved on the World Wide Web online. Which is why it’s suggested to make use of a VPN that keeps you anonymous throughout. What it will do is give the user a different IP address to browse on Twitter. After which all tweets and online activities on Twitter will be routed through a different IP address which even if targeted won’t do any damage to user’s real IP address. That way Tweeting or deleting your Twitter account will be kept hidden from the rest of the world.


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