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vyprvpn review

VPN clients started out a long time ago as a way to protect data from online threats. However, over a number of years, they have evolved into something much more significant. There are many VPN companies on the market and you may find that many services are very similar. But the main providers usually offer something that is unique and sets them apart from the competition. I have written a lot of different reviews on different companies because, to be honest, I have pretty much tested them all. Today we are going to look at one of my favorites and one that I can say is probably the most reliable, VyprVPN.

Vyprvpn is also known as Golden Frog VPN due to this being the company who provides the service. It offers great features, beneficial add-ons, and super-fast speeds. We will look at a number of things such as Vyprvpn price, customer support and most importantly the feature. This Vyprvpn review will hopefully help you to be able to decide if this is the best VPN provider for you, based on the information I give. So let’s get started!

VyprVPN Video Review

Ease of Use

Read any other Vyprvpn review and you be told that it is one of the simplest of all VPN clients to use. There are apps for all platforms including, PC, Mac, iOS, Android, smart TV’s and even the option to configure your router directly. You can also run it on a number of different platforms such as Blackberry, Boxee, Synology NAS, and DD-WRT. To set the VPN up on one of these devices you should follow the setup tutorials that are provided on the website.

To install and use the service on your device is very simple to do. Just download it directly from the website for PC and Mac, or from the respective app stores on mobile and tablet devices. Once you have installed the VPN and logged in, you just need to click the bog blue “connect” button and you will be directed to choose a server to connect too. Once you have selected your preferred server location, you are good to go.

Please note – It is always best to connect to a server that is closest to you for optimal performance and speeds.


A great feature if Vyprvpn is that if you are using WIFI, you will automatically be connected to the fastest server that is available.

Whilst there are lots of different settings available, if you are a beginner, you can simply stick with the default settings. If you are a bit more advanced when it comes to setting up a VPN, you can benefit from more specific protocols such as OpenVPN, Chameleon, PPTP and L2TP/IPSec. Even if you are not familiar with these settings, there are plenty of guides and tutorials available to help you understand what they do and the benefits of using them.

One small complaint I have is that sometimes it can take a short while to connect. This is not a big problem though. If you feel it is taking longer than it should, the Golden Fron VPN support team will be happy to take a look for you.

Vyprvpn Price

VyprVPN plans 2018

Next, in this Vyprvpn review, we shall take a look at the pricing model. Unlike most other VPN clients, this one provides pricing options for both home and business users. The home plan provides unlimited data and will allow you to connect up to 3 separate devices simultaneously. One thing the basic plan does not provide is access to the Chameleon protocol. This protocol is needed if you plan on traveling to China and want to use your VPN. The premium plan provides unlimited data and connection to 5 separate devices simultaneously. With the premium plan, you will also get access to Chameleon.

Both of these plans have a 3-day free trial. You will, however, have to provide payment details upfront, so be aware that if you do not cancel after the free period, you will be automatically billed. Once you have been billed, Vyprvpn is unable to provide a refund.

Vyprvpn for business allows you to choose from two plans: Standard business and business cloud. Both of these also have a free trial period. With the business plan, you only have the option to pay yearly.

The standard business plan’s benefits include multi-user management, dedicated account manager and access to global business servers. The business cloud plan is a bit more expensive and again you can only pay yearly. This plan provides all the benefits of the standard business package plus: Fast deployment, dedicated server and dedicated IP address.

There are 3 methods of payment which are allowed: Credit Card, PayPal, and Alipay. Unlike some other providers, there is no option to pay with Bitcoin.

The Vyprvpn price is very reasonable and on par with the other major players in the market.

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Customer Support

Now we have looked at the Vyprvpn price, let’s move on and see how good their customer support is. While the service is very easy to install, beginners may find that they struggle to understand how it works. Fortunately, you can contact support if you find yourself struggling. We tested this by pretending that we were a beginner and did not know how to set it up. We contacted support via email and had a reply within 24 hours with a link to the user guide that supports the set-up process.

You can also contact support via live chat on the website. You should find that you get a response quickly, however, when we tested it out of hours, we were provided with an automated response and it was another 12 hours till a real person responded.

You can also contact them via Facebook or via a contact form on the website.

All-in-all we did not have any issues with the support team. They are not the fastest at responding but are very helpful when they do.

Windows and Mac Apps

Golden Frog VPN (as some like to call it) has one of the best interfaces for Windows and Mac and is not confusing at all. In fact, out of all the apps I have tested, this one was probably the simplest to install and get started with. There is an impressive feature that allows you to configure your computer so that internet traffic can only flow through the VPN, thus removing the possibility of accidentally connecting directly to a server. If it is security that you are after, then this is the one for you.

Just like the Windows app, Mac users will find the app just as easy to install and use. Just follow the short instructions provided.

