VPNGate Review – Why we don’t recommend using Free VPN?

vpn gate

VPN Gate provides free of cost service to millions across the globe. It is a Japan-based VPN and run by volunteers who do not seek profit — volunteers running VPN gate for eight years and sound pretty optimistic about supporting privacy online. The VPN is home to 5000+ servers and is compatible with all popular platforms like Windows, Android, Mac OS, and iOS. Freebies should make the most out its service while it lasts.

VPNGate Overview

VPN Servers 5,345 Servers
Offered Protocols SoftEther, OpenVPN, MS-SSTP, L2TP /IPSec
Level of Encryption Used 256-bit Encryption
Dedicated Apps for all Devices Yes
Netflix No
Torrent friendly No
Location Japan
Support Yes
Browser Extension Yes
Max Connections 1
Zero-Log Policy No

Pricing Plan – Is it Expensive?

As claimed by the founders:

“VPN Gate will never be a paying service in the future.”

VPN Gate is entirely free and doesn’t cost a penny. This VPN is much like Tor, which is similarly run by volunteers who seek to make the internet an enriched privacy playground.

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Since the Japanese Telecommunication law needs paid services to be registered under the government emblem, furthermore, they are asked to comply with the laws and orders of interior ministry and communication affairs. Thus if VPN Gate opts to become a paid service, then they will directly be under Japanese government interventions which they seek to avoid. Moreover, since it is run voluntarily, it would become increasingly difficult for them to become paid in the future.

“Free” really means “Free” with no strings attached whatsoever.

Is VPNGate Safe?

Each VPN Gate server is free to select which protocol to use on the server. It supports upto 256bit cipher with 4096-bit encryption. Theoretically, VPN Gate servers use a secure encryption protocol, which is the choice of the big players as well. Since it is free, it is a huge plus.

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A freebie that uses VPN Gate for a day or two would be more than pleased by what this VPN offers, however, a privacy activist will get annoyed after reading what this Free of cost VPN serves.

Logging Policy of VPN Gate

The most important thing to consider when choosing for a VPN which hardly charges for its services is to ensure if it retains logs.

The biggest issue with the service is that a volunteer can see all your activities while you are using VPN Gate.

In addition to it, the VPN service keeps connection logs for at least three months. They retain the following information:

  • Data and Time
  • Connection and Disconnection time
  • Type of VPN protocol used
  • Several data bytes uses using the VPN connection
  • Raw IP address and hostname of the VPN client

This alone is a lot of information that this VPN retains. However, if you feel comfortable using this VPN even after knowing that it keeps the details mentioned above, then it is your choice. We can’t just absorb the fact that there are people that still wish to rely on a free service.

VPN Gate IP Leak and WebRTC Leak Test

While conducting this review, we tested VPN Gate for DNS, IP, and WebRTC Leak. There was no leak whatsoever observed while testing it.

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Does VPN Gate Support Netflix?

The United States Netflix server was not blocked when we used it, but we faced the speed issue. The video playback was so poor that we couldn’t watch my favorite show properly. If you are fortunate enough to find a fast server that is suitable to stream video content, then choose VPN Gate.

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How to Sign up for VPN Gate?

Your sign-up and other details are not needed to enjoy the liberties of the VPN gate. The number of available servers is listed on their webpage which is enough to guide you about the relevant configuration and information about the protocols and speed etc.

The server list also shows a summary of the statistics like the ping, latency, etc. to help you choose the server that is best suited for you.

Customer Support – Is it Supportive?

VPN Gate is a project of SoftEther VPN; the University of Tsukuba in Japan develops it. The University is notorious for showcasing too much about how technologically advanced they are, which is quite evident from the VPN’s website as well.

During the review, we didn’t find any traces of customer support on their website. However, the information is well organized, and the pictures are available to elaborate on the overall concept of the product.

Since English isn’t their first language, we noticed a few falters in the content of their website and never had an understanding of what they wanted to say.

Additionally, since VPN Gate is not a commercial product, it doesn’t have a proper customer support team to assist you in your problems. However, there is a forum where you can post your query.

The forum is sensible and non-spammy. The assistance is all voluntary and by the forum members.

Do We Recommend VPN Gate?

VPN Gate is a free and voluntary based VPN which is working as an anti-censorship tool for many. We need to respect the developers at the University of Tsukuba who have developed this free tool. Unfortunately, we cannot recommend you to use it since it is free and retains too much information, plus it is so slow to be recommended to all our readers.

7 Total Score
Public VPN Relay Servers

  • Free of cost
  • No Data Limit
  • DNS and WebRTC leak proof
  • 5000+ Servers around the Globe
  • No additional features
  • Shady Logging Policy
  • Bad Customer Support
  • No dedicated client base

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