How To Shield Yourself From Surveillance with a Vietnam VPN?

Vietnam’s new cybersecurity law is very alarming for foreign ICT businesses based in their country. The law, which will take effect at the beginning of 2019, requires foreign technology firms to store their users’ personal data locally. This is a huge concern regarding surveillance and privacy, so if you’re an expat in Vietnam, it’s best to get a Vietnam VPN.

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Stop surveillance with a VPN Viet Nam

I’m Terry, a fellow expat and a firm believer that online privacy should be enforced. No matter where you are, your privacy is a right and no one should breach it without your knowledge or permission. This website is where I review the best VPN for Vietnam, as well as for each country that you should use right away.

Having lived around the world, I have seen how cybersecurity varies from country to country. Some are too lenient, some are far too advanced, and others just don’t take it seriously. It doesn’t matter if you’re staying for a short period of time in Vietnam or starting a business there. You should always take extra precautions regarding your online security.

Being able to access any content you want and doing tasks online is a fundamental human right. As long as you’re not doing anything illegal, you’re entitled to an uncensored internet access and private browsing. Nobody wants to feel like they constantly have to be on guard because someone else might be snooping around.

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Why is a VPN important?

A Vietnam VPN is one of the best investments you can get. It has plenty of benefits that you can use wherever you are in the world. Not only does it shield you from surveillance, but it also prevents hackers from messing with your computers and allows you to access geo-restricted data.

Here are more advantages when you get a Viet VPN:

  • Stronger security. Anti-malware tools aren’t enough to fully protect you. You need a VPN with robust, state-of-the-art protocols. Most, if not all VPN Viet Nam have military-grade encryption to ensure no one can intercept your traffic.
  • Hides your IP address. If you need a different IP address, a Viet VPN will provide one for you. You can browse the internet in complete anonymity because your location will be spoofed.
  • Unblock websites and apps. A Vietnam VPN is perfect for bypassing censorship and blocked websites. Many expats in countries with censorship are turning to VPN services.
  • Access remote files. If you’re working remotely, a Vietnam VPN enables you to access company files even while you’re away. It increases productivity in companies and businesses even if the employees are physically not in the office.
  • Cost-effective. For its average price, Vietnam VPN services are worth every penny. You can even save more with free VPN Vietnam services.

If you want to try it out without the commitment, try out our VPN free Vietnam recommendations below.

Should you pay for it?

With all the bills that you have to pay every month, is a Vietnam VPN really worth it? I mean, it only costs about six to twelve bucks per month, but that money could be used for something else. And considering that a lot of software is advertised falsely just to get the hard-earned money of consumers, is it what it really says it is? Is it a scam? Does it really work? Why can’t you just opt for a free VPN Vietnam or VPN Vietnam free service?

Let me tell you: if people can invent technologies that can spy on you, harvest your data, and restrict you based on your location, then people can invent a technology that bypasses all of that too. A VPN works perfectly — it wouldn’t be thriving in the market for so many years if it didn’t. And with the money that you pay every month, you get plenty of benefits (such as those that we listed above). It’s cost-effective and efficient, plus there are VPN Vietnam free trial or money-back guarantee, so you don’t even have to fully commit to a VPN Viet nam service right off the bat.

Most importantly, paying a monthly subscription to protect your data is better than losing more money and important information if you don’t get one. Browsing the internet unprotected is like telling hackers to come at you. Think about it, would you like your data stored by the Vietnamese government for them to use any time they want? Or do you want to control what’s yours? Something real to consider when comparing VPN Vietnam free and free VPN Vietnam services to the paid and premium VPN Viet nam services.

Protect your personal data from snoopers

It’s difficult when the government is ordering tech companies to store user data locally. It means that the authorities can easily seize whatever information they want. And what if that person turns out to be you? And let’s say that even if you’re not a threat to the country, your privacy will still be invaded. Storing user data is like having a creepy guy stalk you and collect photos of you — it’s just downright creepy.

With a Vietnam VPN, you can shield your data from being harvested. Whether it’s the government, data companies, or snoopers, you won’t have to worry about them. Just use the VPN and connect to other servers that are not VPN Vietnam servers. So download torrents, install any app, and talk to anyone online without the danger of being spied on. VPN Viet nam is pretty nifty huh?

Access any content you want, whenever you want it

I bet you already know that the Netflix library in Vietnam is not the same in the US or the UK. Why should you get less when you’re paying for the same subscription? This is why a Viet VPN is very helpful because it helps you access any content that is restricted.

The greatest thing is that you’re not limited to just US or UK libraries. You can access any library as long as the country is included in the VPN’s server list. All you have to do is connect to another server location, not a VPN server Vietnam. For example, if there’s an Australian TV show that you want to watch while you’re in Vietnam, just select a server located in Australia and stream away! And it doesn’t just work for Netflix but for other streaming services as well. Though you may find this to be more difficult if using a free VPN Vietnam or VPN Vietnam free service.

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