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How to Watch Formula 1 Streaming Online?

The F1 season is already in full swing so this piece should be of particular interest to those who have been somewhat frustrated with patchy live TV or online coverage. Fear not your petrol-heads, below I will explain exactly how to get the best F1 streaming coverage wherever you happen to be on the Globe.

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It doesn’t get any faster!

Formula 1 live coverage is watched by millions of racing car enthusiasts around the world each season. It stands at the pinnacle of single-seat car racing and is sanctioned by the sport’s governing body: the FIA.

And when we are talking speed, we mean fast! F1 Racing cars have been recorded at going from 0-60 mph in just 1.6 seconds, however, today’s modern slouches take around 2.1-2.7 seconds!

The driver’s regularly average top speeds in excess of 200 mph, but it is the legendary, cool Columbian Juan Pablo Montoya who tops this particular podium. He set the fastest recorded time of 231.5 mph as far back as the Italian Grand Prix of 2005. A record that still stands to this day.

If you think that is impressive, get this:

The 2007 Honda RA107 has been clocked from 0-100 mph in only 4 seconds.

Quick (quiet) word of warning:

Please take this on board (and with a pinch of salt!):

Even if you are late (again) for work, please don’t be tempted to try and emulate these F1 stats. You are on public roads and those frustratingly slow traffic lights should not be seen as the starter’s flag!

Current standings:

Before I explain the situation relating to F1 live streaming free from restriction options, let’s have a quick look at how things are standing.

Things are heating up very nicely. Approaching the seasons half-way point last season’s champion Louis Hamilton driving for Mercedes is currently in 2nd place. He is the meat in a Ferrari sandwich that sees the German driver Sebastian Vettel (last season’s runner-up) top the table by just 8 points with the Finn, Kimi Raikkonen in 3rd.

You do not need me to tell you about the potential for thrills, spills, controversy, and spats that will be witnessed between now and the final race in Abu Dhabi on 25 November, but I will tell you about:

Ways of getting a good Formula 1 live stream:


It is accepted that free to air TV deals allow you to watch Formula 1 live in a variety of countries around the world.

The problem is that this option does not always allow for uninterrupted coverage. Commentary language can also be an issue dependent upon which country you happen to be in as the drivers take their place on the starting grid.

Most countries have a TV channel that transmits Formula 1 live coverage. A standout here is Australia. They offer free coverage on not one, but two TV channels.

The downside of ‘in-country’ viewing is that the broadcasters are faced with TV rights restrictions. This presents us from viewing these ‘local’ channels if we happen to be outside of their designated area.

UK free live coverage (well, for 50% of the fixtures!):

Another good example of this is the BBC. They cover half of the season’s races and in doing so offer excellent race coverage. Indeed many Formula 1 live stream viewers watch these races via the BBC iPlayer platform.

This is certainly a valid, high-quality option. The problem that if you wish to access this service you need to connect to it via a UK IP address. Fine if you happen to be in the UK. Not fine at all when you are outside of the Kingdom.

As for other countries around the world, the truth is you will generally need a paid-up subscription if you are to achieve F1 streaming uninterrupted. Again, this is fine if you are in the country of registration, but once outside of it you will be unable to access your paid-up service.

I’m not sure about you, but that does not seem right at all to me, so rather than sit back and accept this situation you need to look at ways to achieve a Formula 1 live stream no matter where you happen to be in the world at any given time.

The solution to geo-restricted F1 live streaming:

Subscribing to a well-managed, well-established VPN provider is the way to go. By doing so you will be at liberty to watch all Formula 1 live stream coverage whenever you wish, and no matter where you are, and on any device. Indeed, VPNs are available for most Operating Systems (OS) and you can easily find the best VPN for Linux, Windows or macOS. Not to mention the mobile systems, especially Android and iPhone.

Such a secure, recommended VPN provider will have servers strategically located in a wide variety of regions, and in the case of F1 streaming from the UK, they are guaranteed to have servers located in the UK.

This means that the use of such a VPN will allow you to skirt geographical restrictions and gain access to the BBC iPlayer service.

