VPNGate Review 2024: A Kamikaze VPN


Today, we are going to have VPNGate reviews. This article will help you know if it’s safe to use it on your device and your computer. This VPN is a research project developed in Japan by the University of Tsukuba, with the sole aim of providing an intelligent VPN system for all. A group of volunteers maintains this VPN worldwide. It is well-used in countries like Russia, Turkmenistan, and Vietnam.

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Price and Plan

This VPN is a cost-free online network. It allows softEther VPN protocol or any other regular VPN protocol. However, due to its unstructured managerial system, there is little or no attention to customer challenges.

All VPNGate reviews we have read online and what we experience from using it shows that it doesn’t come with any plan hence anyone can use it anytime and for how long you wish. This VPN service provider does not have any coupons and will not ask you for any sort of payment option.

Using the VPN Gate Software

During this VPNGate reviews, we noticed that the developers do not include any spectacular features other than connecting to servers worldwide to get through government firewalls to access a restricted site. It manipulates user’s ID to protect their identity while browsing.

Since it’s a free service, this VPN has many drawbacks that are not in monetized VPN service, e.g., low speed, poor interface, support only Windows OS, etc.

For this VPNGate reviews, we are going to analyze its function with major VPN features and see how they fare. So, grab a drink and get ready for the ride.



It is not encouraged to use this VPN for torrenting or any P2P. This VPN does not give you premium protection hence you can be accused of copyright encroachment. And since your web traffic will come through your peers’ IP addresses when using the VPN for torrenting or other P2P file sharing, then it is advisable not to use it.

So far, from our VPNGate reviews, your internet activity is not hidden. Their internet activities and history will also come from your IP addresses if they use the VPN. Hence, you will be shooting yourself in the foot if you use it for torrenting or others torrenting through your IP.


Netflix is the most well-known streaming service on the planet and one of the most geographically limiting. It allows users to view films and TV shows that have been made accessible in your country. During our VPNGate reviews, we have a comment about its usefulness on Netflix.

Considering that the US Netflix version has the broadest substance library, hence I can understand why most residents use VPNs to maneuver some service restrictions.

This VPN provider professes to offer free passage to world information beyond government firewalls. Keeping that in mind, they perform commendably. With regards to Netflix, their services are quite appalling.

From our independent study, we noticed that it can’t give you access to any content outside the country you are operating from. So, if you use this VPN, be rest assured that you will not be able to access content in the United States or any other location apart from where you are.

Work in China?

Does this VPN work in China? I get to face this question a lot, and I will try to answer it in this section.

Citizens of China and some Asia countries sometimes experience problems with unknown errors that prevent this VPN from accessing domestic internet contents.

However, in order to ensure continuous and reliable service, a mirror site is created to mitigate any form of inconvenience. A mirror site is a duplicate of the original content of the official website.

A mirror site helps to provide the same service as the primary server. You can download the mirror site for the VPN on the internet.


This VPN is not really the best option for a heavy gamer. During our VPNGate reviews, if you a game fanatic, you should consider other VPNs. Our number one VPN, Express VPN can get you into any online gaming platform.

VPN Gate Features

As mentioned earlier, the network consists of a few VPN servers provided by volunteers worldwide. It allows SSL-VPN (SoftEther VPN), OpenVPN, L2TP/IPsec, and Microsoft SSTP protocols.

These servers, since they are not paid are usually not reliable. And just as we explained earlier on how they work – it is safe to know that the basic principle which this particular VPN does is to switch your IP address with that of the person closest to you. And this is very dangerous for your safety and the safety of those around you. Maybe that’s why the VPNGate price is free.

This VPN also allows anonymous connections, since users registration is not a requirement. Users can connect to one of the servers completely unnoticed. These VPN public relay servers are provided by volunteers worldwide for free of charge and do not require registration.

vpn gate

Test Result

From our VPNGate reviews, we noticed that this VPN server is independently run by a volunteer, implying that you should not expect execution consistency across whole servers. Also, the geographic distance between you and the selected server will determine the efficiency of the VPN.

This means that you may experience better VPN services while using some servers than others. Hence you have to notice the locations that have good servers so you can consistently use them.

Several factors are responsible for the users’ experience on speed. Such factors include; between device and VPN server, the number of users on the VPN server, regional bandwidth restrictions, Internet Service Provider and processing power.

During this VPN gate review, we noticed that this VPN does not have optimal access to regional bandwidth restrictions. It also comes with poor processing power.

In testing the speed during our VPNGate reviews, different locations have different speeds. Japan had a speed of 207.7 Mbps and a ping of 21,11. The United States is the next fastest location with a line speed of 32.7, Mbps and Ping 11,11. This is closely followed by the UK with a line speed of 16.1, Mbps Ping.

DNS Leak

This VPN comes with a poor logging policy and archaic encryption that are easily decrypted. When it means when a VPN is leaking is that your DNS, webRTC and IP will be exposed.

However, the volunteers are silent on the DNS leak, which prompted me to test if there is any leak in connection. It was so soothing to discover that there is no leak-free connection. The leak test only showed the DNS and IP addresses of the server and DNS information.

Customer Service

There is no complaint mail for Gate VPN, live chat or ticket system. The only way to log complaints is through their Twitter handle @vpngate, and the chances of response from them are very slim. Other available ways of getting help include; setup tutorials, FAQ section and community forum.

vpngate reviews

Frequently Asked Questions

Will VPN Gate Become a Paying Service in the Future?

VPN Gate will never become a paying service in the future. It will ALWAYS be a free service at all times. It is an academic research project, not a profit-driving one.

How Many Years Will VPN Gate Last?

VPN Gate service will continue to run and does not have a termination date. It was created in 2013. It is intended to keep the service stable and reliable for as long as non-free service exists or eight years on the minimum.

However, since the cases of complaints are increasing, there might be an end to the service if it runs into any legal or technical issues.

Which of the many VPN gate servers are the fastest and safest?

All the VPN gate servers are gotten from volunteers around the world. They are not very safe and fast. However, you may have to try the different server locations to know which of them is best for you.

Is VPN gate free?

VPN gate is free. It is a research project hence it does not come with any costs.


VPN Gate is still a work in process, as many people describe it. However, their security feature is not as good as the average VPN out there. It is advisable to get it uninstalled since it barely switches your IP with another IP closest to you.

The logging policy is a subject of concern, and connection speed is relatively too low for torrenting, streaming and sometimes browsing. Is VPNGate safe? From all the points so far, we would discourage you from using it because of some safety concerns we have raised in this VPNGate reviews

Usually, when I am asked, how to use VPN gate, I usually discourage them to use it because this particular VPN is usually difficult to use for average users. The setup, specification, changing of location and configuration require a skilled or experienced user. It is also hard to be set up, especially on iOS, Mac, etc.

However, we will not leave you dry, we will recommend our Number ONE VPN for you, the Express VPN. It fixes all the security and speed issues with this VPN. And we even have a way for you to get the premium version for Free.

7 Total Score
VPNGate Review 2024

  • Free of cost
  • No Data Limit
  • DNS and WebRTC leak proof
  • 5000+ Servers around the Globe
  • Not good for streaming
  • Not good for downloading torrent
  • Shady Logging Policy
  • Bad Customer Support
  • No dedicated client base

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