Once you are connected a speed graph will appear to confirm that you are indeed connected. To switch to a different server location, just click on the one that best suits you. You will also notice that your IP address changes to the server you are connected too.

Android and iOS

The Android app has a really great interface and is very user-friendly. Once you have downloaded the app from the Google Play Store, the setup is simple. Just load the app and enter in your login credentials. All you have to do next is click on the connect button. You will automatically be connected to a default server, but you can change this and choose whichever server you wish. The standard server that you are connected to is usually the fastest.

Once you are connected your connection will be monitored and a real-time summary will be provided of your speeds and connection reliability.

All in all, this is a great app provided by Golden Frog VPN

The iOS app also has a great interface that is very easy on the eye. As usual, the app has default settings and should connect you to the fastest server. There are guides available on the website that show you how to configure the app manually if you wish to do that. Once you have completed the setup you will notice a speed graph which will change from red to blue once your VPN connects.

You will also be able to see the IP address of the server you have connected to and if you want to change to a different server, it can be done with a simple click.

Torrents: Allowed!

Torrenting is very popular now as it allows people to download and watch their favorite movies and TV shows and also easily get hold of music albums without having to pay.

And Vypr has unlimited bandwidth, server switching, no-logs and allows torrenting. So it is ideal for downloading torrents. And if you are looking for a torrent VPN, this could be the one.

Furthermore, if you do decide to use the VPN for torrents then, as a premium member, you are able to store up to 50GB of data in their cloud-based DumpTrusk. If you are a basic user then you are limited to 10GB storage, whilst a Pro member gets 25GB. What this means is that you can store your downloaded files on the cloud and then access the data from any device that you have linked your cloud-based account too.

Netflix: It works!

This wouldn’t be a very good VyprVPN review if I was not to include a section about Netflix.

Netflix is the most popular movie streaming site these days, especially now they have started making their own TV shows and movies.

The only downside to the service is that you are limited to content that is available in your country. For instance, you will find that the US has the most available content and if there is a US TV show you want to watch, you may find that it is not available if you are outside the US.

How to get American Netflix with Vypr VPN? It’s very easy: Connect to a US server with the VPN before watching Netflix and you can get the widest availability of content.

Golden Frog VPN has 8 server locations in the US with each city having a cluster of servers. With all these choices it means that you can select the fastest option within a particular area, for instance, the server with the fewest connections. It also means that you have another option whenever you get the famous Netflix whoops something went wrong message – something that most competitors do not offer.

The available servers are located in – San Francisco, Chicago, Miami, New York, Austin, Washington DC, Seattle, and Los Angeles.

In addition to being able to watch American Netflix, connecting to a US server will also mean you can see location specific Google search results and ads.

Final Thoughts

Being an avid VPN user I have tested them all and have concluded that Vypr is one of the better ones. The Vyprvpn price is good and the customer service is excellent, but what is most important is the speeds and reliability and these did not disappoint.

Those who are looking for a VPN to unblock web content, for the best security and privacy will love it, the VPN having some excellent features.

If you are looking for a service because you are going to China and wish to access the free web, it is a fantastic choice. This is a VPN to use in China due to the Chameleon technology that Golden Frog VPN have invested in and added as a feature. It works by camouflaging the OpenVPN protocol. OpenVPN has been flagged by Chinese censors. This means that you can still view all the web content that China currently blocks.

The company is based in Switzerland which is a big plus as the Swiss are very big on internet privacy, a lot more so than other countries. Golden Frog also adheres to the Safe Harbour Privacy Principles (SHPP) which is a framework that has been designed to provide transparency when it comes to customer data.

NO LOGS: What do they do with their customer’s logs? Their privacy policy was recently updated. And it now states that they do not keep the customer data anymore, which is great news. That was my main concern with this service. But now you can be assured they DO NOT keep the IP address, the server IP address, timestamps and the amount of data you are using.

As for security, the service offers some great features like 256-bit encryption plus a range of different protocols. They also have their own firewall to protect you against malware. In addition, there is a kill switch available. This means that if your VPN connection suddenly drops, your IP addresses will still be masked and will not be exposed.

So there you have it. I hope that my Vyprvpn review has provided you with enough information to make an informed choice about if this is the right service for you.

Please feel free to ask me any questions and I will be happy to answer them.

Bye for now!

9.5 Total Score
VyprVPN Review: Excellent

VyprVPN is a serious VPN solution that answer most needs. It is suitable for all those who need an easy-to-use and secure VPN to fight censorship and watch streaming TV. But it has a log policy. It's not the cheapest, but it's the best!

Privacy and security
Speed and Performance
Value for money
Ease of use
  • High-speed connection
  • NAT Firewall
  • No logs
  • Torrent-friendly
  • Proprietary DNS and Chameleon
  • User friendly
  • More expensive than other VPNs
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