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I think it is no surprise or secret, that most expats decide to settle down in countries with a warm climate. Italy, Thailand, Philippines, Australia and the most popular European destination of them all – Spain. Ah yes, Spain. I have very fond memories of my time there during the late ’90s when I had an infrastructure specialist advisor job for one of the local telecom companies. I had the pleasure of living in the small Spanish city of Lleida. Don’t let any locals hear you call it a Spanish city, however, you will get an earful and a fair few evil glances. As far as anyone in the Catalonian region of Spain is concerned, they are not Spanish and do not live in Spain. They are Catalan and live in Catalonia. I used this to annoy and tease my Spanish/Catalan friends. Worked like a charm, until it didn’t.

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VPN In Spain? Why?

Speaking of things that work. Do you know what is the best VPN for Spain? Why would you even need a VPN Spain or a Spain IP address? Besides the usual reasons as to why you’d want a Spain IP address or want to mask/change your Spain IP address, such as bypassing a website or something alike. There’s also the big important factor of online security and privacy that you’ll get from the best VPN for Spain as well as even the free VPN Spain and VPN Spain free services.

Well, without sounding too “know it all” I can honestly say that if you have uncomfortable truths to say or some digital content to NOT pay for (cough*torrents*cough), then you definitely need a VPN, Spain begs for it, in fact. Even a free VPN Spain service or VPN Spain free service is “arguably” better than running no VPN Spain at all. Though we’ll get into that down below.

There had been rumors of government spying policies and censorship of political views even when I was living there. That was way before the powder keg caught fire in 2017 when Catalonia declared independence in a referendum that Spain deemed illegal and therefore ineffective. If this conflict brought anything good then it would be proof of Spanish government sticking their fingers in pies that don’t belong to them. For example, the Spanish Civil Guard (SCV) blocked any access to a WhatsApp group that was focused on Catalonia’s liberation and unification of Catalan people. They could have communicated quite alright using a VPN, Spain free. But remember, try and stay away from Free VPN Spain services if possible.

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Even better, they recently threatened to censor online activities of people citing the dumbest reason ever – to protect the user’s honor. So if you like to share funny and silly pictures with friends for a laugh, Spanish government may not like that very much. Because… reasons.

Fine! Just give me the best VPN for Spain and be done with it!

Yeah, as if. Not that easy hombre, take a siesta. Ok, I will stop with the cringy puns to distract from the fact that even I don’t know everything there is to know about VPN’s. For one, I don’t know YOU! That’s right, you are the key to finding the best VPN that works for you. Why? Same reason why you choose a 4×4 pickup truck to go mountain fishing and a small block engine sedan for the city commute. The right tool for the right job as my dad used to say, and as much as I hate to admit it, he has always been right when it comes it. And getting a VPN Spain in order to access a Spain IP address is the same.

So just keep cycling free VPN, Spain has plenty of those right? Sure, you could. I don’t know why would you, but the option is definitely there. I certainly wouldn’t. Having worked in the IT field for almost two decades I can tell you honestly, you get what you pay for and using a VPN Spain free service can come with issues. You pay nothing, you get nothing. Worse case scenario you get something taken from you instead. Your personal data at worst, your nonnas secret cookie recipe at best. Free VPN, Spain compatible or not, is a bad idea when it comes to getting your Spain IP address.

Consider that you are using a software that promises privacy yet asks nothing in return. That just does not happen, they are getting something from you. Usually market data, browsing, shopping, and social habits. When it comes to VPN Spain, free is not something I would be ready to recommend.

Admitting the problem is the first step

So you realize that you do, in fact, need a VPN in Spain (or Catalonia, not taking sides here) to comfortably browse the world wide web as it was intended, or even get a Spain IP address if you’re outside of Spain. To watch your geolocation locked content from anywhere. To speak freely of your opinions and lend force to the opinions of others. Now what?

Get to know this site. Bookmark it and learn to seek help when faced with obstacles. Using this site you will be able to narrow down your uses for a VPN and therefore find the best, cheapest and most reliable VPN service Spain has to offer. Just remember to try and stay away from the free VPN Spain or VPN Spain Free services that you might find advertised.

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