Our List of the Best VPN for Turkey in 2024

Turkey, a true melting pot of the eastern and western civilizations. Once you get all the American thanksgiving related puns and jokes out of the way Turkey is a truly spectacular tourist destination. The country is simply bursting with history and culture. Anyone who has ever visited Turkey will be more than happy to tell you of the incredible history of the ancient empires of both Byzantines and Ottomans, as well the secrets of Constantinople – the historical name for Istanbul.

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Are You Looking for the Best VPN in Turkey?

Ancient Turkey and its Byzantine and Ottoman empires, which have been essential in shaping the world we live in today, are a far cry from Turkey today, however. Where before it was a center of discussion, medicine, tradition and trade, modern Turkey is the black sheep of both Europe and the Middle East. Having failed repeatedly to be accepted in the European Union, Turkey seems to have given up and are, in my personal opinion starting to throw a childish tantrum by seemingly backtracking on so many cultural and national advances already made in their attempts to be accepted in EU.

Who am I and why would my VPN Turkey focused opinions matter? My name is Terry and you are welcome. For what exactly? For showing you how to enjoy Turkey the way its meant to be enjoyed, regardless if you are just visiting or perhaps moving there for good.

You see, I lived in Istanbul for two years during my telecom contractor days. Rebuilding an entire communications infrastructure was one of the many steps Turkey tried to take in an attempt to look more appealing to EU. A fair few years and a failed military coup later, all that effort is being thrown away by draconian internet use laws and even going as far as banning VPN, Turkey doing monkey see – monkey do when looking at other countries that frown upon free speech and informed citizens. Especially after the failed military coup of 2016, when there were a lot of opinions being shared by a lot of Turkish citizens and expats. Now we all need to use the best VPN for Turkey, or at least some sort of best free VPN Turkey service that will help us unblock sites Turkey.

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Why use a VPN?

Do you have curtains or blinds at your home? Do you have doors that allow you to do whatever people do behind closed doors? Of course, you do. If the simple ability to conduct your personal business in privacy is not a reason enough to start looking into best VPN for Turkey, perhaps the ability to unblock sites Turkey deems undesirable will.

I have prepared this website to allow you – a Turkish citizen, traveler or even an expat, to unblock sites Turkey does not want you to see. This website will educate, inform and allow you to make a decision based on your internet use needs, because not all VPN’s are made equal and finding the best VPN for Turkey  compared to the best free VPN Turkey server is trickier than one might think at first.

One mousetrap, please.

Trickiest part by far is to make a conscious decision to buy your software instead of grabbing the first free VPN, Turkey loves free VPN’s and there are a lot of free VPN Turkey services out there. Let’s be honest, you get what you pay for and if you pay nothing you get nothing in return. You get no security, anonymity or privacy. Your data is collected to be sold to the highest bidder instead since the VPN server upkeep costs money and those penile enlargement ads will not be able to pay for it. If you choose to go with free VPN, Turkey will repay your decision with a possible lawsuit or a hefty fine, VPN is technically banned in the country after all and there is no quicker way to get on the government radar than to use free security software. Only free cheese is in the trap, keep that in mind while you browse my little oasis of internet freedom.

Choose the right VPN software for you, whether that be a free VPN Turkey or the best VPN for Turkey, as long as it helps you stay free and unblock sites Turkey. I can only hope this website can help you make the right decisions based on proven tests, expense comparisons and specific needs that you may have.

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