VyprVPN Review 2024: Worth it?


There are many VPN companies on the market and you may find that many services are very similar. But the main providers usually offer something that is unique and sets them apart from the competition. I have written a lot of different reviews on different companies because, to be honest, I have pretty much tested them all. In this VyprVPN review, we are going to look at one of my favorites and one that I can say is probably the most reliable. Hopefully, we can at least get you to try out the VyprVPN free trial.

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What is VyprVPN?

VyprVPN is also known as Golden Frog VPN due to this being the company that provides the service. We will look at a number of things such as price, VyprVPN discount, customer support and most importantly the feature.

Is VyprVPN safe? Yes, indeed because it has a lot of security features like kill switches and the infamous Chameleon protocol. This VyprVPN review will hopefully help you to be able to decide if this is the best VPN provider for you, based on the information I give. So let’s get started and stay tuned for an exclusive VyprVPN coupon.

VyprVPN Price

VyprVPN plans

Next, in this Vyprvpn review, we shall take a look at the pricing model. Unlike most other VPN clients, this one provides pricing options for both home and business users.

The home plan provides unlimited data and allows you to connect 3 devices simultaneously. But it doesn’t have access to the VyprVPN Chameleon protocol. This protocol is needed if you plan on traveling to China and want to use your VPN.

The premium plan provides unlimited data and connection to 5 separate devices simultaneously. And, you will also get access to Chameleon.

Both of these plans have a VyprVPN trial.

VyprVPN for business allows you to choose from two plans: Standard business and business cloud. Both of these also have a VyprVPN free trial period. With the business plan, you only have the option to pay yearly.

The standard business plan’s benefits include multi-user management, dedicated account manager and access to global business servers.

The business cloud plan is a bit more expensive. It provides all the benefits of the standard business package plus: fast deployment, dedicated server and dedicated IP address.

The price is very reasonable and on par with the other major players in the market. While there is no VyprVPN free account, you can still get a VyprVPN discount code if you press the button below.

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In details

Feature Value
No logs? Yes, this provider has a no-log policy
Can use it for Torrenting? Yes, it works fine with torrents
What kind of Netflix does it work with? US, UK, FR, CA, AU, DE
Simultaneous connections 5
What countries does it cover? 73
What Operating Systems does it support? Android, iOS, Windows, MacOs
Money-back guarantee policy 30
What protocols does it offer? WireGuard, robust VPN,IPsec, OpenVPN, Chameleon
Does it offer unlimited traffic data? Yes, it does
Cipher Most secure encryption: Military AES 256 bits
Number of IP Addresses 200000
Number of Servers? 700

VyprVPN Video Review

Is VyprVPN good for everyday use?

Ease of Setup

In this part of the VyprVPN review, you’ll know how to install and use the service on your device.

Just download it directly from the VyprVPN website for PC and Mac, or from the respective app stores on mobile and tablet devices. Remember to use the VyprVPN discount for this.

Once you have installed the VPN and logged in, you just need to click the big blue “connect” button and you will be directed to choose a server to connect too. After that, you are good to go.

Please note – It is always best to connect to a server that is closest to you for optimal performance and speeds.

One small complaint I have is that sometimes it can take a short while to connect. This is not a big problem though. If you feel it is taking longer than it should, the support team will be happy to take a look for you.

Torrents: Allowed!

And Vypr has amazing download speeds, server switching, no-logs and allows torrenting. So it is ideal for downloading torrents. And if you are looking for a torrent VPN, this could be the one. Of course, you should definitely check out the VyprVPN coupon before torrenting.

Furthermore, if you do decide to use the VPN for torrents then, as a premium member, you are able to store up to 50GB of data in their cloud-based DumpTrusk. If you are a basic user then you are limited to 10GB storage, whilst a Pro member gets 25GB. What this means is that you can store your downloaded files on the cloud and then access the data from any device that you have linked your cloud-based account too.

VyprVPN Netflix

This wouldn’t be a very good VyprVPN review if I was not to include a section about Netflix. How to get American Netflix with Vypr VPN? It’s very easy: Connect to a US server with the VPN before watching Netflix and you can get the widest availability of content. Remember to get your VyprVPN discount first.

vyprvpn netflix

VyprVPN has 8 server locations in the US with each city having a cluster of servers. With all these choices, you can select the fastest option within a particular area. It also means that you have more options.

VyprVPN unblocks Netflix but also other streaming services like BBC iPlayer too.

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Windows Client

VyperVPN has one of the best interfaces for Windows and Mac and is not confusing at all. There is an impressive feature that allows you to configure your computer so that internet traffic can only flow through the VPN, thus removing the possibility of accidentally connecting directly to a server.

vyprvpn country list

Other Apps

Just like the Windows app, Mac users will find the app just as easy to install and use. After using the VyprVPN coupon, just follow the short instructions provided.

The Android app has a really great interface and is very user-friendly. Yes, you can still avail of the VyprVPN discount with this. You will automatically be connected to a default server, but you can change this and choose whichever server you wish. The standard server that you are connected to is usually the fastest.

The iOS app also has a great interface that is very easy on the eye. You can also use a VyprVPN coupon for iOS.

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Customer Support

Now we have looked at the VyprVPN price, let’s move on and see how good their customer support is. We did a VyprVPN test by pretending we didn’t know how to set it up. The email support replied within 24 hours with a link to the user guide that supports the set-up process.

You can also contact them via live chat on the website, via Facebook or a contact form on the website.

All-in-all we did not have any issues with the support team. They are not the fastest at responding but are very helpful when they do.

Final Thoughts

Those who are looking for a VPN to unblock web content, for the best security and privacy will love it. With hundreds of servers, VyprVPN has some excellent features. And, you can test it out using a VyprVPN free trial.

Because of Chameleon technology, it camouflages the OpenVPN protocol. This means that you can still view all the web content that China currently blocks.

They do not keep customer data anymore, which is great news. Now you can be assured they DO NOT keep the IP address, the server IP address, timestamps and the amount of data you are using.

So there you have it. I hope that my Vyprvpn review has provided you with enough information to make an informed choice about if this is the right service for you. Make sure to download it using a VyprVPN coupon, and get some extra time by using the VyprVPN free trial

8.4 Total Score
VyprVPN Review: Excellent

VyprVPN is a serious VPN solution that answer most needs. It is suitable for all those who need an easy-to-use and secure VPN to fight censorship and watch streaming TV. But it has a log policy. It's not the cheapest, but it's the best!

Privacy and security
Speed and Performance
Value for money
Ease of use
  • High-speed connection
  • NAT Firewall
  • No logs
  • Torrent-friendly
  • Proprietary DNS and Chameleon
  • User friendly
  • More expensive than other VPNs

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