The 5 Best Flixtor Alternatives for Free Movies in 2024

If you’re an avid movie watcher, the chances are high that you’ve used Flixtor. The site became popular amongst film lovers for its free movies. However, the website has faced a lot of opposition from the American movie industry. Due to the pressure, it went offline and came back up a few times.

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Furthermore, many copy-cat websites like Flixtor also came to life. Some of these alternatives to Flixtor can threaten your online security. All these issues mean that we can no longer rely only on Flixtor for free movies. It’s now wise to start considering Flixtor alternatives.

Many scenarios make dumping Flixtor a great idea. For instance, you could be the target of a lawsuit for using the platform. Furthermore, if you log in to a fake and dubious Flixtor alternative, you could compromise your online data. The good news is that there isn’t a shortage of websites like Flixtor. This article will show you alternatives to Flixtor and how to use them safely.

Five Best Alternatives to Flixtor

If you’ve been unable to access Flixtor, don’t worry. There are many websites like Flixtor that offer free movies too. The list is quite long; however, we’ve narrowed it down to the best Flixtor alternatives. They are:

  1. MoviesJoy
  2. Popcorn Time
  3. SubsMovies
  4. Look Movie
  5. Project Free TV

1. MoviesJoy

flixtor alternatives moviesjoy

MoviesJoy may well be the best of Flixtor alternatives. All movies on the site are free to watch. Furthermore, the movies are in HD with accompanying subtitles. There’s more; you don’t even need a signup or subscription. Like all great websites like Flixtor, this platform has many sections for the various movie genres. Whatever your preferences are, you can get action, comedy, history, thriller, and sports films. Finally, since this Flixtor alternative doesn’t require any personal data, you can stay free from legal issues while streaming.

2. Popcorn Time

flixtor alternatives popcorm time

All you need to enjoy this Flixtor alternative is internet access. This is because all its Full-HD movies are free for streaming. Popcorn Time is so easy to use that some people have compared it to Netflix. It also has subtitles if you’re watching a foreign film or can’t follow the cast talk. Finally, Popcorn Time will work on any device you use, including Android, Mac, Windows, and iOS.

3. SubsMovies

flixtor alternatives submovies

Another option on this list of alternatives to Flixtor is Subs Movies. It’s a free streaming platform like Flixtor that also doesn’t require any registration account. You can find most movie genres on this site and stream from any location with friends and family. This website is exceptional for its comprehensive overviews of the different movies on the site. There’s also the catch of watching older Hollywood movies free on the website. There’s no need to bother with how long ago the film was acted because you can also access subtitles on the website.

4. Look Movie

flixtor alternatives look movie

Amongst the websites like Flixtor, Look Movies ranks high. This site frequently updates its collections as new movies are released. Furthermore, to aid your movie selection process, there’s a description bar where you can read a short plot of the film before watching. The movie ratings also help you know whether other users loved a movie. This way, you don’t waste time on unworthy content.

5. Project Free TV

flixtor alternatives project free tv

This streaming platform is one of the most organized Flixtor alternatives. In its dropdown menu, you can choose from carefully arranged genres. There’s a wide variety of movies to choose from. You can even select a single film, TV Series, and Mini-Series. Furthermore, Project Free TV divides films into release years. If you’re interested in an organized library, even for shows, this website is for you.

Issues with these Sites

Indeed, it’ll be great to use these websites like Flixtor without worry. However, there are some problems you must be careful of. For instance, you could be violating copyright laws by using any alternatives to Flixtor. Some people think that only the handlers of the websites like Flixtor can be liable for copyright breaches. However, if you’re caught, you could face severe sanctions.

Furthermore, some alternatives to Flixtor use ads to raise funds. Since their movies are free to watch, they have to sell advert placements to stay afloat. However, ads can dampen your streaming experience. You might even be a victim of malicious pop-ups while using these Flixtor alternatives.

The solution to all these issues is a Virtual Private Network (VPN). A VPN lets you browse securely and anonymously on the internet through an encrypted tunnel. An excellent VPN like ExpressVPN can protect you from all these threats. By browsing anonymously, the copyright owners through your Internet Service Provider (ISP) can’t track you. Also, their end-to-end encryption can protect you from any malicious attacks and ISP throttling. So, it would be best to use a VPN alongside your Flixtor alternatives.

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Get a Free VPN Now

A good VPN need not be too costly. You can stay on any of the alternatives to Flixtor with a great VPN like ExpressVPN at fair subscription prices. If you’ve never used a VPN on websites like Flixtor, you may be skeptical of buying a full subscription. It could be that you’re scared that you won’t enjoy the Flixtor VPN, and you’ll have wasted your money.

However, you don’t have to worry about this. ExpressVPN understands your hesitation. That’s why it has a free trial offer. With this plan, you can browse Flixtor alternatives with ExpressVPN free for 30 days free. After 30 days, if you’re unsatisfied with the Flixtor alternatives VPN, you can request a refund of your subscription fee.

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This 30-day money-back guarantee is hassle-free, with no questions asked. However, it’s doubtful that you wouldn’t enjoy your experience on the alternatives to Flixtor with ExpressVPN.

How to Subscribe to the ExpressVPN Free Trial

Follow the steps below to set up your alternative to Flixtor VPN risk-free.

  1. Sign up to ExpressVPN on your device. ExpressVPN is compatible with most devices, including PCs, tablets, smartphones, etc.
  2. Select your preferred subscription plan and pay; the money-back guarantee works for all plans.
  3. Choose a server location and select a server. It would help to swap your IP with another one from a different country.
  4. Then, log in to your chosen alternatives to Flixtor and stream away!

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Additional Advantages of VPNs

There are other perks to accessing free movie websites like Flixtor with VPNs. Some of these additional benefits don’t only affect your online streaming experience. They also guarantee overall Online safety and security. They are:

  1. Connect Multiple Devices: Why use VPNs on alternatives to Flixtor if you can only connect one website? Most of us watch movies on our smartphones, tablets, or PCs. So, it’s vital to have a VPN connection on all of them while on websites like Flixtor. That’s why it’s excellent news that good VPN providers like ExpressVPN can work on multiple devices on a single subscription.
  2. Unblock Legal Flixtor Alternatives: Some other Flixtor alternatives aren’t illegal. Therefore, they don’t face threats of shutdowns. However, some of them are geo-restricted, so you can’t access them from some locations. For instance, Netflix, YouTube, Hulu, Disney+, HBO Now, and the BBC iPlayer are geo-blocked in some countries. While using VPNs on alternatives to Flixtor, you can also unblock these websites from any country.
  3. Stay Safe on Public Networks: Some alternatives to Flixtor offer movies in HD. So, you’ll require significant data to watch movies. At this point, public networks such as Wi-Fi become attractive. Wi-Fis would be a great option but for the threat of cybercriminals lurking around these spots to hack unsuspecting users. However, with the military-grade encryption good VPNs offer, you can stay safe even on Wi-Fi networks.
  4. Stream Anonymously: Flixtor and its alternatives aren’t the only content you access online. A great VPN can offer you all-around protection as you visit movie sites like Flixtor. You can browse, stream, download, and share files without detection from your ISP. Furthermore, your ISP will be unable to track your location data, browsing, and download history. This is because they can’t decrypt your VPN traffic.


You must have enjoyed your access to free movies with Flixtor. However, with the current issues, it’s best to start considering Flixtor alternatives. You can have great movie experiences on websites like Flixtor too. Finally, our VPN guide makes these Flixtor like websites all the more exciting. So, why not hop on one of them rather than wait for the next shutdown?


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