What is the Best Japan VPN of 2024?

Download VPN, Japan needs it. Those have been the exact words I have said to my friends and colleagues who live and work in Japan for years. And don’t just dismiss this advice casually, or approach it without the respect it requires. Googling for free Japan VPN is what got you here in the first place, is it not? Now Google knows you are shopping for a VPN. Just letting you know.

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Learn About The Best VPN For Japan

I have lived in Asian countries before, China and the Philippines most notably, but I had never visited Japan, which is odd, considering its strong ties to the US and the amount of cooperation between the two. When I did get a transfer to Sapporo City in Hokkaido, It came as a little bit of a surprise, that while Japan had learned a fair amount of beneficial things from US cooperation, it also learned a few nasty habits.

This prompted me to get a JP VPN as soon as I could. Not only so that I could change my IP address and have some sort of Japan Proxy VPN, but so that it could also ensure my privacy and safety. Sure, downloading a Japan VPN online definitely made some things more convenient besides just changing my IP address but there’s a lot more important things in play.

For an American, a citizen of the “Land of The Free”, it can be difficult to admit that this “Freedom” comes with a hidden cost (we’ll cover down below why a free Japan VPN may not be the best solution). You are truly free only if you give the government your freedom. Or that is what they would like you to think. I have a few aces up my sleeve that begs to differ and this site is dedicated to teaching you how to use them.

Japan had learned the same bad habits, sadly. Security agencies spy on citizens and both monitor and store your activities online. Worse yet, they do it with relative ease. Said cooperation works both ways and Japan often gets help from the US in logistics of said spying, but the technological advances and modern approach to it have helped Japan to match or even surpass the US when it comes to government surveillance and enforcing of limited and short-sighted digital laws. No, that is not something to be proud of, Japan.

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Virtual Private Network

It is in the name, it is a private network that is virtually set up and maintained by your VPN software. Whether or not its the best VPN for Japan is up for debate as not all of them can utilize the intricacies of various counties and their internet infrastructure. Though there are many JP VPNs and VPN Japan server services for you to choose from.

So what makes a proxy or VPN the best Japan proxy VPN? That is a difficult question since the answer heavily relies on your personal needs. In order to find the best VPN for Japan, you must first ask yourself which of these qualities are important to you and in what order of importance would they be?


Hide your online activity from unwelcome snoops and potential hackers out to get your personal data. End-to-end encryption allows your chat, e-mails and even file transfers secure from outside (or inside) elements.

Sever Availability

Use the internet in Japan, but route it through servers in virtually any other country on the planet with a JP VPN or VPN Japan server. This allows you to hide from data-mining megacorporations from using your online identity to personalize the ads so they can sell you more stuff you don’t need.


As I said in the beginning, there are always free options and choices. But to look for a free Japan VPN or even specific Japan proxy VPN combo is to invite the crooks you are running from, directly into your home. Free proxy and VPN services, while tempting, is actually data farming made into a business model. Instead of hiding your activities from Google, Microsoft or Facebook, these free services often pretend to protect you while gathering all that juicy data for themselves. Most often to sell to big corporations, so a free Japan VPN may not be the best choice, and you may want to opt for a dedicated and premium JP VPN or a VPN Japan server.

Ease of Use

There are multiple levels of expertise, and knowledge required to operate complex networking systems. This site will make sure to gauge your level of knowledge, boost it where necessary and spare you the useless details where it is not.

Digital freedom is liberty that one must make a conscious choice to pursue. Long gone are the days of online anonymity. Download VPN, Japan or any other country for that matter, stay anonymous and free in world wide web.

Get your JP VPN and VPN Japan server today.

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