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  1. I’m a returnee VPN user. I only downloaded it at first for work purposes and never used it again but now I’ve started to travel a lot recently and I wanted to be able to access my Netflix anywhere in the world. I’ve read that the movie choices you get from US Netflix subscriptions aren’t the same as what you could get in other countries. So does this mean whenever I want to unlock Netflix movies on trips, I need to use VPN again? I mean you just said earlier that I could get cut off if i try to unblock Netflix in another region. I’m kind of skeptical about this whole VPN thing because it doesn’t sound like Netflix would like it very much if someone tried to trick them into watching blocked movies.

    • I understand your skepticism about this matter. Getting a VPN is definitely not a must, but if you do want to have your unlimited Netflix movie access anywhere in the world then, yes I say it is. Either way, we can’t really blame Netflix on having to block certain movies since they only comply with their copyright agreement with the movie distributors. Regarding your concern of being cut off by Netflix for trying to unblock the movies you want to watch, it almost never happens – only if you use the right VPN of course. The thing about VPNs are that there are so much of them that offer free subscriptions and because of this, everyone tends to get carried away and sign up for it right away. But because there are so much people using them, their server loads become so full that it’s definitely going to get the attention of Netflix and raise a red flag. This is why we came up with recommendations of the top 3 VPNs that we believe won’t fail you. Yes they come with monthly payments as well but wouldn’t it be better to have to pay for something safe, hassle-free and reliable instead of having to try your luck everyday with free VPNs?

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