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If you are hunting for a good quality VPN that will be able to help mask your internet activity, you are going to want to take a look a good at our PureVPN review. This VPN is one of the most popular on the market and is ideal to use whenever you are seeking a more private browsing experience, want to get around NetFlix or iBBC player content. PureVPN torrent use is also possible too meaning you can download your torrents safe in the knowledge that your ISP has no idea what you are doing.

So why PureVPN? Well, that is exactly what this PureVPN review is going to help you understand. There are plenty of good VPN’s out there but this can make it a little confusing as to which of them to go for. Hopefully, this review on Pure VPN will go a long way in helping you make that final decision.

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The usability of a VPN is one of the most important aspects and PureVPN is up there with the easiest of them to use. It also offers up great compatibility too as you can use their VPN on numerous operating systems ranging from Windows, MacOS, and Linux on desktop computers or laptops and also Android and iOS on any mobile devices that you might have.

The whole process of downloading and installing PureVPN is very straightforward and using it once installed usually takes no more than a couple of clicks of the mouse button. The installation process will differ slightly depending on the operating system you are using but each of them will be equally easy.

Here are the steps you need to use to download and use this VPN on a Windows computer whether you want PureVPN for torrent use, browsing privately or watching locked content:

1.) Visit the PureVPN website and subscribe to their VPN.

2.) Download the VPN software from their website.

3.) Find the executable file in the download folder and click it to start installing.

4.) Follow all of the instructions of the install wizard as the VPN installs and accept the terms and conditions.

5.) Once installed you should be able to run PureVPN via the shortcut on your desktop.

6.) Go into the settings menu if there is anything, in particular, you want to change.

7.) Now just select the server you wish to connect to and you will be able to hide IP address.

We do advise that you take a good look through the different features available to you on PureVPN as there are some that will really appeal to many of you. Using the kill switch, in particular, should be done if you are using PureVPN for torrents.


While PureVPN is considered quite expensive at $10.95 a month, it does offer some fantastic savings for those of you that buy it in advance for an extended period of time. If you were to fork out for a whole year of Pure VPN, you would be getting it at savings of 62% which works out at $4.14 per month. Buy it for two years and you will save even more, 77% in fact as it will work out at just $2.48 per month.

This means that although this VPN can be considered quite expensive compared to others if used on a month to month basis only, that it becomes one of the cheapest available if you decide to pay a lump sum up front.

What might disappoint some is the fact that there is no free VPN server or a free trial for PureVPN. There is, however, a 7-day money back guarantee which does give you a no-risk opportunity to test out their VPN network. If it falls below your expectations, you just have to cancel the subscription within those seven days and claim your money back.

Paying for PureVPN can be done via credit card, bank transfer, PayPal, other e-wallets and even through Bitcoin. The latter is the best option if you want to add another layer of privacy to your VPN experience.

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Based in Hong Kong, Pure VPN has a number of good features, supports protocols such as PPTP, L2TP, SSTP, IKEv2, OpenVPN UDP and OpenVPN TCP and has servers in more than 140 countries. It also uses high-level encryption which makes it ideal for using PureVPN for torrents, private browsing and bypassing geo-restrictions.

Pure VPN Review

PureVPN Review

Below are some of the key features you can expect to see with PureVPN:

  • Multiple Logins

You will be able to connect as many as 5 different devices to this VPN at any given time. This is a fairly standard amount with many other VPN providers allowing the same.

  • Access all Servers

Once you subscribe to Pure VPN, you will be given full access to each and every one of their servers on their VPN network. That is 750 in total which is spread across 141 countries.

  • DDoS Protection

Another excellent feature of PureVPN is one that will appeal to gamers. It offers DDoS protection against even the most complex of attacks.

  • NAT Firewall

PureVPN also has a NAT firewall that helps to protect users from any hackers – which is another good feature to have when browsing.

  • Split Tunneling

Split Tunneling is another good feature you can expect to see on with this VPN. You will be able to customize exactly which data you want to send via the VPN and which data you are happy to come through your existing internet connection.

  • Kill Switch

Any VPN worth its salt should have a kill switch and Pure VPN does not disappoint in this area. This switch will instantly stop your normal internet connection from connecting should the VPNs connection drops out. If you are using PureVPN for torrents, in particular, this is extremely handy.

Reliability and Support

Whether you are using PureVPN for torrents, for private browsing or for watching Netflix USA, you are going to want to know that it is going to be reliable.  During our tests, we found that PureVPN can certainly be considered as reliable and that it has the features such as a kill switch that can help to keep you protected even if it does ever lose connection.

As for support, this is one of the areas where this VPN stands out in our PureVPN review. It offers support 24/7 all year round and users can get in touch with their support team via numerous methods. Live chat, email and a ticket system can be used alongside a strong social media presence on both Facebook and Twitter which can be contacted.

There is plenty of resources that can be found on the Pure VPN website as well which can help users to solve some of the more common issues that might be experienced.

PureVPN Torrent

Is PureVPN torrent friendly? Yes, it is! While many of the other main torrent VPN providers do not allow you to stream or download torrents, Pure is quite relaxed about it. They ensure that you can enjoy anonymous torrenting, browsing or streaming from anywhere in the world with their high speed VPN. There is no bandwidth or speed limits, no matter which plan you are on. So you can say the PureVPN torrent use is one of the best out there.

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That just about does it for our PureVPN review and we are sure you will now be a lot more informed on what this good quality VPN will provide you. In our opinion, it is up there with the best VPN providers, especially if you purchase it for a year or two due to the massive savings that you can make.

PureVPN has many of the features that you would expect from a good quality VPN such as a kill switch and the ability to be able to connect multiple devices at a time. It also allows you to connect to servers in as many as 141 different countries which is more on average than many other VPNs. It might not have as many ‘total’ servers worldwide as others but 750 of them should be more than enough for most of you.

The ability to be able to use this VPN concurrently on five different devices is also a big plus and will suit those that want their entire family to connect to a safe and secure VPN.

It has a good number of servers, plenty of different countries you can connect from and has a good reputation among users.

That being said, if you are still not sold on PureVPN – we suggest you take a look at our many other VPN reviews to see if you can find something that appeals to you more.


PureVPN is provided by a company from Hong Kong. It's been on the market for almost 10 years now. And it's one of the most affordable and most popular solution available today. With its high speed, many users who are desperate because of their poor internet connection use it to increase their broadband, and not to unlock content.

9.5 Total Score
Pure VPN Review: Excellent

PureVPN is a serious contender for the best VPN title. It's suitable for all those who need an easy-to-use VPN to watch streaming TV and download torrents. And it's so cheap!

Value for money
Ease of use
Supported devices
Covered countries
  • High-speed connection
  • Affordable
  • 5 simultaneous connections
  • P2P and BitTorrent allowed, with no logs
  • User friendly
  • Few countries covered in Africa
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