Best Myanmar VPN 2024 to Keep Online Activities Private

Internet privacy and security are fast becoming a reality with the rise in the use of VPNs. VPN stands for Virtual Private Network. It’s a private network that lets you conceal your IP address, connect to servers around the world and surf the web anonymously. With the current internet censoring in Myanmar after the coup, a Myanmar VPN is needed to safely use the internet in the country because ISPs are steadily intercepting and leaking users’ browser data.

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Why Do You Need a VPN in Myanmar?

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You can use a VPN from any part of the world for various reasons. However, Myanmar is a special case. Since the military overthrew the civilian government, they’ve been working hard to cut off citizen’s internet access. Internet Service Providers (ISPs) have blocked access to certain websites per the new government’s instructions. Facebook and other social media sites are the worst hit.

A VPN Myanmar can help you escape this wide internet censorship. If you connect to a foreign server, you can browse as though you’re abroad. With a Burma VPN, no one can access your personal browsing data, including the government.

Furthermore, a VPN in Myanmar can secure your browsing location, history, and other metadata. You can also unblock all the social media sites that are currently unavailable in Myanmar. That’s why we recommend that you get the best Myanmar VPN.

Best VPN for Myanmar

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How We Ranked These VPNs

There are many VPNs for Myanmar from which we have ranked the best. Below are some of our evaluation criteria.

Number of Servers

The number of servers a Myanmar VPN has is vital. This is because, with multiple servers, you can access geo-blocked content from any part of the world. Furthermore, you can choose from the fastest servers out of the lot. ExpressVPN has about 160 server locations in 94 countries of the world. It even has a VPN server Myanmar so that you can access Myanmar content from abroad.

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Unblocking Features

One primary use of a VPN in Myanmar is to unblock content that’s not available in your location. Websites and services that are usually geo-blocked in some places include Netflix, YouTube, Hulu, etc. Some local and international TV stations are even not accessible depending on your location. Therefore, we checked which of these sites and services the VPN Myanmar can unblock while building this list.

Pricing and Affordability

The recent coup has made it such that everyone needs a VPN in Myanmar. Therefore, we considered the subscription costs of these VPNs for Myanmar. We chose only VPNs whose price equals the quality of their services. You don’t have to break the bank to enjoy online security and privacy. So, we’ve given you great options at competitive prices.

Security Features

Since the coup, security features for a Myanmar VPN is a strong concern. The best VPNs on this list should have strong encryption for your connection. This would include end-to-end encryption, preferably 256-Bit, an internet killswitch, and protection while on public networks. If the government can’t snoop on your connection, they can’t catch you.

Logging Policy

We also researched what logs a VPN keeps and why. Some of the best VPN providers keep no logs at all. In contrast, some keep some logs only to aid connectivity. However, a Myanmar VPN may claim to have a no-log policy but store your logs. A VPN provider’s logging policy is essential because if logs are kept, they can be leaked or handed over to the government, and we won’t want that.

Number of Connectible Devices

One more feature we considered for any VPN on this list is the number of devices you can connect on a single subscription. Some not-so-good VPNs allow only one device. However, any VPN for Myanmar on our ranking must connect multiple devices on one payment plan. Therefore, you can connect your phone, laptop, tablet, and any other devices you want to protect.

Does Free VPN exist?

free myanmar vpn

Yes, there are many free VPNs for Myanmar. However, the question isn’t whether free VPNs exist; it’s whether you should use them. Certainly, the thought of escaping internet censorship at no cost is alluring. However, the disadvantages of such an option will muddy the attraction.

Below are some reasons it would be best if you didn’t use a free VPN Myanmar.

Free VPNs Sell Your Data

It costs a lot of money to maintain a VPN service. What with having multiple servers in several countries. So, if a VPN Myanmar isn’t billing you, you should bother about where they’re getting the funds to stay afloat. Many free VPN Myanmar sells users’ data to third parties, including the government. Certainly, you don’t want the Myanmar military tracking you through your VPN for Myanmar.

Free VPNs May Be Slow

A free VPN Myanmar will most likely be slower than its paid alternatives. The Myanmar VPN may have very slow servers. The slow servers will affect your browsing, streaming, and torrenting experience. The result will be a waste of time and data. There could also be bandwidth and download caps on the service. Essentially, if you want to use VPNs for a long time, free options are the wrong choice.

Free VPNs May Have Fewer Servers

The beauty of a VPN in Myanmar is the large number of servers you have to choose from. With the wide selection, you can stream geo-restricted content from just about any part of the world. However, a free VPN Myanmar may limit the number of servers you can connect to. It could be a policy, or the free VPN Myanmar doesn’t have enough servers.

Free VPNs Are Less Secure

The chances are high that a free VPN Myanmar isn’t as security conscious as a paid VPN. Paid VPNs often use 256-Bit end-to-end encryption for your connection. A free one may be unable to afford high-tech security. The implication is that the Burmese government may yet intercept your data.

There are many other disadvantages of a free VPN Myanmar, including limited device connections and poor customer service. If you choose to use a VPN for Myanmar, it would be best to avoid all free options. Instead, we recommend that you use ExpressVPN’s 30-day free trial as the best free VPN for Myanmar. It has a money-back guarantee in case you don’t like the service; which won’t happen.

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How to Set Up a Myanmar VPN

how to set up myanmar vpn

Setting up a Myanmar VPN isn’t a challenging process. If you decide to bypass government censorship with a free VPN in Myanmar, you can follow these easy steps to set up a VPN for Myanmar.

  1. Select one of the Myanmar VPNs we mentioned above. It’s a long list, but we suggest that you choose ExpressVPN.
  2. Open the VPN for Myanmar’s website and click the sign-up button. Follow the steps to create an account.
  3. Next, you’ll need to select a subscription plan. On ExpressVPN, you can choose from monthly and yearly plans. The free trial applies to whichever plan you choose.
  4. Download the app on your mobile device. ExpressVPN has apps for Android, iOS, Windows, Mac, etc.
  5. Open the app and log into your account on your phone, laptop, or tablet.
  6. Select a VPN server location. If you’re abroad and want to watch content restricted within Myanmar, you can connect to a Myanmar VPN server.

You’re all set now.

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VPNs are great for everyone. We all value our internet privacy and security. Much more, we want to browse whatever we wish whenever we want and from anywhere. If you’re in Myanmar, you need VPNs the most.
Any great VPN for Myanmar listed above can provide you with a secure connection. However, we specifically recommend

ExpressVPN is the best free VPN Myanmar. Its features stand out against any other Myanmar VPN. So, download this VPN and enjoy internet security.


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