What Is the Best VPN Croatia?

Croatia is a postcard picture perfect fledgling country of the European Union. Amazing food, friendly people and of course, the Mediterranean sea with all its bounties and beauty, what’s not to love! Hailing from across the water is Italy while neighboring countries of Slovenia and Bosnia & Herzogovina hug it from the sides. The latter has proven to be a bit of a sore spot for the region but that has not stopped Croatia itself to being accepted as an EU country on 1st of July 2013.

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VPN Croatia – What is the Best One for You

Being an EU country, the various laws of the internet and its use are pretty relaxed. Watching adult movies will not cost you a lifetime in prison. Being a huge proponent to free will and basic human right to choose, I was very happy during my 2 year stint in Croatia whilst using a Croatia proxy (The paid ones, not the free VPN Croatia proxy)

I say stint, but only half jokingly. While Croatia was no digital prison by any means, it has its fair share of blemishes even if less security oriented usage issues than most other countries I’ve ever lived in.

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VP… what?

So what the hell are you even doing here? Making first steps towards true internet citizenship. Internet is this magical place where nobody cares who you are, where your anonymous opinions have just as much weight as someone with political influence. A place I hold very dear to my nomad lifestyle.

Working for a large Telecom company I’ve traveled the world many times over and my stay in Croatia was made very enjoyable due to their reasonable digital laws. Being a complaining type, I will be the first to point out it could have been better too.

How does a Croatia Proxy help me?

A VPN Croatia that citizens can use, or a Proxy Croatia if you will, is invaluable to any NETizen. Being an EU country it enjoys few restrictions, but you should always keep your guard up when it comes to general internet privacy and self-protection.

While not limited, Croatian internet infrastructure and regulations are not exactly free either. Censorship and freedom of speech violations are still very common, especially in regards to anything political or against anyone with influence. For that alone, finding a VPN or proxy Croatia can put to its full potential was very important. But there are other benefits too.

A VPN for residing expats does much more than just unshackle your ability to speak your mind. It allows you to watch Netflix and other region-locked online entertainment! There is no such thing as Netflix Croatia so if you consider yourself a movie fan in this country, a proxy is a must. The same applies to almost any region-locked online content. Sick of “This Video is Not Available In Your Country” messages? Set yourself free, a VPN in Croatia calls for you and is at your fingertips, you just need to decide which one.

Do you wish to keep Amazon and Google away from your personal data like shopping and browsing habits? If browsing the internet and you wish to keep it personalized and ad free, your VPN Croatia needs are right here, in this little corner of internet freedom. This site will help YOU identify the VPN or proxy Croatia has best with, no fuss, no mess.

Though it’s worth noting that if you find anything that advertises free VPN Croatia services, it may be best for you to stay away. “You get what you pay for” holds true, and any service that says they provide free VPN Croatia proxies will come with other unwanted baggage. Stick with a premium Croatia proxy that will do exactly what you need it to do without all the extra hassle and problems.

You don’t need to know ins-and outs of Private Virtual Networking or Proxy Croatia to make it work for you. When others shower you with terms you will never use in your life, i intend to give you the knowledge to make internet truly open and free, no more and no less. Go and get your Croatia proxy today and be aware of those that advertise free VPN Croatia services.

So let’s get to it! Below are our top picks for the best VPN Croatia has to offer

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