Browse Privately using Holland / Netherlands VPN

Although the Netherlands is a peaceful country, it does not exempt anyone from being a victim of cyber-criminals. And while there is a Dutch government agency that oversees the digital security of the country, you should always look for ways to protect yourself. Fortunately, we have a list of the best Holland and Netherlands VPN below so you can browse privately and keep your online activities safe.

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What is the best Netherlands VPN?

I’m Terry, an expat from the UK, and my mission is to give my fellow expats from all over the globe the freedom to access the internet securely. I do this by reviewing and ranking VPN services that are the best to use for each country.

The Netherlands is one of the countries with the fastest internet speeds. It’s a great place for business as the Dutch government is supportive of entrepreneurs.  But as I said before, anywhere in the world can be a place for cyber-criminals, even a country that’s as peaceful as the Netherlands. So using a Netherlands VPN, VPN Holland, or VPN Netherlands, as locals would call it, is a great investment.

I’m a firm believer that anyone should be able to use the internet as they please, as long as it is legal and harmless. Web censorship limits what we can do, so I want to explore and share solutions to everyone on how we can achieve uncensored access to the World Wide Web.

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Is a VPN really necessary?

Let me ask you some questions: Do you want hackers to get hold of your personal data? Is it okay with you if the government snoops in on your activities without your permission? Are you comfortable with your ISP monitoring your online whereabouts?

If you answered ‘Yes’ to any or all of these questions, then yes, a VPN is really necessary. A VPN also does more than just protecting your security. It also lets you bypass location-based restrictions and ISP throttling, among other things. Choosing the right Netherlands VPN with the perfect features that suit the country where you’re staying will give you these and more.

How a VPN protects you

When you surf the internet without any protection, all of your traffic is visible to your ISP. They can even track your usage and sell them to advertisers, so they’ll get to display tailored ads whenever you go online. A VPN routes your traffic through an encrypted “tunnel”, so your ISP can’t read the data that you are sending and receiving.

The encrypted tunnel also prevents hackers from intercepting and stealing your data. In an unprotected device, the data will be easy to read and collect. But with a Netherlands VPN, the data will be impossible to decrypt and read.

Create secure connections

The speed of the Dutch internet connection is heaven-sent, isn’t it? It’s great for expats who are constantly traveling as there are public Wi-Fi hotspots in almost any establishment. However, that free Wi-Fi at the airport or coffee shop is the perfect opportunity for hackers to attack you. These Wi-Fi connections are almost always unsecured.

Getting a VPN Holland or VPN Netherlands will give you the security that you need. Most Netherlands VPN services use military-grade encryption so no one, not even the owners of the VPN company, can decrypt your data.

Mask your IP address

Another way of how a VPN protects you is by automatically hiding your IP address and assigning you a shared one every time you log in. This IP address is dynamic, which will then be assigned to another user, then another, and another, and so on. It makes it impossible to trace your online activity using an IP address.

Access restricted content

Perhaps you want to watch your favorite TV shows from back home that are not aired in the Netherlands. Or maybe you are unable to go to a website because it doesn’t permit access to users with a Dutch IP address. Either way, a Netherlands VPN or VPN Holland (or even a free VPN Netherlands) will let you access content that are geo-restricted.

It’s also perfect for when you’re traveling to different countries on a regular basis. You can switch servers any time you like, so you can choose which server locations suit your daily needs.

Block annoying ads and malicious content

Say goodbye to those annoying pop-up ads! A VPN also blocks ads which could actually be malicious content in disguise. With the growing number of threats found on the internet, this feature is extremely helpful. It might just save you from having your personal information stolen.

Every time you try to visit a website, the Netherlands VPN will verify its URL to know if it’s safe from any malware. It also blocks ads better than an ad blocker browser extension does. Some VPN services even have free trial periods to let you experience free VPN Netherlands.

Transact safely online

With the military-grade encryption plus the latest and most robust protocols, a VPN Netherlands will ensure the safety of your bank transactions and private messages (even a free VPN Netherlands one will, but we would recommend a premium service). Whether you’re connected to public Wi-Fi networks or your home internet, nobody will be able to steal your data or snoop in on your messages. You’re safe to transact online. In fact, the same encryption is used by banks all over the world to protect their data.

Extend protection to all of your devices

Many Netherlands VPN allow simultaneous connections, and they vary in the number of devices that they allow. Some allow 4 connections, some allow 6, and some even allow up to 10. This will protect all of your devices, not just your desktop or laptop. Just because your mobile phone doesn’t seem to get infected by viruses doesn’t mean that it’s invulnerable.

All VPN Netherlands services are also compatible across different platforms. So it doesn’t matter if you use Mac, Windows, Linux, Android, or iOS because all operating systems are supported. If you want to test out different VPN Holland services before fully committing to one brand, you can avail free VPN Netherlands.

These are the best Netherlands VPN to protect your security

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