No More Logs: VyprVPN doesn’t keep logs anymore

VyprVPN is now the world’s first publicly audited VPN

Good news to all VPN users out there! VyprVPN just announced that they have become a no logs VPN service. Not only that, but they are also the world’s first publicly audited VPN service, adding to their credibility in keeping no records of user data. This is a very great news for the VPN community because it means that the VyprVPN no logs policy is another addition to the list of VPN services we can trust.

Yesterday, Golden Frog, issued a press release stating that their service has now become a publicly audited VPN. This means that the company hired Leviathan Security to independently audit and ensure that no personally identifiable information is collected.

According to Golden Frog president Sunday Yobaitis, what urged them to switch to a no logs policy is to regain the people’s trust on VPN services.

We feared that trust in VPNs was eroding and if people can’t trust a VPN to protect them then they won’t use encryption at all. We felt that decisive action was needed.

Why they made VyprVPN no logs policy

Before the VyprVPN no logs policy, they used to collect user data such as 1.) The IP address of the customer assigned by their ISP, 2.) The IP address of the customer assigned by VyprVPN, 3.) The time that the user started and finished connecting to the VPN, and 4.) The total number of bytes used up by the customer.

In the previous years, VyprVPN has been speaking out against VPNs that turn over user data to authorities without the user’s permission. At the same time, VyprVPN has been keeping logs so users weren’t sure what to make of it. VyprVPN says that they have been receiving plenty of feedback from their customers saying that they do not agree with this. People have been asking them to make VyprVPN no logs policy possible.

People’s expectations had clearly changed. It was time for action. People are demanding more privacy from the companies and that’s a good thing. I hope this positive trend continues.

It’s not just a marketing strategy

Some people are still skeptical about this news. Many are speculating that this could be another marketing campaign to boost the VPN service’s sales. This is understandable since the issue on surveillance, data breach, and malware attacks are still hot issues. Golden Frog assures that the VyprVPN no logs policy is legitimate. According to the company, they wanted people to trust VPNs more. Aside from the public auditing, they collaborated with the Center for Democracy and Technology to create the Signals of Trustworthy VPNs.

What does it mean for VPN users?

Now that VyprVPN has decided to discontinue keeping logs, this means that there’s one more VPN service that we can all trust. VyprVPN has been in the industry for a long time. Its popularity strengthened because of its excellent services so it’s good that they don’t keep logs anymore. If VyprVPN can publicly audit their service, then we can expect more features from them that will enhance our security.

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