A Comprehensive Frostwire Torrent Review


  • Small and easy-to-download
  • Simple to use
  • Say no to advertisements
  • Open torrent files locally and by their magnet link or URL
  • Easy to share files and folders
  • Supports importing multiple torrents at once
  • Customize various advanced settings


  • Unable to add custom websites in the search bar
  • May Install unnecessary programs during setup

Torrents – the second most popular term in the world. The last and even the current decade is all about torrents; you’ll find anything you need on the torrent sites. Talking about Torrents, many websites appeared on the world wide web, and few became famous in no time, while some sites had shut-down due to the copyright notices.

However, life is a journey, so does the torrenting; some torrent sites like uTorrent and FrostWire continue their efforts to become the leading torrent portals. These torrent sites are online today and dominating many newbies in the town.

Everyone talks about uTorrent, but we are here to review Frostwire, which is the next in line torrent site with the most notable features. In this FrostWire Review, we will discover its functionalities and features, discussing whether it stands as a preferred choice for Torrent users. Without further ado, let’s begin from scratch.

What Is Frostwire Torrent?

FrostWire is a BitTorrent client that was introduced back in the year 2004 as a fork of another client – LimeWire. It used to hold similar features in the beginning, but with time, the client managed to add further features and functionalities, overlooked LimeWire with ease.

The setup file of FrostWire will consume up to 24 MB of your device; it is small compared to its counterparts, i.e. uTorrent and BitLord. However, you should be aware of the bundled software that comes along; so, uncheck any unnecessary software or application that you don’t want.

Get Frostwire to stream and download your favorite content but don’t forget to subscribe a torrent-friendly VPN to keep your digital identity hidden and to stay away from DMCAs notices and other legal threats.

Features – That Outstands Frostwire Torrent From Others

FrostWire supports a massive list of links and files including private Torrent links, PEX (Peer Exchange), Magnet links for BitTorrent extension and protocols, and many more. The FrostWire also made a preview for an individual file in a single folder easier to stands out amongst the rest; now you’ll get to know how your final download file will look like beforehand.

Unlike other BitTorrent, FrostWire has a built-in media player that plays all the audio and video file with sharing option that lets you share your favorite file directly from your computer.

FrostWire has established a platform to encourage Filmmakers, Writers, Content Creators, Developers, and other professionals to share their art for free to millions of netizens without spending a dime for hosting their piece of work. This makes the distribution legal, as it gets consent from content creators.

Finding the right torrent is frustrating because you’re not sure which Torrent site has everything that you’re looking for and most importantly, where to begin the search. FrostWire makes this task easier by combining several popular sites and lets you search all of them without opening a web browser.

The ability to download individual files without downloading the entire set of files is the feature that you’ll love. Most torrent clients (online ones like ZbigZ) are limited in a way that they import the entire torrent at once, that possibly exceed the allowable limit and then force you to look elsewhere to get the desired files. FrostWire does not only lift limits to your downloads but also make it possible to download even just one file from thousands of torrent.

WiFi sharing is something we haven’t seen in any other torrent client. This lets you share your files with other users on a sharing network; means you can easily share files within the office or at home, using FrostWire. Click the padlock icon next to the files to share.

Further, the FrostWire application also lets you stream free music, without worrying about over-consumed bandwidth with the Torrent downloads. FrostWire has an additional feature – IPv6 and RSS reader that helps to control bandwidth for each Torrent file. You can also limit the bandwidth or control the encryption and the internet speed.

User Interface – It’s Easier!

FrostWire interface is simpler yet more straightforward to understand for every streaming user, means you don’t need to learn anything to get used to it. Go through all the options which are there at the top making it a lot easier to find all the media player options.

At the top of the menu, there’s a Search bar to reach the desired Torrents in a single click; don’t worry! Filtering results concerning the sites, type, and seeds are also easy. The best thing about Frostwire is – it’s entirely ad-free which many BitTorrent clients are unable to do so.

We loved the filtering tools that help to uncheck the unwanted sites to search through, after the initial search, and the results also change instantly. Thanks to the slider bar that defines how large a torrent can be along with the number of available seeds, and remove everything else from the results. Don’t want to show up specific keywords like porn; FrostWire lets you permanently filter out such keywords and as well as all adult content.

Supported Platforms – FrostWire Supports Everything

FrostWire is readily available for all major platforms and OS including iOS, Android, Windows, Mac OS, Ubuntu, RPM, and Tarball. Find it on Microsoft Store, Play Store, and Apple Store; being multi-platforms makes it the best BitTorrent client.

Is FrostWire Safe? Yes, It is

FrostWire is safe to use that restricts adware, malware, viruses, or spyware of any form to infect your system; make sure that you download FrostWire from its website.

Keep in mind that FrostWire itself does not host or control the content, but lets you connect to other computers and servers for your desired content. Didn’t get this? Ok, no problem. Understand in a fashion that FrostWire works as an internet browser without creating or hosting the website, but allowing you to view and download the content through it.

While reviewing FrostWire, it was recognized that FrostWire did add features to safeguard our systems from malicious content, but still, we all should learn some basics before clicking the download button to any file.

Let’s quickly recall some common senses, which are not that common;

  • Match the file size with the content before downloading the desirable content.
  • Check the source link and do read comments from those who have already downloaded the respective file.
  • Make sure anti-virus software is valid and updated.
  • Get the most-suited VPN for Torrenting to avoid any spyware or malware from spying on you.

In A Gist, FrostWire Is…..

FrostWire has been out for years and is quickly updated with all the features that a good torrent client should possess. We’ve used it for several contents and have not been disappointed.

Our FrostWire review has revealed all the great features about FrostWire that has inevitably superseded your expectations. Let me recall its many great features, quick to download, easier to use, zero advertisements, and is available for all the operating systems and platforms. Compared to other BitTorrent clients, only BitLord is closer, but not equally enjoyable.


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