Improve Your Internet Experience with The Best VPN for Ghana

In the early ’90s, the people of Ghana had no access to the internet. Fast forward to a couple of years, and Ghanaians have been enjoying an almost uncensored access to the World Wide Web. In fact, Ghana was the third country in Africa to connect to the internet. However, just because they have little to no censorship doesn’t mean that you should not use a Ghana VPN. A VPN is still extremely important aside from unblocking websites and apps. This article will discuss the benefits of using a VPN for Ghana, as well as the best VPN in Ghana to use right now.

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Upgrade the way you browse the internet using a Ghana VPN

It’s also important to keep in mind and understand that using a VPN can be and is a lot more than simply changing your IP address. Although a large number of VPN users simply want to be able to use a Ghana proxy or some equivalent in order to bypass certain online restrictions and change their Ghana IP address, using a Ghana VPN will provide you with much more security, privacy and anonymity whilst you browse online.

By the way, my name is Terry, a UK-born expat. I’m proud to say that I have been to Ghana, and not just to visit their wildlife sanctuaries and beautiful beaches. I went to Ghana to work and I’m impressed by that country. Their citizens are very fortunate to be able to access the internet without restrictions. Although I did hear that the government censors the press oftentimes, but that’s an entirely different story and I’m not touching that. But browsing the web without limits from your own government is something that not all countries have.

However, this doesn’t mean that you can access the same content as everyone does. What about websites or apps that don’t allow access to users with a Ghana IP address? Most importantly, just because you’re free doesn’t mean that you’re entirely safe. You’re still as vulnerable to cybercriminals as anyone in the world without a protection.

So if you want to know how you can bypass region-blocked content, keep your data safe and secure, and overall enhance your internet experience, read this article on the best VPN in Ghana and how you can get Netflix Ghana.

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“If there’s no censorship, why do I still need a VPN for Ghana?”

Good thing you asked. Most, if not all expats, use a VPN or a Ghana proxy to be able to access censored websites or apps. This very common in countries where even the websites you would normally use like Google, Facebook, or YouTube are banned (I’m looking at you, China). But in Ghana, these websites aren’t banned at all. Locals and expats are all free to access websites and use apps that they want. So why would you waste money just to buy Ghana VPN?

Well, it’s not a waste of money. A Ghana VPN is a good investment because it does so much more than just unblock censorships. The most important use for it is to keep your data safe from the hands of hackers and surveillance agencies. It creates an encrypted virtual tunnel where your internet traffic passes through, to make sure that the data packets reach their proper destination. And if anyone tries to intercept it, they won’t be able to decrypt it because most VPN services use military-grade encryption (the same one that banks use). Pretty good value for its price, huh?

It also prevents you from being tracked through your IP address. As you probably know, your Ghana IP address can be used to know your location and your internet service provider (ISP). Your ISP can also see your online activities, by the way. Every single one of it. So if you don’t want anyone tracking you or snooping in on you, get a Ghana VPN. It hides your Ghana IP address and assigns you a new one every time you log in, or you can get a permanent IP address. Now, I’m sure that’s not a waste of money.

“How can I bypass geo-restrictions and watch a better Netflix library?”

Ah, now we’re in the fun part. Everybody loves a good movie and TV show … or two, or three, or ten. But let’s face it, Ghana’s Netflix library is extremely different from the US, UK, or Australia. Which is kind of unfair because you’re basically paying for the same plan and subscription, but you don’t get the same movies and shows.

Fortunately, a VPN for Ghana will let you bypass geo-restrictions that limit your entertainment choices. To be able to access Netflix Ghana, you have to connect to a server that is located in the country that you want. If you want to access the US library, then connect to a server in the US. Your real location will be spoofed by changing your Ghana IP address into a US IP address. Viola! You get to watch the same stuff like a true American without having to leave Ghana. Easy switch and swap between American Netflix and Netflix Ghana.

“If I can stream, then will I be able to do torrenting too?”

Absolutely! Because your IP address is hidden, it means that your ISP won’t be able to see what you’re doing online. That means they won’t throttle your bandwidth too. Bandwidth throttling is what ISPs do to intentionally slow down your internet speed because they don’t want you to torrent. I personally think that it’s unfair because I’m properly paying for my internet speed so I should get what is due. Throttling is preventing me to use what I’m paying for. But I won’t have to argue with their customer service anymore — I can just connect to a VPN and I’ll be able to dodge this undignified throttling. This will definitely help when you try to switch from Netflix Ghana to American Netflix.

Aside from preventing bandwidth throttling, a Ghana VPN will also keep you anonymous while torrenting. Whenever you torrent, anybody using that client will be able to see your IP address and track you. If you’re unprotected, it’s a very unsafe practice. But if you use a VPN for Ghana, other torrent users won’t be able to see your real IP address.

“Are there any free VPN Ghana that I can use?”

There are free Ghana VPN services out there and you can use them. If you’re tight on budget or if you’re still trying to see how a VPN will work for you, then it’s a good option. Some of the best free VPN in Ghana include TunnelBear and SurfEasy Opera. But as a disclaimer, these Ghana VPN services have plenty of ads, limit your memory capacity, and even store logs of your usage. After all, you’re using it for free. I’m not scaring you but simply stating a fact.

If you’re looking for the features of a paid VPN but with the pricing similar to the best free Ghana VPN, try out our recommendations below. They’re not entirely free, but they offer money-back guarantee and a free trial. That’s not so bad, considering they are the best VPN in Ghana and they offer the full VPN suite.

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