Best VPN For Hong Kong: Our Recommendations for Your Travel

Hong Kong, the jewel of The Orient and a global business metropolis. Bustling with businessmen, bankers, factory managers and the millions of people working for them. While Hong Kong is a very modern and future trend-setting city, as of right now it is under the Chinese rule. A country that is infamous for its strict cyberspace laws and in my personal opinion is the main reason why you need a Hong Kong VPN, free from prying eyes of the big brother China.

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I lived in Hong Kong when the British still had some say in its matters. It was British colony for a long while and their lease expired on 1st of July 1997, when Hong Kong was returned to its bigger brother. Hong Kong has been serving as a choke-point for China to control its import and export of goods for years, some would say decades. No wonder then, that the more strictly raised bigger brother frowns upon liberties Hong Kong residents have been enjoying under the British rule. Free internet being one of the more important ones for me.

This meant that being able to access different Hong Kong IP addresses, as well as mask my own Hong Kong IP was important. Not only do I value my privacy, but my online safety is also a very important factor. My IP address Hong Kong needed some protection, care and anonymity. So, I set out to to find myself the best Hong Kong VPN server that would allow me to alter, change or mask my Hong Kong IP address. I wanted to make sure that the VPN I were testing, would have a Hong Kong VPN free trial, so that I can test and try out each one.

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Why do I need a VPN?

I consider myself a chip off the old block. I need to be able to do what I want where I want it, my liberties and personal choice limited is the last thing on my yearly Santa Claus wish list. I moved away from Hong Kong in 1998, a year after the change of pace. Very little changed during that year, but many residents of Hong Kong have expressed worries about illegal surveillance and breaches of basic rights to privacy. I need to know, that if i want to speak my mind i can do so without a third party breathing on my digital neck. If it were on a computer, I’d want a VPN to help me with my Hong Kong IP address. For my phone devices, some sort of Hong Kong VPN Android service would be used.

Welcome to the only VPN review site you will ever need

My frequent returns to Hong Kong is where my new-found fascination with Virtual Private Networks came in handy. Not only was I able to provide valuable insights to my friends and family still living and frequently visiting Hong Kong for business. I had lived in Philippines and Dubai since I left Hong Kong. Those cities showed me the benefits and value of a good VPN but returning for visits in Hong Kong I really began to appreciate the basic need for a Hong Kong VPN, server rich and security focused. A truly private virtual network, the very best VPN Hong Kong has to offer. This is one of the reasons why this site even exists. I recall my personal struggles to find a product that works for me, so I have done the leg-work for you already.

Why not use the first VPN Google throws at me

While searching for a VPN in Hong Kong will net you fair amount of decent results, they are never listed in any particular order. Whichever is the more popular one is usually lauded as the best, but search results never account for your personal needs and uses for said VPN. In fact, the first ones you’ll find are the ones that advertise Hong Kong VPN Free service. Now keep in mind that anything that relies on the advertisement of Hong Kong VPN Free Service, is very likely going to be far from being the best VPN Hong Kong has to offer. Yes, you may just want to change your Hong Kong IP address, but you have to think about your privacy and online safety too.

So remember, try to stay away from any Hong Kong VPN Free ads.

All you need to do, in order to find the right software for you, is to decide what are your needs for it. Are you just interested in accessing world wide web as it was intended, from anywhere in the world, unlimited and unshackled? Or perhaps the biggest issue for you is the ever-present danger of unsolicited surveillance and lack of security for your personal data? Not all VPN’s are the same, they come in all types of focuses, prices and features. Which one is the best Hong Kong VPN, free of ads and unnecessary features? When using Hong Kong VPN, server choice is just as crucial as the software itself. Which one to go for if security is paramount and which to ensure the fastest streaming speed for my annual re-run of Friends on Netflix? This site is here to help you figure out just that. It will answer these and many more questions for you, letting you choose best VPN Hong Kong can utilize to its full potential while standing tall between you and snoopy neighbours.

Below are the best VPN’s I would recommend for any expats who are currently living in Hong Kong

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