It also goes without saying that the same applies to those of you who happen to have a subscription to another broadcaster whose schedule covers Formula 1 live races; Sky Sports is a case in point.

I.E. No matter where you happen to be in the world, the use of a reputable VPN will allow you to reach your country of broadcaster registration and access the broadcasts as if you were in your ‘home’ country.

Beware of free VPN offers:

Before we go any further it is very important for anyone who has seen or received unsolicited emails offering free VPN services to understand that this really is not the way to go.

By the very nature of the equipment involved, technical expertise and operational efficiency, Virtual Private Networks require a large investment to set-up, keep running and regularly maintain.

Please be assured that we are not talking about piffling amounts here! This means that any free VPN offer you see that is free of charge will most certainly want something in return.

Security issues will be lax, to say the least and regional servers thin on the ground (thus denying you access to certain regions), slow download speeds due to overloaded servers common and to cap it all there is a strong likelihood of a contract clause which states the free VPN provider is allowed to sell your personal data to third-parties. This is something you need to avoid.

Be alert to respected VPN providers:

The case of well-established VPN providers is the opposite of the shenanigans free providers often get up to. These companies are in business for the long haul.

They will offer high-security measures meaning your traffic and activity is encrypted each and every time you go online, they will offer anonymity for you in terms of hiding your real IP address and back this up with services including but certainly not limited to a ‘no logging policy’ that is strictly enforced and measures which will prevent DNS leakage.

VPN providers reviewed, tested and analyzed:

I believe in free access to content wherever it may be situated, and as you will have gathered, this includes F1 streaming.

What is more, I strongly believe that anyone who has a paid-up ‘in-country’ subscription they have registered for should be allowed to watch content such as Formula 1 live coverage no matter where they happen to be in the world at any given time.

To this end, I have invested a good deal of time and effort to understand which of the VPN providers out there really do provide a service that offers all the bells, whistles, and in the case of F1 streaming: flags! that are worthy of consideration.

I have based my recommendations on such things as:

  • Reliability: The reliability of, and the consistency of access to the VPN network
  • Security: The ability to ensure fully encrypted connections each and every time you connect
  • No-logging policy: This policy needs to be offered and strictly implemented to allow complete anonymity while you are online
  • No DNS leakage: Again, a well-configured VPN network is the way to go. This ensures that it is the IP address of the VPN providers server you are connected to which shows and not your real IP address
  • Proliferation of servers: Numbers and regional locations of VPN servers offered. This is extremely important in relation to skirting access to geo-restricted content
  • Speed: To achieve F1 live streaming free from interruptions and buffering you require high download speeds
  • Costs: As I have touched on in this piece, setting-up and running a respected VPN service that offers F1 live streaming free from geo-restrictions costs money. This makes it reasonable to pay for such services. The VPN providers mentioned are the ones I feel offer the best value for money
  • Reputation: Forget the over-exaggerated hype some companies self-generate. The reputation of a VPN provider is best judged on user forums and ‘tell it how it is’ comments from those who use and pay for such services

The value of a VPN shows not only in quality F1 streaming:

I must re-emphasize that watching F1 live streaming free from sub-standard quality via a reputable VPN provider is achieved due to your ability to connect to a VPN regional server in a country that offers Formula 1 live stream content.

But, you are obviously not restricted to this content only. You can watch other live sporting events such as the NHL hockey or the ESPN live stream, and even take this a step further by using the VPN for Kodi. Kodi is a strongly recommended media player which is growing in stature.

Indeed, you can access content galore from wherever you are and wherever it is stored as long as the VPN provider has servers in that region.

Subscribe, get settled and watch F1 live streaming free from interruption:

By going through the simple process of using one of the VPN providers I have recommended you will be able to watch Formula 1 live stream content to your heart’s content!


The race is on!

I hope you have found this piece entertaining and it has given you an insight into just how easy F1 live streaming free from annoying geo-restrictions is to achieve.

While I let the chequered flag drop on this F1 streaming info. Please keep an eye out for many more articles to come on a wide range of the best ways to view the sport of your choice.

‘Till Later!


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