5 Better Free Alternatives to Hola in 2024

If we are completely honest, the terms ‘free’ and ‘VPN’ typically do not align well in terms of quality. While there may be occasional exceptions, it would not be accurate to include Hola in that category. We are aware of five alternative options to Hola.org that provide superior free VPN services.

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Why is Hola VPN Not Recommended?

Hola unblocker or VPN seems appealing as it is completely free to use, does not bother users with tons of ads and is unrestricted – so why exactly do we not recommend it?

We have one key issue with Hola.org and that is that it makes use of a peer-to-peer system for its VPN service. This system essentially means that you and many other users around the world are all sharing each other’s bandwidth. There are two reasons why this is not so great.

The first reason is that this will slow down the speeds of your connection as you will be sharing it with somebody else. This on its own is not the end of the world as many VPNs can be slow anyway but it is the second reason that is more concerning.

That reason is that you will be sharing your very own IP address which will be used by others. Why is this bad? Well, you will not have any control over what it is being used for. Somebody could use it to do something illegal like a botnet, which can then be tracked back to your internet connection.

For those reasons alone, Hola is not only a VPN that we do not recommend, but it is also one that we openly suggest that people avoid at all costs.

Why Free VPNs are Not Free

Whether you are using the Hola VPN or any other VPN we have mentioned on the list below for free, you need to understand that while you might not be handing any money over, you will be paying for their services in other ways.

Hola.org and all other VPN services will need to make money in some way or there will be no point in them providing their services at all. Below is just a few ways that free VPNs such as the Hola unblocker might be making money out of you.

  • By selling your user data – In your quest for more private and anonymous browsing, you are still being watched by some VPNs which will sell on your user data and browsing history.
  • By making you watch sponsored advertisements – To make money from you using their inferior free version of their products, some VPNs will make you watch sponsored advertisements regularly. They are paid for every advert that is watched by one of their users.

Simply put, if you want an actual VPN with all the bells and whistles that does not do either of the above, you really should consider just getting a paid version. They are not even that expensive in general.

The best alternatives to Hola VPN in 2024

If you really do not want to pay for a VPN and therefore want a free one, you can easily find better than Hola unblocked.

ExpressVPN is probably one of the better options. The reason why this is a good option is the fact that you get unlimited data usage for 30 days, for free. That is probably the most you will get from any free VPN. And you will also have a limited number of servers to choose from. However, if you want to remove the 30-day limitation, you will need to subscribe or to create a new account each month.

Below, you will find other free options to replace Hola Unblocker:


You shouldn’t be using this free Israeli VPN. Because it’s bad for your privacy.

ExpressVPN is a far better alternative to Hola VPN if you really must get yourself a free VPN. What we like about this VPN is that it is both user-friendly and accommodates users on all platforms such as Mac, Windows, Android, and iOS. You also get a good selection of servers to choose from and do not have to endure any annoying advertisements.

What is not so great is the fact that you only get 30 days of service when using the free version. So, you will have to subscribe again at the end of each month to keep using it free of charge. But it’s really the best to view geographically restricted content.


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