Connect Up to 5 Devices on Express VPN

You read it right! Express VPN is kicking it up a notch by allowing users to simultaneously connect up to 5 devices now.

If you weren’t aware, this great VPN service only lets you use 3 devices at the same time per VPN license. Until today. ExpressVPN just announced that they’re finally changing their multiple-device policy to finally make room for 2 additional devices.

According to the article, they only intended each subscription to fulfill the needs of each individual subscriber. But now that we are in the era of modern technology wherein everyone needs to switch between a lot of devices in a day, they swiftly adapted to this change. They stated, “This new policy will help ensure that you can continue to enjoy the privacy and security you have come to know and love across every platform you own, now and into the future.”

Connect to All Your Devices

ExpressVPN is available on apps for Mac, Windows, Android, iOS, and Linux. It is really easy and simple to install no matter what kind of device you may have. You can download and use the app on as many devices as you wish as long as you don’t use more than 5 simultaneously.

However, if you do want to use more than 5, you should probably get an additional subscription. But, if you’d rather avoid the hassle and extra monthly payments, maybe you should consider downloading it straight to your router.

Yes, it is possible to install it to your router directly, as mentioned in our ExpressVPN review. In fact, it is probably easier this way because whenever you connect to the WiFi, you are automatically connected to the VPN server. You don’t have to go through the process of turning on your VPN and selecting the server you want every time you go online anymore.

Try Out ExpressVPN for Free

While there are actually a lot of reasonable payment plans you can choose from, ExpressVPN just loves to give its customers the best experience.

If you’re still feeling unsure about this provider, why not go ahead and try it out risk-free? If you go to the official website, they actually offer a 30-day money-back guarantee. This way, you can test it out and see if it’s to your liking before you fully commit.

I have actually tried this trick myself and I must say, it was quite a breeze. I was able to experience what it would feel like if I actually availed of this subscription. All the features were available for me to use and I didn’t even have any problems with the servers!

And as for the refund, I was able to get it back right away! ExpressVPN seems to really stick by their word when they say they put their customers first. When I called up the customer service representatives, they willingly helped me sort it out right away. They didn’t ask for any questions as to why I wanted to cancel my subscription.

Final Thoughts

I definitely recommend for you to try out ExpressVPN. Now that you can use up to 5 devices at the same time, it should prove to be an even more enjoyable online experience.


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