How to Watch Bundesliga in USA For Free 2024

The 2024 division of the German soccer league is underway. And many fans are looking for how to watch Bundesliga in the US. This article will show you where to watch Bundesliga in USA and the several ways that you can watch the games avoiding all the difficulties that come with streaming from the United States. Even if you are not located in the U.S., we will share unique channels and give answers to how to watch Bundesliga in USA and abroad.

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Last Update Made On: 9 July 2024

Where to watch Bundesliga in the USA for Free

Here we go, how to watch Bundesliga in USA for free? You can watch the Bundesliga live streaming with these few channels. The first on the list is;

Fubo TV

Fubo TV offers attractive packages where you can watch Bundesliga live free. But the good thing about Fubo is that it comes with a 7-days trial. This trial version comes with all the privileges that are contained in the premium version.

Fubo streams both ESPN, FOX, TUDN, Univision, and more others; it is a perfect channel that best addresses the question of where to watch Bundesliga in USA. Apart from the Bundesliga, Fubo, and the 25+ channels, also shows the Premier League, La Liga and World Cup.


This T.V. also comes with an exclusive free trial. The trial version for Fanatiz also lasts for 7days, and with it, you get to watch Bundesliga live online free along with the Argentine league. This T.V. is available to persons who are in the U.S.


Peacock TV is also one of the places to think about when the question of where to watch Bundesliga in USA comes to mind. It gives exclusive access to Bundesliga games and also several other leagues, including the Premier League. You can enjoy the trial period that comes with Peacock to watch your choice matches for free. Peacock is a channel that is available to both U.S. and non-U.S. citizens.

Where to watch Bundesliga in the USA (Best Paid Channels)

how to watch bundesliga in usa

There are lots of paid channels that gives answers to where to watch Bundesliga in USA but we promised you the best and the first on our list is ESPN+

ESPN+ is a streaming channel that gives an exclusive offer to Bundesliga games in the U.S. The streaming service offers a pay-per-view for different games, and you can choose which of these games you would like to save to watch for later.

By simply downloading and accessing its apps, ESPN+ can be streamed live and used to watch any of the matches you desire. Amazon Fire T.V. ESPN+ is the prime channel on how to watch Bundesliga in USA.

You can stream ESPN+ on Amazon Fire T.V. Stick, Android T.V., Apple T.V., Google Chromecast, L.G. Smart TV, Smartcast, Panasonic Smart T.V., Samsung Smart T.V., Sony Smart T.V.

The excellent feature that comes with using ESPN+ is the fact that it has flexible plans for you; plans usually range from $5.99 to $59.99.

Another good station that addresses the question of where to watch Bundesliga in USA is Paramount+ TV. It comes with a flexible subscription plan of $4.99 monthly. Alongside the Bundesliga, it features the champions leagues, Serie A, Europa League, and others. Stations that are aired on this T.V. include CBS, CBS Sports H.Q., and Star Trek.

Issues with watching the Bundesliga on these channels?

There are lots of issues you find when trying to find an answer to the question; where to watch Bundesliga in USA. This is true, especially with the free channels. When you don’t follow some precautions, you can’t access these channels altogether.

Some of the Issues include;


Subscribing for your favorite paid channel is not only how to watch Bundesliga in USA. Many times, when you subscribe and change your location, maybe because of a vacation, a business trip, or relocation, you may lose access to these streaming services. This is because most of these streaming services do not grant access to specific locations; it is referred to as geo-blocking.

Many of the free channels are set to be accessible for some locations only, hence you have to consider this when trying to find where to watch Bundesliga in USA; and except you live in those locations, you may not have access to these channels.


Live streaming a game will require a solid internet connection. Many times these vital connections are not readily available. Your videos will continue to buffer and then lead to poor streaming service.

But we have a solution for these issues listed in the next section.

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Use a VPN anywhere to watch the Bundesliga in the USA for maximum experience?

how to watch bundesliga in usa with vpn

To know how to watch Bundesliga in USA you will have to learn a few things about VPN.

A VPN is known as a Virtual Private Network. It works by creating a different I.P. address for you for the location of your choice. This way, it gives you access to contents for the new location where you have selected.

For example, if you are in France and watch content exclusive to people in England, all you need to do is set your VPN location as England. All of England’s content will be available for you, no matter the location you are at.

VPN helps to protect your privacy while streaming. Some of these streaming websites can take some data from your device, but a VPN is a private network, and it helps to prevent that data from being stolen.

VPN also helps to improve the streaming experience by preventing the usual buffering that comes with streaming live.

Best VPN for Bundesliga Live Stream in the U.S.

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Get a premium VPN for free with ExpressVPN Free Trial

There are free VPNs available on the internet, but using the free version will put your phone at risk. But we have a plan for you to get a premium VPN free without spending at the end.

You go to the ExpressVPN website, register your email for a premium service, select the payment method you want to play with.

After paying for the plan you need, you have until 30 days to ask for a refund. So you can watch the Bundesliga with this premium version of ExpressVPN for about 25 days and ask for a refund on the 26th.

Using a VPN is a crucial aspect of getting the best response to where to watch Bundesliga in USA. Without a VPN, you may have to go through the boring processes of internet buffering and connection strain. ExpressVPN gives a refund only within the first 30-day period.

Additional benefits of using a VPN

how to watch bundesliga in usa free with vpn

A VPN comes with some additional benefits and is not just for only watching content not available in your location.

With a VPN, all the ads that pop on your phone while using it will be blocked. Sometimes, those ads can be very distracting and annoying. But the premium ExpressVPN you have gotten for free will help you block those ads from coming up.

VPN gives you anonymity. Your internet use will be anonymous while you use ExpressVPN, and no one can track your internet activities because a private network protects you.

It, therefore, shows that using a VPN is a vital part of getting answers on how to watch Bundesliga in USA. Follow the unique guide above to get premium ExpressVPN for free.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I watch Bundesliga for free?

You can watch the Bundesliga for free on Fubo TV. Register on their website and take advantage of their 7-days free trial that comes with all premium services.

How to watch Bundesliga in USA?

You can watch the Bundesliga in USA using premium ExpressVPN for free to access unique sites listed above for a perfect streaming experience.

What T.V. channel is Bundesliga on?

Bundesliga is on the ESPN+ TV channel. ABC also broadcasts Bundesliga games all through the season.

Can ExpressVPN give me access to watch the Bundesliga

ExpressVPN can provide you with access to watch the Bundesliga from any location in the world. Visit the website and follow the steps we showed you to use Premium Express VPN for free.

Where to watch Bundesliga in USA?

You can watch Bundesliga in USA on these stations; Fubo, Peacock and ESPN+.


A VPN gives you anonymity while you stream online; it also helps you access streaming sites, not in your location. Hence using a premium ExpressVPN is better for your streaming service. To get the best results on how to watch Bundesliga in USA for free using a VPN, you should use the tactic we showed you to access the premium ExpressVPN for free in the section above.


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