Best Free NFL Streaming Sites 2024

Like everything American, the NFL is loved all over the world. The NFL (National Football League) has the right to broadcast football matches and does so on its website. You can also watch the matches on cable TV. However, how about people who cannot access both platforms or want to watch the live matches for free? There are free NFL streaming sites to tune into instead.

These streaming sites provide you with Live NFL streams. Services like Sling TV grant you access, but you’d have to pay for it first. In this article, we do one even better; we bring you free NFL streaming sites. Yes, we have the best websites to watch NFL games for free. However, NFL free streaming sites typically are fraught with challenges. Thus, you will also find how to steer clear of the challenges of free NFL streaming sites no sign up.

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Last Updated On: 29 May 2024

The Top 10 Best Free NFL Streaming Sites

ิbest free nfl streaming sites

Below, find 10 of the best websites to watch NFL games for free.

1. Stream2Watch

Stream2Watch is one of the websites to watch NFL games for free. This platform gathers streams from various other sites. However, you may encounter pesky ads when you get on the platform. This is, however, common with NFL free streaming sites.

2. SportRAR.TV

When you seek free NFL streaming sites no sign up, SportRAR.TV immediately comes to mind. It gathers streams from other sources too. Nonetheless, you can relatively rely on it as one of the trustworthy websites to watch NFL games for free.

3. SportLemonTV

SportLemonTV is a free streaming site that streams directly on its homepage. It allows you to watch a slew of sports without requiring a subscription.

4. Cricfree

There are NFL free streaming sites that also broadcast other sports; Cricfree is one of those. Actually, Cricfree mostly streams cricket. However, you can also watch the live streams of football, soccer, rugby, golf, cricket, etc. As with free streaming sites, Cricfree also has ad problems.

5. Sports24

Sports24 is one of the free NFL streaming sites no sign up that provides you a list of options to choose from. Apart from watching NFL games for free, you can also watch NBA, WWE, and other live sporting events with ease.

6. LiveTV

LiveTV is one of the best NFL free streaming sites. It is a favorite of sports enthusiasts because it provides a live broadcast of various games and gives updates about previous ones. Even beyond that, you can chat with other users as the matches are being played in real-time.


As a sports enthusiast, you most definitely may have heard of ESPN. It is one of the most reliable NFL streaming sites. You can stream sports from the channels using sites like Sling TV, Cox, or Verizon.

8. 123 TV

Apart from sporting events, 123 belongs to a category of free NFL streaming sites no sign up that also streams TV series. However, its broadcasts can also be accessed exclusively from the United States.

9. Your Sports Live

This is also another one of the NFL free streaming sites that broadcast both TV and sports. It has a schedule that it regularly updates. Hence, you can check the time for your favorite NFL sport and join in.

10. StreamNFL

StreamNFL is a perfect example of one of the Free NFL streaming sites no sign-up. When matches are being played, links are uploaded for live streaming by fans.

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Challenges with free NFL Streaming Sites

As mentioned earlier, websites to watch NFL games for free might be problematic. Some of the challenges you could encounter include:


Geo-restrictions prevent you from accessing certain content in specific locations. Thus, if you are outside of that location, you will be unable to stream the content. E.g., if the video is meant for viewers in the United States, non-US residents cannot watch it. NFL free streaming sites routinely employ geo-restrictions.

free nfl streaming sites

Snoops & Monitoring

NFL free streaming sites may compromise your security. These free sites often are on the lookout for ways to recoup their gains. One tactic they employ is gathering data from users and selling to third parties. In fact, many websites to watch NFL games for free are notorious for this.

Ads & Interruptions

When you are looking to watch NFL streaming free, you should be prepared to deal with ads. Majority of free NFL streaming sites no sign up allow ads on their platforms. These apps can be disruptive, making for a less than ideal experience. However, even further, they can be channels through which malware infests your device. Many users have fallen right into the trap of hackers by clicking on a seemingly innocuous ad.

However, you can mitigate a lot of these challenges by using a VPN. Thus, while looking for websites to watch NFL games for free, you should also be searching for compatible Virtual Private Networks.

Why Use a VPN?

A Virtual Private Network primarily creates a secure network between you and the internet. It serves as a cloak, encrypting your connection and swapping your IP address with its own. Thus, fellow netizens will be unaware of what is happening with your network. However, after perusing the best websites to watch NFL games for free, your next stop is getting a VPN subscription.

Here are some reasons for that:

Unblocking Geo-restrictions

Free NFL streaming websites are notorious for employing geo-restrictions and blackouts. VPNs, on the other hand, are revered for unblocking them. With a VPN, you can access whatever content on websites to watch NFL games for free, geo-blocks notwithstanding. You simply need to connect to a VPN server in your preferred location and have the magic happen.

Increasing Streaming Speed

It is quite common to experience speed lags while free streaming NFL games. This might be the handiwork of your Internet Service Providers (ISPs). ISPs do not take it kindly when users stream from certain platforms. This is especially the case if the streaming platform has illegal content.

However, A VPN shields you even from your ISP. Thus, they will not be aware of your activities and hence will not throttle your speed. There will be no point streaming NFL games live from free NFL streaming sites no sign up if you will deal with lags the whole time. Get a VPN for a seamless experience. The steps for doing so are discussed below.

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How to Get a Free VPN for NFL Streaming

At this point, you may want not just to watch football games online free but also to use a VPN while at it. In any case, if you seek a trustworthy VPN service provider, ExpressVPN is it. It has been around for quite a while, delivering excellent services the whole while. It can assuage all your security concerns regarding websites to watch NFL games for free. How so?

watch free nfl streaming sites

  1. First, settle on an ExpressVPN subscription you are comfortable with.
  2. Pay for the subscription either using your credit card, Paypal or cryptocurrencies.
  3. Download, install and run the ExpressVPN app.
  4. Access NFL free streaming sites with ease.
  5. Cancel your subscription and request a refund within 30 days.
  6. Receive the refund.

The trick here is that ExpressVPN offers a 30-day money-back guarantee window. Thus, you can sign up, pay for a subscription and request a refund within 30 days. As long as you are within this window, you can access NFL free streaming sites and request a refund afterward.

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Best VPN for watching NFL for free

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Additional Benefits of a VPN

You get other benefits with a VPN that may not be connected to your search for websites to watch NFL games for free.

Eliminates Adware and Malware

Firstly, a VPN eliminates adware and any other malicious software. Malware and adware are not restricted to free NFL streaming sites and can come from any source. However, whatever the malware’s origin, a VPN keeps you safe.

Secure File Transfer

Furthermore, a VPN gives you a secure way to transfer data. If you are looking to transfer a classified file to some other person on the internet, a VPN creates a virtual tunnel for doing so.

Enhanced Anonymity

Some free NFL streaming sites no sign up make use of peer-to-peer sharing systems. Thus, everyone on the shared network has access to each others’ data. A VPN makes sure that you are safe regardless. When you join such a network, your data is encrypted, which means that no third party can access it.

Bypassing Government Surveillance

If you want to beat your government’s algorithms at their own games, get a VPN to secure your network.

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Free NFL stream sites offer you how to watch NFL network without cable or any other paid subscriptions. This article shows you the best sites and platforms to consider. It goes further to explain how VPNs keep you safer while using any of the websites to watch NFL games for free. For this purpose, ExpressVPN has consistently proven a reliable option at every point.


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