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If you have read our other articles you will already know what Popcorn Time is. If not then simply put, Popcorn Time is open source person-to-person (P2P) technology that allows you to watch HD videos. A Popcorn Time Download streams onto your computer so you don’t have to wait for a fully downloaded file before you can use it. You can watch video content from your Popcorn Time download on most devices, such as PCs, tablets, and phones. When online your virus protection can only do so much, it is therefore recommended that a Popcorn Time VPN is used. A Virtual Private Network (VPN) keeps all your online activity secure and private and stops people from obtaining private information.

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Is Popcorn Time safe then?

Popcorn Time relies on customer usage, and return customer usage specifically to remain operational. If every Popcorn Time download resulted in a virus on your computer then people would stop using it. So in this sense, Popcorn Time is safe. But, as with all websites, especially websites where you are downloading or file sharing, there is always the possibility of something bad happening. Protecting yourself online then is always a good idea. And that is where a Popcorn Time VPN comes in.

So to answer the question: Is Popcorn Time Safe? It all depends on the VPN you are using. The VPNs below have been chosen by a team of experts. They have been chosen for a number of reasons, including:

  • Excellence at protecting users
  • P2P abilities
  • Being a supported Popcorn Time VPN
  • Making Popcorn Time safe to use
  • Professional and easy to use interfaces
  • Popularity

The 5 Best Popcorn Time VPNs at a brief glance are as followed:

As you can see in the ranking below, with the highest score, is ExpressVPN. All of our top 5 VPNs offer low monthly fees. But we can’t base our decision on which VPN to choose on scores alone.

Each VPN is designed slightly differently, which in turn offers different benefits, that tempt different people into choosing one of the above and not just the one with the highest score. So take a closer look at each VPN, you can try them risk-free, with their money-back guarantees. And then you can decide which your preferred choice is.

Remember that all are safe Popcorn Time VPNs but each offers different options in terms of the user interface, or advanced settings.

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I hope this guide helps you and also answers your question: Is Popcorn Time Safe? As long as you use a recommended VPN you should have no problems. Popcorn Time as an app is legal, but a lot of the content available may not be. So it is to your own discretion when using it.

With over 85 countries worldwide ExpressVPN is extremely accessible and usable. More expensive than the other options, but it does offer increased security and super-fast speeds which is great for Popcorn Time. They also offer a 30-day money-back guarantee.


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