How to Watch Formula 1 Bahrain Grand Prix 2024

The Formula 1 Grand Prix is the best event the racing world has to offer. With fans excited to watch their favorite drivers on the asphalt, there’s no shortage of places to watch the f1 live stream. If you’re in the US, you can watch the event on ESPN or ESPN 2.

If you’re outside the U.S., you’ll need another way to get access. This article will guide you on how to watch formula 1 from any location.

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Last Updated On: 12 June 2024

The best streaming sites for the event

To get access to the f1 streaming, here are some top sites you can go with:

BBC Sport

The BBC Sport app lets you watch live sporting events such as the Commonwealth Games and Formula One. Android and iOS devices also support the platform.

You can get a monthly BBC TV license to watch formula 1 for $13.12/month. Alternatively, you can bundle the channel with Sky TV and Sky Sports for $74/per month.

Sky Sports

You can watch the Formula 1 live stream on Sky Sports 1. Additionally, you can get updates on all the racing action on the Sky Sports App. For just $33.99/month, you can get access to all 11 Sky Sports channels.


ESPN doesn’t provide access to f1 streaming. Instead, it rebroadcasts Sky Sports FI coverage without commercials. You can get an ESPN monthly subscription for $9.99/month.

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F1 TV Pro

The F1 TV Pro provides full access to the event with no commercials. You can also switch between the live feed and any of the 20 cameras on the cars. The service pricing comes in two tiers: you can get the F1 TV Pro for $10 per month or $80 a year or the F1 TV Access for $ per month or $27 per year.

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The best sites to access F1 live streaming free.

You can get free access to the F1 live stream with any of these options:

Formula One Youtube Channel

It goes without saying that the best site for free F1 streaming is the Formula One Youtube channel. The platform features all the latest races in the F1 league along with their highlights. Viewers can also watch live launch parties of various Grand Prix tournaments.

The youtube channel provides live Esport Formula One races with current match analysis. As a bonus, you can watch formula 1 in HD resolution.


This free-live streaming website focuses on providing live F1 races. Besides the live games, it also provides replays of past matches so you can watch your favorite races anytime you’re F1 streaming.


Streamest is a live streaming website that covers all major sports so you can get the F1 stream with ease. The stream quality is HD so you’re guaranteed to watch all the races on the best video resolution available. That said, you’ll have to deal with the advertisements that are scheduled to run between each game.

formula 1 live streaming

F1 Streams Races

This Reddit link-providing website covers all the upcoming formula one races via its F1 live stream. It offers viewers a simple and clean interface which they can navigate with ease. The website also covers the latest news updates about the players and their matches e.g. wins and losses.


TotalSportEK has a similar user interface to F1 Streams Races with a slight difference. All its streams are in HD so you can watch formula 1 at the highest quality. The site provides active links for the event 20 minutes before it starts.

Despite the streams being hosted on third-party servers, all F1 streaming sites show ads minimally. This means you can watch your races with only minimal interruption.


RTBF is a public service broadcaster that provides radio and television services. It operates five channels, including La Une, La Trois, Tipik, Arte Belgique, and TipikVision.

ServusTV and ORF

ServusTV and ORF is a free streaming service available in Austria and Germany. It offers access to the f1 free stream every weekend. The only issue is that Formula 1 races can only be shown in Germany or Austria, so you can’t be in both locations simultaneously. That said, we’ll teach you how to change your location to get access quickly.

We also have the perfect free recommendations if you want to get the formula 1 streaming while low on funds.

Streaming outside of the availability zone

The Formula content is a top sporting event so it’s not available in every area. Content providers who have viewing rights to the event limit access to users in their region. This means if you’re trying to get access from another area, you’ll be barred.

“Geo blocks” are put up by content providers to scan and block unfamiliar IP addresses from getting access to the F1 streaming sites. However, there’s a way to bypass this and all you need is a VPN.

How to unblock F1 streaming with a VPN

A VPN is your best tech tool if you’re trying to watch Formula 1 outside the availability zone. You can use this short guide to set up the VPN service and start using it:

  1. Visit the VPN website or download its app on any device you choose. For the best experience, we recommend using ExpressVPN for free.
  2. Open an account with the service by filling in your details.
  3. Change your location to any of the countries where F1 streaming is not restricted
  4. Connect and start watching the racing event.

Try ExpressVPN to watch the F1 stream for free

ExpressVPN is a top service that operates in 94 countries. For starters, you can opt for the free trial to access the F1 streaming without stress. If you’re not satisfied with the service, you can opt for the available 30-day money-back guarantee.

The best VPNs to F1 live stream

When looking for a VPN service to watch the Formula 1 stream, you need one that has the best features. This ensures you don’t need to worry about getting disconnected when using the service.

To make things easier, we’ve reviewed different services and compiled the best options. With any of these, you’re guaranteed to watch the event with ease.

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The benefits of VPNs

The advantages of using a VPN aren’t just limited to getting access to the F1 live stream. These are other benefits of the service:

Hides your private information

Websites and apps constantly track your online activity and analyze your data. You can use a VPN with its 256-bit encryption to keep your information anonymous and secure.

Escape data throttling

Data throttling happens when you’ve used a certain amount of data and your ISP provider chooses to slow down your service. With a VPN, you’ll be able to avoid having data caps placed on your internet.

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Avoid censorship

Some countries restrict access to certain websites and social media platforms. A VPN can grant you access abroad by making it look like your traffic is coming from a different location.

Reduce support costs

As a business owner, using a VPN can help you reduce the cost of maintaining servers. This is because you can now outsource to third-party service providers who can support a lower cost structure.

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To help you get familiar with the VPN service, we’ve put together answers to the most commonly asked questions:

Can I watch F1 TV in the USA?

You can watch Formula 1 TV in the U.S. on ESPN and ESPN 2.

Can you watch F1 on Amazon Prime?

F1 TV Pro is available on Amazon Prime. Subscribers can get access to the F1 streaming service as long as they are in areas where the Pro is available.

Does F1 TV block VPN?

F1 TV has geoblocks that can block your regular internet access but you can bypass restrictions with a strong VPN service like Express VPN.

Can you watch F1 live stream for free with a VPN?

Some countries offer free F1 streams although they might be limited to one country. That said, you can use a VPN to get access to the specific country with the stream.

F1 live stream with VPN

Can you watch F1 stream for free with a VPN?

You can use a VPN to get access to a free streaming site to watch the event. However, you would have to subscribe to the VPN service.

How can I watch Formula 1 in USA with VPN?

First, you have to choose the ExpressVPN service and open an account. After that, you change your location to anyone that’s showing the event.

Do you need ESPN+ to watch F1?

No, you don’t. You just need access to ESPN and ESPN 2.


The Formula One Grand Prix offers all the thrilling action of the racing world. With broadcast options like BBC Sport, Sky Sport, ESPN, F1 TV Pro, you’re sure to find a viewing option that works for you.

Free streaming sites like the Formula One Youtube Channel, Slip stream, Streameast, F1 stream races, TotalSportEK, RTBF and Servus TV and ORF are also worth exploring.

For a seamless viewing experience, it’s recommended to use a trusted VPN service, such as ExpressVPN. With 94 country coverage and a 30-day money-back guarantee, ExpressVPN provides secure and high-quality F1 streaming.

Get started now for unrestricted access to the event.


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